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Useful Sounds No. 33: The S-edition

31.05.2005 / filed under podcast

A new podcast with some new gadgets ;)

26 min, 15 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  •,, server, and my preboot podcast. :)
  • the contest i was not ready to start, right Tris? ;)
  • screwing up with skype, but new fun toys: voicemail and Skype Out
  • Tris and Bicyclemark leave the first comments
  • the Skype Dial out Wizard
  • I have a new mobile phone (in German: handy!), a S65, primarly bought for the photo stuff ;)
  • if anyone can explain why I can record my microphone signal while just having the line out signal in my iriver??
  • reboot! reboot! reboot! :))
  • Why I do the preboot podcast and why the efforts pay off.
  • Before we get listeners to subscribe to our podcasts, we should offer promos. Take a look at what PodcastPickle offers with promos, for example the sushiradio entry
  • Embrace the new possibilites for example with the Microsoft podcasting team or the Apple approach
  • The non-contest: How to determine a winner? - give me feedback on what you think should be the winning entry
  • The tongue twister experiment - go and listen especially to Lloyds comment!
  • Marzipan!

Three wicked which watches!

30.05.2005 / filed under default

Take the challenge and go for the Tongue Twister on :o)

Lloyd has already made an audiocomment (loved that!) - looking forward to your try :)

How to determine a winner?

26.05.2005 / filed under default

Tris had mentioned before, I should start selling personalized voice recordings.

Which got me thinking "Cool! We make a contest for Whoever make the best / most interesting sushi, could receive a personalized email greeting and startup sound from me." That should get us some great content for this famous new podcast!

(In case you are wondering, making a sushi would be a max. 10 min audio recording of something interesting which you would like the world to discover.)

But, and here is the big but: How would we determine the best? hmhm. Perhaps I should make a special sushi set of some soundfiles which you only receive, when you deliver a nice podcast, how about that? :) :)

Skype issues

26.05.2005 / filed under default

Would you believe it? My innocent Tascam USB-122 is the reason (or part of the reason), why Skype did not want to start. It was just click and freeze.

Just by choosing the usual on boad sound card driver once, I could finally start skype. After that, turning back to my usb settings for normal audio (and on board sound card for Skype stuff) was no problem. Great. Only wasted some hours of my life. *grrr*

Now I have to retry getting all of my contacts back *sigh*

Who needs traveller miles - get Skype points!

21.05.2005 / filed under default

The channel 9 guy says:

I see Lenn Pryor's fingerprints on this one. Share Skype. A blog kind of thing over on Skype.
And it is the best "corporate blog" I have seen in a long time. It is fun to play around.

WhileI don't like the fact, that only registered people will be able to comment, and I also don't like to type in my skype passport in there (hei - I am creative enough to know what one can do with this kind of user data, connected to blog trails), I totally understand, why their are doing it.

And I was able to login once (it also recognized me) but not anymore - so I can't login for commenting, but the same settings allow me to sign in to the webpage - great *grrrr*)

It needs some more design to really be able to see the different entries - but then again, I get the feed to see new articles and will then jump directly to them.

Login will also provide you with the affiliate code for your Skype Points. Which I think is a great idea, because it felt kind of cheesy to promote Skype for some cents - but points and possible nice gadget like stuff in return - who could resistt? And seems I was not the only one having that feeling:
We’ve had many people ask, "I like Skype and I promote it a lot - can I get something in return?" We launched our paid affiliate scheme just a few weeks ago, but some of you may not be up for cash, or the service may not be available in your country, or for whatever other reason, you might not find the paid affiliate scheme to be most appropriate for you.
Another reason why a blog is great? The forum is unusable. It might be usable if it would be newsserver style, but this amount of postings on a webboard - forget it. So, welcome Skype blog and let's see what we get from you over the next weeks. :)

And now, the new cute banner (yes, it is flash.)

<div><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Share Skype" id="skype-banner-img" width="468" height="60" /></a></div>

Why do musicians always just sell CDs?

19.05.2005 / filed under default

Dave was plugging Paul Melancon, the guy he was interviewing. If you have not heard it - the music is really good.

Visiting their website, I again have to bring up the question: Why the hell do I have to go buy a CD to 'give' money? I have to pay $8 extra to receive a physical CD, where only part of that money goes to the artist, which I would only take to my PC, make mp3 of it and then have no use any more for a CD.

I do have an internet connection which could handle that very fine, thank you. :) How about payloadz download? I happily write you an email or visiting a website, that this, my purchase, can be counted as a cd buy. And no, I don't like itunes.

But if the artists don't wants payloadz, ok with me, why not give me the possibility to use a honoration button? It would perhaps not be as much as I would pay on CD Baby, but I could leave some money there.

So artist, please do not only make your phyisical CDs available, but also give me, as your listener, different ways to support you. :)

Why is it ...

18.05.2005 / filed under default

that everytime you *check* the links from your post, they all are fine, but once you say 'oh, don't need it this time' there is at least one error in it?


Useful Sounds No. 32: The "I want your sushi" edition!

18.05.2005 / filed under podcast

Welcome to the latest podcast of mine :)

31 min, 19 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • Audio hardware and me - not working together :o(

  • blogpraxis for the blogstuff, and cruel to be kind for the business stuff - I need a chart (how to know you have more than enough blogs ...)!

  • the reboot pre conference podcast and my interview with Ben Hammersley (not up yet, and he wants beer!)

  • - the delicious tidbit for your ear is up!
    Think like Schoolhouse Rock and you get what sushiradio should be about :o)
    And this is where you come in. :)

    Think about it - what do you know about history? And from what point of view? Who invented the telefone for examples? (If you don't know, different encyclopedieas around the world tend to have a very limited view on that.)
    Podcasting is a world wide phenomena - and you are part of it. Help us share such a vision (which should not be complicated, as I imagine, most of us have this kind of goal - we would like to share thoughts and engage in conversations) and get more people into podcasting.

    Here is our two initial suggestions / requests:
    - National Holiday (or perhaps you have local holidays too?)
    - What to know when I visit town / area.

    Goal of it (whether it runs on sushiradio or not) is to have short tidbits for listeners to enjoy and help them get the podcast bug. And learn stuff through it. Broaden their mind. Perhaps even get to know a bit of the local language?
    Want to make a sushi? Contact me and / or read the message on the Yahoo group.

  • My surprising 'adventures with Skype recording and my Iriver

  • Fun to be on a mailinglist with marketing people, and what they ask for

  • Commercial versus traditional podcast - it is not black and white, but grey

  • Podnova, interesting new service; see the button on the right on this blog :)

*lol* and it is Si-ri-us, not Sirus (heard to much of Mark Jeffrey's podiobook ...)

Hidden Scene from Star Wars!

17.05.2005 / filed under default

Found at Spreeblick: "Breaking News: Star Wars III"

Podnova goes beta

17.05.2005 / filed under default

An interesting new one click subscription for podcasts was announced today: Podnova. From the announcement:

PodNova is an initiative from Active8. The company which was at the birth of iSpider (now known as iPodder lemon). We have tried to solve the following problems.

- One click subscription
- Synchronization of multiple iPodder clients
- More reliable rating system
- Faster and more detailed searchable iPodder directory
While I am still not sure if I want one instance to see all of my subscriptions, this looks like a promising concept, especially because it seems very open and could be integrated into the clients itself.

The website itself is not suitable for people older than 12 years (or you will have to resize the font size ...), and there are some bugs in there (you can't find your podcast at the moment unless it was in the news section from ipodder even though the feeds are available in that directory), it seems like a good idea.

Also, if a podcaster has no flash application available as player, he can use this service also.

More of that when my recording works again *grrr*

Oh yeah, and you can add me to your list with that pink button at the right side - they do have a new top40 there. ;o)


17.05.2005 / filed under default

Seems as if my computer takes it seriously that I just moved him down to earth from my table to get a less noisy recording - my usb device refuses to work. And the two Skype-Interviews I planed today also did not happen, because of echo on one side and bad connection on the other.

And no, I don't think that Skype will skale well on that p2p modell. *grrr*

Hm this site not reachable?

14.05.2005 / filed under default

I had some comments in the last time about useful sounds not being reachable from a browser and the feed also, and it has come to an amount which gets me suspicious. My hoster sold me as a customer recently and I would like to dig into this. So if you had any problems reaching my site in the last weeks, please let me now, I have Australia and Amerika on the list for now :(

Also I was told, that as it seems Ipodderx has problems with my feed??

Any help appreaciated.

What is it with you americans and country?

13.05.2005 / filed under default

I'll have to extend the quote I read from Simon Cowell on American Idol: "I don't understand country, but then again, I'm European".

Why country? Well, I am listening to a country version of "Hey Joe" through Coverville's Jimi Hendrix edition at the moment - and this accordeon ...

Okay, he just says it is cajan bluegrass. To me, this is just country *brrrr* :)

Voila, the pre-conference Reboot podcast

13.05.2005 / filed under default

Wondering where the hell I am again? Wonder no more, see my a podcast for this summer: for reboot.

It is an inofficial, pre-conference, pre-attending conversation starter. At least I hope it will be. :o)

In this first episode of the reboot podcast, I talk to organisator Thomas. If you are attending, I would love to get from you a sound snippet like where you are from, and what you expect out of reboot, or questions etc. As said:

I wanted to keep the website hidden for a bit longer time, but then again, I had no good place where I could without messing up everything make a new podcast available, so meet my soon to be english business site, :)

And yes, I really need a chart now to explain what my different sides are for. ;)

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Note to self

09.05.2005 / filed under default

Write more fancy press releases, so one is forced to come up with more fancy descriptions of my business.


More Maitai, less wifi

08.05.2005 / filed under default

*lol* the latest Corante Podcast of Alex Williams and Matt May has many great quotes in it.

btw: you can speed up listening to things like the strategy cast, it plays great at double speed. *g*

And while it is right that we all talk about "the gear", podcasting is easy. One can do it with the 10 dollar headset - it is just more fun with more gear :)

Jason Calacanis goes podcast :)

06.05.2005 / filed under default

Whether this is the influence of sitting next to famous podcasters like Cameron Reilly at Demo or working with them like Eric Rice, he has a podcast now - or at least he claims he has.

I don't see the enclosure, download is slow, and he is off seeing Star Wars before me. Naaaa, that's not a podcast. A mini podcast I would say. ;)

Actually, he covers a great topic, Intimacy and how you get to know bloggers. Or podcasters.

I defenetly know the feeling. Usenet and Chat was a first step, but with blogging it is really possible to learn more about a person - if he/she let's me in. In my case, people do see one side of me, but not the complete me. And you don't get me completly through my podcast. There is still enough to 'discover'.

And the topic of how to transport intentions - yeah, now that too. Most of you NEVER get when I am joking with you. :)

Increase the chances for my dreams to become true

06.05.2005 / filed under default

Visit Philipp's Dream Meme. :)

(Nice drawing btw.)

Who would have guessed ...

06.05.2005 / filed under default

I am not Anti-MS, far the opposite. I am complaining about several things, but most of it is not the evil kind of complaining. Except for the passport stuff.

But if you would have asked me 6 months ago, which company would rank higher on the cool, trustworthy, to be resepected rank, it would have been Google.

But it seems as if they are doing everything they can to destroy that gained respect. I was once a complete Altavista user, the same as I am now a total Google user. But thinks can change very quickly again.

See also my post on blogpraxis: "Google's loosing it's shining touch very quickly this year."

Money does not corrupt the strong.

05.05.2005 / filed under default

mcdtracy did write on the yahoo mailinglist (still about the Adam Curry going serious thing)

Money doesn't have to corrupt a medium... It may try but the integrity of the artist is not for sale.
My answer: "Which means you need to be a strong person and not weakly falling for the money.

And you need to know, what your ethics and values are, and then stand up for them.

Surprise: Then money won't corrupt you. Then you are someone to be taken seriously and gain respect.

Otherwise, you will fall.

Maybe this is what this is all about? The recognition that one would not be strong enough to resist temptation and at the same time be pissed about the fact about that you won't be part of the cool kids?

'Podcasting' is everything you make out of it. There is always people giving orders - but the other side needs to take them."

Your opinions on that? I'd love your response on this.

Useful Sounds No. 31: Y360, openbc and reboot

03.05.2005 / filed under podcast

In this podcast I give you some of my ideas about why I do like business thinking as an overall attitude.

As a summary / conclusion from my site on this blog, so people get the overall feeling from me: orkut is too slow, yahoo is too much just friends and family, linkedin has an awfull interface and openbc is missing the fun. For the moment, Yahoo 360 is still a bit of fun and openbc is quite usable - hope they will expand also to more international areas, as they are, for the moment, the most usable plattform for business contacts.

51 min, 30 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

(I could not post this earlier, because Dreamhost did take a full 24 hours before activating my account ...)
The show notes: [more ...]

Will the whining please stop?

02.05.2005 / filed under default

The podcaster mailinglist on yahoo just went balistic over the announcements of Adam Curry and his strategy cast.

To quote some
"Podcasting succeeds when, and only when, it departs from traditional radio models"

"I thought the whole idea was that we didn't need radio. "

I'll take this one as a reference. We still don't need radio - but what is in the way of using it?

Why does this always sound like a rabbit in front of a snake?! [more ...]

The cubicle escape pod

01.05.2005 / filed under default

Though it lacks autodiscovery of rss, the font is ugly (bloglines will solve that), underline things are not links, the comment function, ... I do like this business podcast which I discovered through the business section of podcast alley.

Clear presentation, good shownotes, focus of my interest. :) After listing my at the moment listened to podcast on my last german podcast , I think I should split my bloglines folder 'subscribed and synced' into normal and business ...

But here they are: the cubicle escape and don't forget the blogs of the both.

Okay. That's unfair!

01.05.2005 / filed under default

I like domain names to mean something. Some of you had the 'luck' to go with me through my domain name finding woes.

Don't get me wrong, this is a nice blog, but it alsways gets people confused 'uh? I thought it was about sounds only?'.

And cruel to be kind seemed to be a very nice domain name. dot com was taken, but in pending mode. It got renewed by some idiotic domain collector. Today I finally wanted to go and collect the .net domain, because of the endings available this sounded like the nicest one.

And guess what? It is gone. Since 28th of Arpil. *grrrrrrr*

This 'be to late' stuff has been the main theme on several things for me in April - welcome may!

And sorry in advance to the person I will go call now, to find another blogname ... he will hate me ;)

Furl is cute

01.05.2005 / filed under default

I was asked why I do use furl and not delicious.

Simple: I do find the word furl much cuter than delicious - makes me think of tribbles and furrrrpurrrr. :))

The good days and the bad in advertisement

01.05.2005 / filed under default

One might think, people in advertisement do have a heart ;o)

Go read "Good days/Bad days." from John.

Proposing in Paris ...

01.05.2005 / filed under default

Who says, flickr-feeds can't be interesting? I was skipping through Jason's photostream from Paris because I expected some photos of Lesblogs, when this photo's subtitle caught my attention:

She has no idea I'm going to ask her to marry me in about 48 hours. ;-)
Proposing in Paris in spring - quite romantic, and documented on flickr - how romantic too. ;))

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