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1 mio downloads of ipodder

28.09.2005 / filed under default

Congratulations to the team:

A million iPodders with happy homes

Podcasting was born about a year ago when we opened up shop. It has been and continues to be a great experience growing this new way of getting media. The new way revolves around sharing -- music, shows, and everyone's talents to make it all even better. We've now seen over a million iPodder's go out our doors, into your lives. Thank you for all the support you've given us, and we look forward to giving back another million or so more.
via Andrew.

And did you know there is a user guide available? Go visit!

Coverage of the conference

17.09.2005 / filed under default

As you know, today is podcast conference in London.

At the moment I get some "Richard Vobes Radio Show" which is kind of just usual radio, and too loud. So I can do some posting then. ;)
Interestingly it seems as if this is one of the "big shows" so much for a community. It is not bad that kind of, but not so much that I stand up and cheer. ;)

Lloyd is so nice to do good 'shownotes'



Rest of the coverage

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It's a matter of trust

16.09.2005 / filed under default

If we always talk about blogs are conversatoins yada yada, I can tell you: Yes it is.

Just knowing people online is enough to ask them to help you out with money while you are in a foreign country just based on the fact, that you have establish a reputation on the net. And some connection with them.

It felt very ackward to ask a total stranger at the airport to lend me 25 Euro so I could get into town, it was less of a problem to ask Rachel who works around the corner for a bit more. It is a good feeling to be able to say "I could send it back to you directly via paypal", but it is even more of a good feeling to know that your reputation is good enough to enable that.

This is not happening because I am writing on a pseudonym, this is happening because I am who I am on my blogs. Yes, in case of Rachel this is a bit more personal, because we connected shortly at reboot (but this only because she did knew my podcast) , but there are more people who will trist me enough to give me money for my next days.

I had to involve two more parties, because I need Euros when I get back to Lübeck for the parking fees. Thank god somebody is coming over from Euroland to the conference, otherwhise I would be stuck with some funny money ;)))

It really was a great feeling to have hope: You only need to get into London. Once you are there, everything will sort out if you have any wifi access there or some internet connection. Because then you can (if everything fails) give a shout out at the britcasters forum crying for help. And I was sure, I would get some help. Isn't that a great feeling? For me that is. It is very assuring of how society can work.

And now I gotta go drinking - and tell Rachel that we need to take this one on her tab as well ;)

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The habbit of getting a haircut in London

16.09.2005 / filed under default

As you may know, I am in London for the podcast conference tomorow. And while my arrival in London was an absolut horror, since yesterday evening it begins to be as I had hoped to. I will go into that horror story later when i am back home (I lost my money and credit card, not sure if it was stolen or just lost - being stranded on Stansted airport is not a pleasant story), but today was a rather pleasent day.

So just some short notes:
I spent yesterday evening with lovely Rachel Clarke for a very nice italian meal (the first thing I had to eat that day after I puked out the water and paprika in the air plane that early morning). I will spend this evening in a very cool unexpensive bar with her.

After being moved from one of the bigger rooms (a small cell) into an even smaller room (flickr fotos to come) I found this new room to be more pleasant: some free wifi around here is 48% of reach instead of 22% in the bigger room. :))

I from now on love the UK: They have milk available nearly everywhere and the little bar here with tee, coffee etc has not cream but little milk cups! :)

If you ever want a perfectly suited but not expensive hotel: Take Hallam Hotel with a single room for 39 pounds. Yes, the rooms are very small, and it is a bit old charmed, and not in perfect shape, but hey! It is London, Oxford Street, the people are friendly and it is clean. You can't beat that as a price. I much prefer to spend my money outside in hotels.

I noticed some clever business owners here, will follow with foto coverage.

Visited the British Museum - very nice, especially because it is free. Nice souvenirs there.

And the reason for the post: This is my second time ever to London. And the first time I was with my school here - and got the most perfect hair cut of my life. Today I wandered around the city and had unsuccessfully tried to get a hair cut before I flew over here (unsuccessful as in: the one I wanted was not available and all the other girls in that store are not able to cut my hair).

So when I saw the sign of cheap hair cut in a trendy place, I decided to go in - and now feel more prepared for tomorow. "Please make it more fun, more funky but not too funky, I am going for a business conference tomorow." :)) I hope she did well enought, it defenetly feels better than before.

I checked out the hotel and it really will be a 5-10 minute walk. :) But I will skip over that breakfast - me and breakfast don't go together well. ;(

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Useful Sounds No. 039: freeform quickie

13.09.2005 / filed under podcast

Getting excited because of my upcoming trip! :)))

17:45 min, 10.4 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • Freeform podcast!

  • Issues with hardware

  • the - where I do in fact interview people :)

  • we do podcasting for fun, right?

  • Shandy. Not Shanty. see Britcaster's forum

  • : Spring break for Scifi fans?

  • King's cross bad. Even for big girls.

  • Suggestions for shopping please?

  • beta testing:

  • I can be gentle ...

  • handy: german word for mobile phone

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

cool all in one microphone

13.09.2005 / filed under default

Via Dave: New HHB FlashMic Is World's First Digital Recording Microphone

That thing sure looks interesting, but we will have to see the price tag on it. On the other side, most good mics need phantom power and then you need something like a flashman, so this might be an alternativ.

Perfect for all voice recording applications, in particular broadcast and press interviewing, the FlashMic combines a high quality Sennheiser omni-directional condenser capsule with 1GB of flash recording memory to create a convenient, durable and portable recording device that's extremely easy to operate.

With no fiddly cables and connectors to worry about, journalists can be recording instantly with just a single button-push. Either .Wav linear or MPEG 2 encoded audio files can then be transferred quickly and easily via USB to Macintosh or PC computers and laptops for editing and onward transmission. A Date/Time stamp is stored along with the file, with the internal real time clock-set/synchronized automatically by the host computer.

The FlashMic is powered for more than six hours by a pair of standard AA batteries (either primary or rechargeable cells can be fitted), with the remaining battery power displayed along with time, level and status information in a backlit LCD on the microphone body. In addition, a visual low battery warning alerts the user to the imminent need to change batteries.
I know many radio guys from our community radio who will not like such 'play toys', but for serious podcasters this might be exactly what one needs on the road.

Now what was the price again? :)


when you own search the temptation just to be a little naughty must be overwhelming ..

11.09.2005 / filed under default

Today' (the geek comic) is just hilarious! :))

Men's fragrance? Yes please!

11.09.2005 / filed under default

Grant is puzzled about the numbers about dollars spent on fragrance for men and women:

That’s what I thought, too. I don’t wear a fragrance. I know you don’t wear fragrance. I don’t know anyone who does wear a fragrance. WTF?
Oh, I do wear frangrance. Not everyday, but many times. And I love it when men wear fragrance too. German word of the day for you: "lecker" as in tasty. ;))

Probably a reason why I don't like beards - because it rips me of the pleasure of smelling after shave ;)))

Yes, this woman likes intelligence, voice, humor, imagination and frangrance over looks. Although they help. ;)

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Podcastcon UK coverage

09.09.2005 / filed under default

As it seems, I like to do pre conference podcasts, which I am at the moment doing for Podcastcon UK ;o)

To be honest: One reason is to get to know interesting people. I today had a "jolly good laugh" with Lynn Parsons and Tintin, an interview which I will probably release on the weekend.

But, to give you an overview what I have til now:

All articles regarding the conference have a kind of category link on ctbk.

Oh and if you wanted to come but have not paid - better hurry up!

Doing good by doing good

08.09.2005 / filed under default

I discovered the blog of raving lunacy a while ago, not sure, where I got the link from, but I really like his style. And he and I do have the same favorite venture capitalist. ;)

With all the trying to help with Katrina, I am sure many have noticed that the goverment and it's bodies are not very capable of handeling the situation (Firemen get trained on how to spread the Fema number - in an area where there are no phones? Clever).

And of course there are rip offs, but Lemur wants to do business in a way I can really accept it: Do something good, no intention of ripping people off, but get their cost in. You have to do this to stay in business - you can't do much good when you are out of business. Partly a fullqoute because he describes it best himself:

And this time the places will ( I hope) stay up.

From the blogging community readers/bloggers, I’d like to ask for a few things:

1. If you know your way around FEMA, the feds or local gov’t and would be willing to help us get involved, please contact me at 416.367.2279 or We’re not looking for a consultant to help us cash in on gov’t contracts rather making helping us become known as an “at cost” alternative to rebuilding options. We want to help, not rip off my country in a time of need so don’t call unless you can help.

2. If you can help us with finding a small town that really got hammered, is “off the grid” so to speak, please contact me as we’d like to donate as much as we can to help rebuild. If you know of local officials who are trying to get stuff rebuilt and want an ‘at cost’ type solution, please get in touch with me as we can build/deploy hundreds of homes/bldgs per week and would be glad to donate time, effort and margin to help.

3. This is a case of where the “A” list bloggers can help so please help with some link love and get them to send smart people my way so we can help rebuild.
He also supports the adopt a town effort - which I think is one of the best ideas to especially take care not only by the city of New Orleans but as I recall there are many more destroyed and in need.

If your little town "just" has lost it's school, this might not be as important in the first as getting people out of these domes. But in the long run, it counts just as much.

Is there already a website up for "Adopt a town? The according domains are taken by domain spamers.

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Useful Sounds No. 038: New Orleans, London, Podcastcon UK

05.09.2005 / filed under podcast

Getting in the habbit of making less useful shownotes, but I really have to get to bed. ;(

25 min, 14.6 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

The important links:

Rick Segal gives a great idea on who you should vote for on your next election:
If I was in trouble from a 9/11 or Katrina situation, would this person care? Would they go bananas with making sure I and my fellow Americans were taken care of?
Prices of gas are too high?
0.264 gallon cost 1,59 dollar over here which would make the price of a gallon at about 4,92.

The only usable website for researching a was - I don't get it why not more pages are like that??

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

Working in a cafe - works.

04.09.2005 / filed under default

Interesting to see, that I am much more focused, when I am in my favorite cafe, having some water and latte machiato! :)

Finally I get to answer some mails, but I defenitly need some more software on this machine, for example like my Audition to work on my podcasts. Great. :))

Germans don't drool over tablets

04.09.2005 / filed under default

Okay. I thought, I would pay partly the price for a tablet in exchange for people drooling over me and my new toy!

But I have to find out that in Germany, they don't. They don't even notice! ;(

The german word for this is "gemein!". :) But, that is only to tease you. I don't really mind, that I do *not* get the attentions other report about. It helps to feel just like some other people sitting around me.

But what is astonishing me: The amount of people sitting around me with a laptop in this cafe! Perhaps I should ask, if they also are using the free Wifi, which we get here. :)

Hm, I should ask them. And if they know podcasts. ;))

Skype goes (paid) ringtones

03.09.2005 / filed under default

Skype has just announced that you can have a personalized Skype with picture and - wait for it - sounds. Like paid ringtones and icons. You know, the things selling like mad with mobiles?

While I doubt that the technical geeks out there who like Skype will go for it, I can see a big market for it. And one annoyance: They present me the German page and there is no way I can switch over to an english page. Thank you, but I would like to have the English one!

Oh, and I would love to know how I can get in contact with them to talk about making business with voice sounds for them. ;)

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01.09.2005 / filed under default

When thinking about "who would I like to link to" the immediate thought was "oh hell, we will have that 'nobody links to female bloggers!!!' discussion again". But then again, I don't like linking to women just because of that. Second thought was "this will be quite US centric, let's just put in some European blogs!" - but that would just be the same in green. But in the end, you stay with the old same old: People you know personally, you like, and share interests.

Soooo ... And here are the results of the Useful Sounds jury (extra points for having the cultural background to understand that quote).

I took a look at my blog reading list, combined it with the memory of reboot, mixed in some of the upcoming podcast conference in London and took also smaller bloglines subscriber numbers in account. ;)

People, who read this blog also might enjoy reading the following: [more ...]

Quick links

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Just some quick links:

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