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Mr. Energy and Mr. Blogcard are coming to reboot :)

30.04.2005 / filed under default

Wow, that's great news! Loic and Hugh are coming to reboot. And it seems as if there is more coming: :)

And stay tuned - will hopefully be able to announce 5 other great speakers in the beginning of next week.

Also we’re all ready at more than 150 participants from more than 8 countries.
Okay. And why have most of you not added yourself to the three wiki pages on participant / by date added / by country, hm? (The reason I added the by date / by country is of course because I am curious - have you expected something else from me?!)

And while we are at it: I still need to get my hands on an external battery thing from the Iriver H320 for recording - anyone knowing how to get one of those, please contact me. :)

The new reason to have a blog?

28.04.2005 / filed under default

To let the world know you have just fried your notebook and why you are not showing up in several places.

And you should really train your wife on how to handle such stuff ;o)

Sorry to hear that from Jeremy, but then again - especially if you write a book, external regular daily, perhaps even hourly backup is a must.

note2self: Do make bakups on the external drive today again, and check if you forgot the contact settings of skype and co. And don't forget the copy in the external out of house storage.

Mick interviewed by Chris

27.04.2005 / filed under default

I had hoped, that the MSN Searchcamp would result in some podcasts, and here is one of the first I am aware of. :o)

Usually, Cameron does the talking on The Podcast Network, but this time, we can hear Mick interviewed by Chris Pirillo.

If you take a look at which podcasts I enjoy, be it American Copywriter or G'dayworld or Chris' show, you will find a similar pattern: They are passionate about what they do, work and life are balanced (and not seperated), and there is no reason why one should not earn money with this passion.

Attitude, mindset, and passion.

Did I mention before, that I hope to connect with more of such people at reboot? :)

"A film maker does not put those teddy bears in a film"

26.04.2005 / filed under default

The copywriters finally have a beta blog! You know, the hilarious guys from this "we hate sheep" thing.

Go, put in your list! ;)

And if you love bashing Star Wars - go get the latest podcast. ;)

Enter the Praxis.

26.04.2005 / filed under default

Sounds like a funny word? It is. It's a nice German wordplay. But then I decided to do blogging in English also.

So, visit the blogpraxis, and learn what it is about. :)

Copenhagen, I think I have a problem

25.04.2005 / filed under default

Looking at blog entries and pictures from like this and this, I think I have a problem concerning my visit to ...

A geek problem. I feel ... not geek enough. I don't own a laptop. Okay, I have a very old, unused one. I don't have a fancy foto handy, I don't have a handy at all at the moment.

I never mobloged. I don't have a flickr account. I do have an Iriver and an old Palm tungsten - which I use for gaming most of the time.

I wonder, if I should be allowed to enter that conference. On the bright side: I won't have to wonder if there is enough wifi, I will not need any power outlet. ;o))

(But I admit, I am concerned if I get enough battery power for my Iriver for recording podcasts ... the stupid company is not able to provide me a link to where I can buy that external battery thing!)

I take the one with the milk box attached ...

25.04.2005 / filed under default

Seth judges people on their choice of coffee - or better, which kind of machine they used:

I noticed that people didn't choose which machined based on caff vs. decaf. Nope, they picked based on a machine.

If your worldview says, "I like gadget, premium, hyped, tweaky coffee" you went for the fancy machine. If your worldview was, "I like to settle, take no risks and be safe and predictable with my coffee" you took the other. It didn't matter which was better. It didn't matter which cost more. It mattered what you had decided before you even got there.
Nice idea, but with a major flaw in it.

If you would give me the choice - and visit his blog for an image - me too would go for the machine. Regardless if one is decaf or not. But not because of the fancy machine but because of something this fancy machine does, which a regular coffee pot does not have: [more ...]

I want to join the dark side.

25.04.2005 / filed under default

Better: I would like to have the dark side. The dark side of the m-pire.

No, not that ugly boytoy, but this - dark chocolate m&m's!

(Who is coming to reboot in June and could smuggle me some in?!)

Don't press it!

25.04.2005 / filed under default

Don't press the big red button


[via vowe]

Welcome sciencecast

25.04.2005 / filed under default

Thomas has started his international editon of his science cast - welcome :)


24.04.2005 / filed under default

Wonderful. Frightening. Revealing. Liberating.

Postcard Secrets.

(via Heiko)

Dave Slusher seems to have a weak heart ...

23.04.2005 / filed under default

Or feels really tempted .... Why else would he ask this? ;o)

It makes me feel dirty to even see yet this sight is unavoidable. Ladies, pull up those pants please and help an aging middle-aged man.
I am not sure, they would like to be addressed as "Lady's" - this might get them to wear even less ;)

You can have any kind of freedom you want ...

21.04.2005 / filed under default

While reading the Yahoo news article Texas bans gay foster parents I again feel like "What is happening over there?"

The Texas House of Representatives passed a bill banning homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals from being foster parents.

If the bill gains approval from the Texas Senate, the state will be allowed to investigate the backgrounds of current foster parents and remove children living in non-heterosexual households.

All future foster parents will be required to disclose their sexual preference on an application form, a legislative aide said.
C'ommon people, you are kidding, right?! What will be next? Not religious enough? People who don't sing every morning the national anthem? People who like soccer instead of football?

"You can have any kind of freedom you want, as long as it is my kind of freedom"?

This kind of stuff is happening far to often in the last years.
Wake up. You are heading right back into mideval times.

Skype gets an evangelist :o)

19.04.2005 / filed under default

This is interesting news I read at Mr. Bad Sunglasses: Lenn Pryor is leaving Microsoft for Skype. Being a pure Skype chat user (and of course telephone) the last months I am very excited to see this.

Because we all know, that Skype is a great company but lacks something: A face in the company, someone you would think of. What better person to fill this with as the creative Lenn? No, I don't know what exact position he will have, but he is a Evangelist by nature.

You can't stop such a passion and you defenetly don't hire such a person if you would not want exactly that out of him. [more ...]

Yes, I am a woman, but not one of those.

18.04.2005 / filed under default

The article and comments over at Scoble's blog really got me angry. Why is it that every time I read or hear a woman demanding to be included just because she is a woman, I want to hold up a sign saying "I don't belong to them"?!

I am a woman, yes. If I don't like your products / services, I will tell you. And if I want something, I will tell you also. And indeed, I do have different needs, likes, dislikes, interest etc than a man. And yes, boys playing with their toys isn't quite as fascinating for most women as it is for other boys.

So what? I don't enjoy knitting, cooking, or many other 'female' funstuff things either.

I want to work with strong minded, intelligent, passionate people; interested in a topics I like, with a mindset I can enjoy, and views I would like to learn from.

Which is probably a clue, why I don't like such women very much. Because it is not very open minded to demand inclusion just because of your gender.

Redefined: A Cappella Nintendo Medley

18.04.2005 / filed under default

I have to admit, I don't recognize any ot the tunes, but then again, I never played Nintendo games ;o) But the presentation is great, go watch it! :))

Redefined: A Cappella Nintendo Medley

Via SF Signal] who is right with saying 'this is why the internet rules'!

reboot 7.0 in Copenhagen

18.04.2005 / filed under default

Wow. Hans and I had been talking briefly about meeting for talks about business blogs in Europe etc. To get a wider view on what Blogging can be about. That was the first time, I had a closer look at Copenhagen - not far away from my Lübeck, about 4h by train. And the train station is about 5 min from my apartment.

And now I read about reboot 7.0 on his blog.

reboot is the european meetup for the practical visionaries who are building tomorrow one little step at a time, using new models for creation and organization—in a world where the only entry barrier is passion.

reboot is two days in june filled with inspiration, perspective, good conversations and interesting people.
And it is happening in Copenhagen. And they managed to announce it more than just 3 weeks ahead (which I absolutly hate about other conferences in Europe).

There is a blog, take a look at the topics or program , and the list of speakers is quite faszinating also.

Did I mention it is in Copenhagen? Around the corner so to speak?

I think, I will have a trip to Copenhagen in June. Tipps for Hotel/Hostel near the venue would be appreciated.

[Oh, and I would like something to printout to get excited each time I look at it. :)]

The good thing about ending Enterprise?

17.04.2005 / filed under default

Never to hear this absolutly ugly intro music!

I do love the music of the others, like Voyager and DSN, even the old Enterprise one, but ...

And the version from after the first season is even worse!

*brrr* So if you bring back Enterprise, please make it mandantory to have a new intro music! :)

Gmail: Someone did not do his homework

16.04.2005 / filed under default

Just moving trash out of mail gmailbox when I noticed this:

No conversations in the trash. Who needs to delete when you have 1000 MB of storage?!
Because I like to trash spam mails insteed of keeping them?

You are currently using 216 MB (10%) of your 2100 MB.
Who forgot to update that trash box message, hm? :)

Being paid for working on the society of the future

16.04.2005 / filed under default

Paul and Darren made a post about Jason's Dinner offer (give me advice to make more money and I will throw you a dinner). Both worth reading, of course.

I don't know Jason Calacanis very well, but of course, if you are a bit interested into the blogosphere like me, you 'know' who he is.

But one thing I know about all three of them (and as I repeated this point at Paul's and Darren's blog, I decided to put it here also): [more ...]

Funny. That has never happened before.

15.04.2005 / filed under default

Either I do have a special talent to break things (or find such errors), or the world is just screwed up.

I just received the third mail in half an hour stating something like this:

I have never heard of admin going blank after being able to create the settings file. This is not usual.
or even better
Interesting, nobody ever had the idea to use my software this way!
I just want that stuff to be working!

The fluffy stuff

15.04.2005 / filed under default

Cameron would like to be #1 for belly-button fluff and shows off the advantages of spreading the whuffie (sounds cute). But nonetheless, he has a point:

But here's another thing - whenever people tell me "oh I don't want to blog, no-one will read it", I try to point out that they are missing the point IMHO. Write about what you know. It doesn't matter if you don't turn into an overnight A-list blogger. GOOGLE WILL FIND YOU.

If you write a thoughtful post on belly-button fluff and, a year from now, someone is searching for information on belly-button fluff, they will probably find your post. AND YOUR WORK IS DONE. (By the way, a week from now this post will probably be the #1 google result for "belly-button fluff"... so come up with something else.)
He's right in saying 'everybody has knowledge about certain things - go share them'.

And chances are, you will find on the net another whuffie-fluffy domain collector, who likes talking about icecream. And you can then connect and explore even more of your fluffy stuff. :)

If you like Napoleon, you might get back to Cameron ;)

RSS feeds are like sushi belts

14.04.2005 / filed under default

"Turning the web into 'sushi belts'" is the title of a BBC article with one of the best descriptions of what RSS can be:

While the majority still seek out sites of interest through search engines and keep addresses bookmarked, others increasingly use "RSS" feeds. [..]

Like sushi restaurant conveyor belts, it delivers content to people so they can easily pick what they want to read.
I don't like the taste of sushi, but the concept is very convinient for a picky girl. Perhpaps that is why I have so much fun using feeds? :o)

(thx for the link to "Don Loeb")

To use a dice would be more honest.

14.04.2005 / filed under default

Dave Winer has introduced a new 'feature': click-tracking. While this at first looks good, let's take a deeper look:

This morning we have a new feature on, a way of measuring the popularity of an individual podcast.
The popularity of one entry of an podcast, represented in a list of the latest 100 podcast, (the list scrolling very fast at some times).

Question: Will you click on any show you have subscribed in your ipodder? Probably not. You will see it perhaps in this list, and fire up your ipodder to get it, but surely not click on the link.
Now, when a user clicks on a link to a podcast to listen to it, we add 1 to a counter. The counter is displayed in a column to the right of the link to the MP3, as illustrated in this screen shot.
Only if clicked on the right link, which represents the mp3. If you click on the more prominent left link, nothing happens.
Every time the link is clicked the count goes up by one, so this is an easy way for you or your listeners to "vote" for your cast.
Yeeah! Another debacel with voting like at Podcast Alley is surely what we need. As I am only able to see the latest 100 ones, let's just flush them with some new podcasts ... [more ...]

Since when do we have so many links in Google for podcast / podcasting?

12.04.2005 / filed under default

Did I miss something or why do we have this sudden increase?

podcast 5,310 mio
podcasting 3,220 mio
Wasn't there a service who tracks google counts per day?

I would like to see the curve if there was a sudden spike! :)

Some golf players just do it!

12.04.2005 / filed under default

You don't need to be a golf fanatic or nuts for sponsorship branding to enjoy the video of Tiger Wood's awsome shot, found at and made by Jaffe Juice.

And I have to absolutly agree with Jaffe:

The moment of truth (as you'll see) couldn't have been better scripted for Nike and in this case, will live on indefinitely in so many hearts and minds as one of the greatest shots we'll ever see.
I somehow have the feeling, that from now on I will always visualize golf balls with the swoosh on it!

[via vowe, who always seems to dig out such neat videos!]

The Gluetrain Manifesto

12.04.2005 / filed under default

Found this at Nico's site: The Gluetrain Manifesto.

I especially liked this one:

50 Today, the org chart is hyperlinked, not hierarchical. Just try to find out who you have to make your vacation request to.
Working at a bigger company I can assure you: You don't need intergalactical messages for that. ;)

And as a half-ferengi of course this one:
81 Have you noticed that, in itself, money is kind of one-dimensional and boring? So why not give us yours?
Yes please.

This is somehow built into my genetics. ;o) When I was a little girl, my granddad wanted to give me Groschen, which is about 0.10 Deutschmark. But I told him "oh no, I want that shiny silver one!". Which of course was the Heiermann, 5 Deutschmarks. :))

People of Terra - Long tail and Science Fiction

11.04.2005 / filed under default

My last entry on 'the economics of already having it' reminded me, that I could write an entry about Mark Jeffrey's novel "The Pocket and the Pendant" which I am enjoying to listen to
(it is distributed through the great Dragonpage SF radio talk show)

I was teasing Tee Morris about the fact, that I liked Mark's story and presentation also (Tee is doing his novel Morevi as an audio book style podcast, and he was the first one to do so on Dragonpage), and he reminded - na let's better say: urged me to write Mark about it and tell him, that I was from Germany. Because getting feedback from listeners / readers, especially from overseas should be great for every author.

I think I will write him a mail with the link to this. ;o) (Oh, and Mark also has a blog. :o) )

But why this topic? Because the just written article and SF reminded me of a great story a very good friend told me once. [more ...]

The economics of already having it.

10.04.2005 / filed under default

I like the long tail - in fact, I do see its effects everyday in my logfiles of my german blogs. I am eager to see how over time this blog will grow and I will get equally interesting, funny and scary results from search engines. :o)

Chris Anderson posted in "The economics of variety" some thoughts about whether the Long Tail grows demand or just shifts it. I want to pick one thing out of it, because the conclusion made annoys me each time I hear it.

The army of white-earbud-wearing New Yorkers are surely listening to more music than they were before the iPod, extending the effect created by the Walkman a generation before. But are they buying more music, too? The hard numbers are, unfortunately, inconclusive. As of February, Apple had sold 10m iPods and 250m tracks on iTunes, for an average of 25 tracks sold per iPod, or less than the price of two CDs over the nearly two years  the iTunes music store had been in business.  That is not impressive.

Perhaps they're just buying CDs and ripping them. Or just downloading more, but not paying for it. Studies of the industry at large are sadly inconclusive. The RIAA says its members are shipping fewer CDs, but Soundscan says they're selling more of those they do ship (see Kensei for more on this mess).
And perhaps there is another reason, why they are not buying new CDs? [more ...]

THGTG on Blogs ...

10.04.2005 / filed under default

Don't miss out on the fun you will have with these three new blogs I just found via David St Lawrence:

They have created a multi-part blog site with "blogs for three of the main characters: Arthur DentMarvin the psychotic robot, Zaphod Beeblebrox. The comments are fascinating. It will be interesting to see where they take this, but it is off to a great start.
Neat. I'm absolutly looking forward to that one - except that I will have to plan a trip either to Berlin (favorite) or Hamburg to see it in the original version. :o(

But, judging from the trailer, it seems likely, that I will enjoy the film much more than the book. ;)

Get your preloaded iPodder!

08.04.2005 / filed under default

It is official, from the maker of my favorite podcatching client: the iPodder lemon store has opened! :o)

Finally a way to make your own downladable version, filled with your selection of feeds.
Create your own preloaded iPodder in minutes with the podcast feeds you select!
You can make as many copies of your own iPodder as you want, and distribute them to friends, customers, and business associates. You can also have as many feeds as you want. Works on PCs & Macs.
And if you like a fully branded version. just contact the guys about the pricing. ;)

But: where is the cute little button for us, spreading the news? ;o)

[via Martijn]

From Adsense to religion

08.04.2005 / filed under default

*lol* was just wondering why 'the new day' already had started in my statistics (*); because after our daylight saving time switch on easter weekend, I had to wait till 10 am. And now it is 9:10 and the new day has begun - not for me, it is long before enough coffee, but for that report as it seems.

Until I remembered Mur Lafferty's litte "I want my hour back!" rant from yesterday. Yeah. Sucks.

But mainly her latest podcast is about how she found her theology in Science-Fiction - go listen. No: Go subscribe. She has really great essays.

And yes, I hate this hour lost too. But I like switching back in October to gain an hour. ;)

(*) in answer to comments here: Darren, if that makes one a pro, I am super ;o)))

Human echolocation and games for blind people

08.04.2005 / filed under default

I did not know (or let's better say: I was not aware or thinking about it) that blind people would like to play games too. So I was a bit surprise to hear Scott's latest Today's Podcast:

I decided on today's word after reading a thought provoking article at The article is titled The Blind Fragging the Blind and its about video games for blind gamers. I was surprised by the nature of the games.

The games are very sophisticated including a purely audio version of the first person shooter Quake and of all things, a driving game. offers many games designed for the blind and visually impaired. They also offer several sound trailers if you want to learn what an all audio gaming experience sounds like.
Interesting, as always. :)

Working at home? Priceless.

07.04.2005 / filed under default

Darren writes about his opinions on working at home, probably his main reason not to move to an office?

being able to work from bed in boxer shorts til 2pm in the afternoon

As long as you have a laptop and a dedicated place to work, this might work out for me. But I also know many self employed people, who get out into a cafe to get rid of the home blues. Everyone as he like. ;) I mean, what else does a stay at home blogger need these days except free wifi?

(and a laptop, which I for example do not call my home. But you know, perhaps one day, a small little tablet ...)

Useful Sounds No. 30: Sometimes you have to make decisions

07.04.2005 / filed under podcast

Enjoy the latest podcast :o)

17 min, 10 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • why I cut out the part on Yahoo 360°; my luck I could use the first part ...

  • the reason why I switched the naming scheme from UsefulSounds-$date.mp3 to us-$date.mp3

  • why one should always soundcheck ... (when will I ever learn?)

  • take a look at Gerrit's loudblog:
    What is Loudblog?

    Loudblog is a sleek and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) for publishing audio content on the web. It automatically generates a skinnable website and a RSS-Feed for Podcasting. Just upload your audio-files, add some notes and links, and you’re done!
    And while you are there (and maybe testing it), do him a favour and use the forum and or his podcast on loudblog ;)

  • A shout out to Dan Klass and the bra-incident ;o)

  • If I listen / talk english, I don't translate it to my language, I just 'switch' to english mode. If you do speak more than one language - is this different for you?

  • Once I was disappointed not to have english TV, but now I have podcasting!)

  • Funny feedback on my 'email protocol' from Colin and Brad. Would 'over and out' at the end of a message be unpolite?

  • If you like an invitation, drop me a mail at usefulsounds (at or use the contact form.

And I have to blame Gerrit for the new 'favorite' world slick *grrr*

Like Kids?

06.04.2005 / filed under default

If you have never seens this ad of the little boy who wants sweeties in the supermarket, you really should. :o)

[via Adjab]

Always when you can't need it ...

06.04.2005 / filed under default

Why do things like double postings always happen when you like to 'present' something? *grrr*

Be fired and stay outside?

06.04.2005 / filed under default

While reading Cameron's Article about quiting jobs, I noticed something international readers might not be aware of. But first Cam:

I've found myself lately urging friends to quit their jobs and take six months to a year off. I made that decision mid-2004 and it was one of the best decisions I'd ever made.

I had friends, Dennis Bastas and Mike Vallender who had done this a few years before me and I didn't understand their reasons at the time, but they both came out of their "breaks" with new and exciting careers, both as CEOs, leading new enterprises.

I know for certain that if I had been still working a full-time job when podcasting came along, The Podcast Network wouldn't exist today. I wouldn't have been ready to jump as fast as I was. I wouldn't have been primed.
Seems to me, as if Australia has a similar concept of Hiring (and Firing) as the US?

Statistics I am aware of show, that the usual fired American needs only about 6 months to find a new job, and is used to move around for that. As many Americans seems to have long commute times, it is probably not difficult to them, just drive the same amount in another direction. Which is probably why the 'you are fired' part is not so much of a problem.

This is not true for Germany, from my experience. [more ...]

Australia - worlds deadliest country!

05.04.2005 / filed under default

Rob thinks, this is fighting talk and calls for help.

If you find that fighting talk, you should listen to the latest American Copywriter #7 - where they take a deeper look at the marketing desaster of the australian tourist industry. Hillarious. ;o))

Recruiting metrics, the modern way

05.04.2005 / filed under default

Gretchen over at the Jobsblog [*1] shares some insight in what expectations she has to meet - and not very modern ones:

But at the end of the day, recruiting is still a metrics driven job.  People often ask about the types of metrics I use to track the success of my blog.  Page views and trackbacks don´t count.  

They want to see actual, hard data that relates directly back to hires.  And as a wise man reminded me this morning, if you can´t say “this person would not have been hired if not for me or my team,’ then most of the people back in my department don´t want to hear it.  We have some ways to track source of hire (from the blog) back to actual hire, but honestly, the stars have to pretty much align for that case to meet the “if not for me’ criteria.
Interesting. She confirmed in the comments, that the process for applying at MS has somewhere the possibility to say 'I am here because of the blog!" - so in case you would like to apply, make that note.

When reading this, I was thinking 'what would be a modern way'? [more ...]

Podcasters are stupid!

05.04.2005 / filed under default

Thanks to Eric for reminding me to blog Dave's qoute:

You sold me a dream that it was good to have a variety of opinion expressed, that citizen media was good. Don't shut the door when that is expressed in a manner you didn't anticipate.

Even if you don't choose to particpate in that manner of expression, stay consistent and support the ability of citizens to communicate to the world in a wild variety of ways. Blogs are wonderful, but they are not the evolutionary peak of interpersonal communication.

Don't be a fundamentalist, remain open to everything that dream you've been selling implies. To do anything less is to betray the ideals you've been pushing on me for years.
Oh and I do say videocasting is stupid *g* who wants to see California sunshine? ;)

No, to the point. I have seen this kind of aggression like Darren Barefoot shows it in bloggers and in podcasters. It almost seems like "I don't know it, I don't like it, make it go away.".

Bloggers try to write away the effect podcasting had on people (like it had on me), and podcasters rarely comment on a blog. They perhaps send mails.

Okay with me. As long as they don't try to tell me: [more ...]

Are sunglasses the new lilac?

02.04.2005 / filed under default

Or is it just springtime and men get nervous?

Eric and Cameron both have new biiiiig photos on their site, but regarding the fashion statement included - US beats Australia ;o)

The ceiling has now officially been removed.

01.04.2005 / filed under default

I am still not sure, if this is a 1st April joke (but then again, they started it as an April joke):

G is for growth
Storage is an important part of email, but that doesn't mean you should have to worry about it. To celebrate our one-year birthday, we're giving everyone one more gigabyte. But why stop the party there? Our plan is to continue growing your storage beyond 2GBs by giving you more space as we are able. We know that email will only become more important in people's lives, and we want Gmail to keep up with our users and their needs. From Gmail, you can expect more.
Colin from has this nice quote in "Gmail's infinite storage technique":
I suppose this will put an end to the “storage space wars” with other E-mail service providers, since the ceiling has now been removed.
And since the free size of my mailbox has been increased from 1024 to 1161 at the moment, this looks like fun!

Watch while your inbox is growing in size! 1162! :)

Why woman do not need to blog ..

01.04.2005 / filed under default

Angie Mckaig links to an article called Diversity & Blogosphere and adds a great comment:

To her arguments, I would add: how many women have not JOINED the meritocracy yet because they're intimidated by the technology? I've said it before: do smart, great stuff and people will notice regardless of color, shape or gender bits.
*grin* good argument.

Seems as if I am running into lot of errors today.

01.04.2005 / filed under default

A full page of this stuff:

Database error: [Can't find file: 'temp_pings.MYI' (errno: 2)]
SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP(pinged_on) FROM temp_pings WHERE blog_uri = ''

Database error: [Can't find file: 'temp_pings.MYI' (errno: 2)]
INSERT INTO temp_pings (blog_uri, pinged_on) VALUES ('', '2005-03-31 18:19:27')

Database error: [Can't find file: 'temp_pings.MYI' (errno: 2)]
DELETE FROM temp_pings WHERE DATE_SUB('2005-03-31 18:19:27',INTERVAL 5 MINUTE) > pinged_on
I would assume, this ping did not go through ... ;)

Gmail added rich text editing and spelling

01.04.2005 / filed under default

While I am busy testing the new Yahoo service and writing feedback blogs erm reports, I just discovered that Gmail has added some new features:

We're not in the plains anymore

Fonts, bullets and highlighting, oh my! Gmail now offers rich text formatting.
And over 60 colors of the rainbow.
Discover a land of more than just black and white. Learn more
I'm not so much for the colors, but my partners will surely appreciate the spelling thingie ... ;o(

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Soundfiles for your amusement :o)