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Just claiming some feeds

29.06.2005 / filed under podcast

As it seems, the claiming system in Odeo is a bit complicated to figure out.

So let's have again
the correct feed for Useful Sounds
and a feedburner feed (booh! 302 means temporary, not permanent!)

how to use new feed elements for Itunes

29.06.2005 / filed under default

If you want the information in a better way presented than in the apple file, go to this nice new website of Seth: How To Prepare Your Podcast RSS for iTunes

ps: Seth, you want full feeds. Trust me. :)

First reactions on the new Itunes

28.06.2005 / filed under default

While everybody else seems to be all glowing about this great easy piece of software, how good the implementation is, how no real podcast client will survive etc, I can tell you: crap.

The system is slow, very slow, I get a nonsense German ranking system (podcast is of course a local only thing, yeah right), it mingles itself with its store, it is a pain in the neck to get up to date with their 'special' tags and so on. Oh and in Itunes, you can only do one thing at a time.

Besides, Itunes takes my podcasts and
- change the title according to the rss title of the entry
- change the directory to something from the feed title instead of the album tag
- change the filename to something mingled from that

Podcasting at it is supposed to be? Yeah right. And no, this is not about me getting cranky about apple stuff.

Odeo is also far from perfect, but against Itunes, this is a sweet, working system. I can claim my feed, edit everything, they don't mix up my stuff and have a clean web based interface. I can't wait to see what Microsoft makes with his podcasting team.

And for all of the podfetching clients out there - be asured, there will be lots of people using your software once they got sick of how itunes handles this whole podcasting thing.

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Bloglines: Fire that plumber!

28.06.2005 / filed under default

Great. Since some hours, all of my Gnomedex-Feeds actually show entries - exactly for what RSS was not built for *grrrr*

Besides some issues with service not available, not updating feeds, updating them and not showing them as new and even worse: an absolute nightmare for a publisher in what blogines offers with it's "subscribe now" bookmarklet (these comments are only the tip of the iceberg), it seems as if the time is right for a better solution as a feedreader. :(

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Y360 is now open for users / new comment feature

24.06.2005 / filed under default

Two news from the product blog:

The wait is over. You don't need an invitation anymore to sign up for Yahoo! 360?. Our beta is now open to one and all. So, if anyone's been bugging you for an invite, tell them they can visit to sign up and get started. Spread the word.
And finally, a step forward to real blogging - you are now able to track your comments a bit:
We just released a blog feature that gathers everything people have been posting on your blog in one convenient location. To check out your blog comments page, click your My Blog link. You'll find Blog Comments in the upper-left side of the page.
Still not as usable as a notification feature per mail, but a step forward.

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Sometimes we mean, what we say ...

24.06.2005 / filed under default

We don't always screw up. Sometimes, us non English speakers mean what we say ... *g*

Dennis Howlett in Loics comment's about his office under water:

When you eml'd me and said 'I've been under water' I thought you meant you'd been snowed under with work! Sometimes, the translation really is literal...!
but Loic clarifies:
everything is fine and Dennis... that is what I really meant, the rain came after.
Seems very messy, hope they get everything back working :o(

How to not recruite bloggers

24.06.2005 / filed under default

MSN is searching bloggers. Great. MSN is unusable for me (we don't get along), but then again, blogging is a great idea.

I read this at Steve Rubel's site:

MSN recently put out a call to hire paid bloggers to write and edit Web sites about five broad topics: fashion/food/style, music, sports, technology, and television, MediaPost reports.

The marketing news site says MSN recruiting ads began appearing on various journalism career sites such as and late last week.
And that is where I go hm?

They are searching a) passionate bloggers who should be b) experienced in the tools. And approach c) journalist through d) absolute classical recruiting sites.


If you want such persons, you post those job offers into the blogs! And let it spread there. Let's the job ad be searchable, so that any seriously interested person gets it through their search subscriptions.

Like "Blogger Job" or "blog job journalist" or whatever. Otherwise, they will probably "just" get writers or journalists.

Who are nice people with good work, no doubt. But I don't know many writers or journalists who like the idea of "the more the merrier" as in several blog postings a day ...

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24.06.2005 / filed under default

How not to write articles and not make trackbacks .... that went out double to Steve's blog and I don't know why. *grr*

See the real link: "How to not recruite bloggers"

ipodderx about to do windows

23.06.2005 / filed under default

Now, that will be interesting ... :) from the ipodderx blog:

It’s been a deep dark secret for some time now, but we can finally announce that a Windows version of iPodderX is on its way! So not only will iPodderX run on Intel on the Mac OS, it will also run on Intel or AMD on your PC.

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Do you Odeo?

23.06.2005 / filed under default

I just received an invitation for Odeo, I think I signed up for that a longer time ago.

First impression: This will help podcasting get into mainstream. Seems quite easy to use, nice layouts, good usability so far - I spent 15 minutes at it and only found some things to grumble about *g*

The biggest issues I can already see will be: How to manage outdated feeds or feeds you don't want in there. Many of the direct issues I have are connected to having several links for one podcast - as far as I can see at least 3 for this blog :( - problem with updates (is there a ping service?), inccorect analysing of the feed itself, mispresenting of charsets, and some of the usual usability issues. But more on that when I have time.

If you are also at Odeo, contact me through my profile, I would like to play with that but without contacts ... ;o)

Also I would encourage you as Odeo user to subscribe to Useful Sounds and ;)

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Fight the (European) Broadcast flag - and learn something about mass communication on the way ...

23.06.2005 / filed under default

The short version: go read

(Tags: , , , )

And know for my longer take on that ;): If you know me for a bit longer, you might have learned that I am quite opinionated about some things. At the same time I feel quite unsure about 'the facts' of some of the topics I am passionated about.

The whole international copyright / free speech stuff is such a thing. Don't get me wrong, I am quite aware of the fact that I know more than the usual person about it. [more ...]


23.06.2005 / filed under default

While doing the latest entry for called Cocktail Gokiba I was wondering - am I the only woman not cooking?

Are there any men out there, not able to cook, like me? Just a quick check ;))

Useful Sounds No. 34: how podcasting made a conference really great

22.06.2005 / filed under podcast

A new Useful Sounds for your listening pleasure :)) Yes, still reboot orientated, this time my first personal feedback on why I though reboot was great. I really had a great time and everybody contributing to that - thank you so very much! :)

32 min, 18.7 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

Content in this podcast:

  • a short self-presentation and yes, I am normally a nice person. :)

  • and there really seems to be a market for reading out of telefone books *g*

  • the other blog with the pre / post conference podcast

  • how podcasting made the reboot conference really great

  • why being at a conference is of course different than just listening to it (I envy Gnomedexer)

  • Cab Inn City is a good hotel in Copenhagen to stay at

  • Danes don't want to sell!

  • meet some great people, who where interesting and inspiring, thank you very much for that :)

  • It is always interesting to meet them in person

  • not to forget the German bloggers at reboot :)

  • helped me through the week after reboot with those fantastic gifts, thank you Toby for this cool t-shirt and Tris for the 'energy' bars ;)) and the on the way present ;)

  • forgot to add, why Danmark should enter Euroland (most of them don't want to) - I am not used anymore to convert rates! ;)

And please help me to decide what to first make as soundbits for Creative Commons licences intro! Which one would be great to be the first recorded?

New Skype version sucks, messages are not delivered

16.06.2005 / filed under default

In case you where tempted to instal the new version 1.3 - don't.

It does loose connection all the time, and messages take up to 50 minutes to be delivered. One way. (It does not help that this version works with my tascam again).

I just reinstalled the last 1.2 and look - everything is working again, and messages are delivered at once.



The bad and the god guys

16.06.2005 / filed under default

At reboot I had the pleasure of not only meeting Rick Segal, but also spend part of my first afternoon in Copenhagen with him - make that a coffee and a fun shopping trip for some power plug converter, because he left his at home. Shooping in Danemark proved to be quite difficult, not all of them are willing to just let you buy stuff.

Rick is an American living in Canada (seems popular these days) and was a really wonderful conversation partner with great opinions about different cultures throughout the world - and some of those views will make me think for a longer time.

In his latest post "Sometimes its hard to be an American" he writes:

Every one of my adventures scored one for the good guys; my fellow teammates and my country as a whole. We were the Americans. We were appreciated. The flag on my uniform and later on my laptop bag meant something.

Today it's hard to carry this passport.
I can imagine. Most of the Americans at reboot excused themself for Bush, and did get a lot of applause. But then again, it is people like Rick who show us, that there are Americans out there, who are from the "good side".

Note, that I have not said anything about the content of the post, which is not as important to me as the fact, that he is trying to say what he is thinking and why. Blogging help others to understand why one thinks the way one does - and on the way show that there are not only 'crazy' Americans.

What's your Skype Id again?

15.06.2005 / filed under default

Back in the days before voip there was this little tip: Make sure to remember your own phone number.

Today, it is more about "what is your skype id again?". In case you don't have it on your webpage, you should at least remember it.
N'est pas, Mr. L? *tryingtodigoutsomefrench*

I love Coverville

15.06.2005 / filed under default

Just wanted to make sure I don't forget to say this once in a while. I don't have a little blogroll at the sidebar, because my blogroll is that long :)

For the last hours I have been in the repeat loop of the last three Coverville episodes. especially for Psycho Killer - Moxy Fruvous, This Must Be The Place - Shawn Colvin, Time In A Bottle - Brad Simmons.

I find it amazing how many interesting covers there are out there - and only two more shows to go for Brian to reach Show No 100! :))

dub dub dub

15.06.2005 / filed under default

I'm home again from reboot but still playing catch up with feeds, writing, and the daily life.

Just wanted to share with the podcasters an easier way to pronounce www: I never understood why the hell all of you still say double-judouble-judouble-judot all the time - and Rachel Clarke from the Uk showed me, that the Brits know better how to save time and avoid stutter: Just say dubdubdub. Perfect! ;)

Don't try to be *my* responsible parent

08.06.2005 / filed under default

Listeners know, that I have ranted about this before - every time somebody cries out for a rating system, so they or their kids would not be 'harmed', there is only one answer to it:

If you want to have it kid safe, listen to it first.
If you are not sure, if this could be not worksafe, don't listen to it on work.

Easy as that. Yes, I do see your wish for protecting your child and I don't judge how you raise them. But it can't be my problem to rate my podcast in every available country mechanism and based on that cultural values and views so you have an easy life. This may be given to you by others, but there IS no easy way for everyone.

And all of you out there saying "but yes, there is! PGxx etc" let me remind you: This is not available where I live. There is something similar but even a "appropriate for kids over 12" means something totally different over here in Germany. We have different cultural values and backgrounds. Things you consider to be not worksafe are fine with me.

You will never get from me any rating except (probably) the rating of "Sexual content no childs allowed around here", because if you want those badges, this is what you get from me. (Which is not totally off the line, as I know of one case, where a husband was punished, because he liked to use my soundfiles like 'New mail.)

Why this post, as this is nothing new? Because of this post. And a quote from Matt May which expresses my views on that topic perfectly in one sentence.:

Congratulations on being a responsible parent. As long as you don't try to be _my_ responsible parent by getting Apple to censor what it offers, we'll get along fine.
Thank you.

reboot in Copenhagen, two more days!!!

08.06.2005 / filed under default

In case you where wondering what I have been doing the last days, go take a look at all the podcasts I have been doing. And there are even more phonecalls and great chats behind that. And you will probably know why I will not be available the next days also PLUS why I am that excited.

I really am. I can only guess that the people going to Gnomedex feel the same. While that is out of reach for me (not enough time, can't take that long vacation, to expensive for just a visit) I am REALLY excited about going to Copenhagen tomorow.

As I wrote on my reboot profile page: The way reboot has presented itself and how it absolutly worked out for me to get in touch with so many interesting people before the conference even starts, is absolutly amazing.

I feel like going to a candy store. Hm. No, make that a chocolate store. ;)

New podiobook: The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

05.06.2005 / filed under default

Well, it is not listed under (for now), but it defenetly is worth the time:
Go visit the Twain Reader.

More classics please! :)

A quick how to make a podcast

04.06.2005 / filed under default

Eric Rice has made a fine guideline on "How to build a 10 minute podcast":

00:10 date/promo/tease/banter/ad
00:20 theme music/intro
00:60 preview
00:30 ad/promo
05:00 small stories/top story
02:00 feedback/secondary stories
00:15 thank sponsor
00:15 outro
Now go out there and kick some ass!
With this help, there is no reason why you can't do a podcast, right? ;o)

If you are still reluctant, go over to Eric's post and read the rest in between the segments. :)

Come to the dark side ....

04.06.2005 / filed under default

Tris was just asking for a voice over and we made the usual deal - with a twist:

Tris Hussey says: voice-over for chocolate...a new biz...

Nicole Simon says: dark chocolate! the dark side!

Tris Hussey says: one must understand the Dark to appreciate the Marzipan ;)
So I belong to the dark side ... yes, somehow I alsway new ... ;)

CBC launches podsafe music podcast

04.06.2005 / filed under default

Great news from Tod: "CBC Launches 100% Canadian, 100% "Podsafe" Indy Music Podcast"

I have to admit, out of all the countries around the world I find the UK with the BBC and Canada with CBC to be the most innovatives in this field. And this new service from CBC is a very good way to promote canadian bands and artists! Assuming, they are paid by tax dollars: That's money well spent.

And if they really are podsafe, this could give another boost for podcasters to play music. :)

Oh, that's bad ...

04.06.2005 / filed under default

Celine Dion 'performing' Michael Jackson's Bad.

Watch the video.

*brrr* (via im)

Lord Vader has read your mind!

01.06.2005 / filed under default

It must be the jedi power, that the dark lord already knew after 17 questions that I was thinking of a coffee mug!

:) The best version of the 20 Question game I have seen:
The Sith Sense

(via Heather)

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