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New Odeo badges

27.07.2005 / filed under default

Thanks to rabble, I did not notice the new version of the odeo badges like them here.

Besides the usual thankyou, I would like to see a more greyish version added and it would be neat if they would be available with alt / title text also ;).


Some interviews and posts

27.07.2005 / filed under default

So just you don't think I have not done anything in a while. It is just that I did some more postings over at ;)

I published two of the reboot related interviews:
reboot podcast #10: meet the plazes guys
reboot podcast #09: Max Niederhofer and the European Internet Project

And started a pledge drive:
Pledge started for European focused digital rights organisation
Funding a European EFF?

And wrote something about how marketing guys could help bloggers make blogging easier
Make it easy for me to get / use that product photo!

And recorded another Useful Sounds where the recording crashed two times Buh!

So, stay tuned. :)

The inner workings from an intern perspective

18.07.2005 / filed under default

Meet Kevin Systrom and his Odeo Intern Channel. :)

As it seems, having a podcast usable voice seems to be a requirement for being an odeo employee. They have a studio, too. :) Cute.

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A service like dropload?

13.07.2005 / filed under default

I am looking for a way to have a protected download for a friend who probably does not have a lot of options on his own server. ;)

Given: A pdf file. Wanted: A way to send of a unique link so people can download it from there but not to be accessible without that link

Dropload seems nice, but it does as it says - drop the file after it is downloaded once.

Any suggestion and hints are appreciated.

Useful Sounds No. 35: Itunes + Odeo // and new ways of communicating

12.07.2005 / filed under podcast

Too much warmth, too many books, of Itunes and Odeo, and of new kinds of communication - listen to Useful Sounds number 35! :)

29:32 min, 17.3 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

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ODEO is live / 49media interview

11.07.2005 / filed under default

As my computer refuses to record another Useful Sounds at the moment (may be it is too worm, may be it is the bad you know who word), I just post it, or at least the more interesting parts which can be posted right away *grrrr*

Odeo is live
Everybody can go and take a look know, I especially like the feature of tagging single podcasts and the fact that they seem to be working with the podcasters. The odeo channel from the makers is a nice listen to and I am curious to see what they make out of the producing part.

My interview over at 49mediea
Chris Ritke is so kind to provide you with a podcast with an interview with me over at 49media. We talked (okay, I talk) about the state of the European Blogosphere, somethings about what reboot was about and the usual stuff you know from me. ;)

Perhaps it is the new popscreen whichs make my computer cranky. Will try that tomorow again with take 6.

We are connected.

08.07.2005 / filed under default

The Tsunami has shown the first signs of the new way of having contacts, of being connected. "Tell my family, I am okay, please send an email" was hard in a not so connected area of the world.

When I heard today first of the bombings - to be precise, I read on a blog about it - my initial reaction was "who do you know there? what are their blog addresses?". Three people, connected to me from reboot, even though all of them not friends still I was worried. A fast check revealed first confirmations on everything being okay. Over the day I followed not through the media, but through blogs and the wikipedia article new developments.

And was surprised to see some more names I had forgot or did not know they where in London. Just a minute ago, I saw Matt Web posted

Es and I are both okay. Please check-in if you haven't already.
I met him at reboot too - forgot about him being in London but am glad now, to see his. This way of getting informed is a new way, to ask like Matt does for "please check in" is interesting too. It feels inapropriate to set a trackback.

The most touching picture I saw today, is this one on flickr - and intended for the same thing like the blogpostings. Showing to whoever cares or might care, that everything is alright.

I'm glad, that the net offers us those ways.

(If you can read German, I wrote a longer article on beissholz. "")

Would be great, if podcasting was done with recording ...

05.07.2005 / filed under default

Just wanted to let you know, a new show is on the way. ;)

I do have sitting here a 40 min recording, but I might redo it. Besides, I will not edit and upload it now (would be another 2 hours) but try to get some sleep.
It would probably help to start earlier in the evening ;(

Posting for new emoticons - but also for a survey?

04.07.2005 / filed under default

I received a request for a survey today from Skype - or as it seems. Every link is disguised by a tracking ID and a link to the page, there is no visible clue on the skype website that there may be a service request like this, or does the forum state something nor does the blog. But they do ask me for my opinion on new emoticons on the share skype blog ...

While I do understand the need to hide those surveys a bit, why can't I - assuming this is from Skype - easily find information about it on the website? Somewhere saying "yes, it is okay what they do"?

Googleing Silverpop and Skype, I do find a press release:

Silverpop will bring its email marketing expertise to the U.K. through extensive thought capital and market studies. Among the company's first initiatives is to release the results of an email market study that will indicate the key differences in email deliverability in the U.S. and U.K.
So it could be valid. Still a big if. Especially as skype takes the time to put a news on their website "Phishing and Spoofing Alert".

If that is 'expertise', I am quite underwhelmed. In todays world of phishing mails, this is not enough. There has to be more information _on_ the website.

(In case it is a phishing mail, I am happy to provide it - unless I have read about it somewhere in my usual information channels, I will not click ...)

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