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Useful Sounds No. 041: the halloween edition

31.10.2005 / filed under podcast

A recording which was not easy to do. And I promise to check microphone distance next time. :)

23:23 min, 13.7 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • beebeep - not the sound you like to hear when you are working on your computer

  • Did I mention, i hate timezones? and the fact that there is no decent collaborative calendar planing tool? It is 2005 - why the hell do I still have to do it by hand?!

  • Interesting how hard it is to get in contact with some people through their website

  • Two new podcast and links:

  • also mentioned:

  • Has podcasting grown too fast? The fruit juice example

  • Help others to figure out what you like about your favorite podcast

  • women and tech - a story you will hear about a lot more the next podcasts

  • my upcoming birthday :o)

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

Useful Sounds No. 040: London, Podcastcon and Drunken Copyfighter Brunch

13.10.2005 / filed under podcast

Nearly a year of podcasting - and 40 podcasts. :)

28 min, 16.6 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')


  • How should a podcast start off?

  • The skipped recordings

  • Stranded in Stansted

  • Friday Fun: Sightseeing in London

  • My report at Corante about the conference and a bit more informal one at the britcaster board

  • Drunken copyfighter brunch, first time at speaker's corner

  • Me is going to and am doing (surprise, surprise) a pre conference podcast. :)

  • Podcasting are more compelling than blogs - I am curious how blogland will 'understand' podcastland

  • Questions not answered - but instead more questions.

  • So many possibilities from good stuff - deciding is so complicated and paralysing.

  • dotcom was technical, but this now is impacting on the social level.

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

Cute halloween costumes for your ipod

11.10.2005 / filed under default

At you can find a sweet halloween set for different ipod modells:

Get into the fun of Halloween without having to wear a costume yourself. For the Halloween enthusiast, the gadget freak who loves Halloween, and for avid collectors of all types, these costumes are made for you to enjoy.

iAttire makes hand-made costumes for iPod, iPod Mini, and iPod Shuffle models. Choose from Frankenstein, Ghost, Pirate, Vampire, Witch, Mummy or Paper Mask assortment. Designed to be replicas of people costumes, these costumes fit and wear just like those you might select for yourself.
This would nearly be a reason to get an ipod just for such things - and it also shows the difference between need to have and want to have. ;)

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