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Useful Sounds No. 22: From David Allen to Paul Watzlawick, from Microsoft to user guidelines

30.01.2005 / filed under podcast

Update: Thanks to my personal editor for correcting - again - some of my usual errors and making suggestions for improvements. As usual, if you find my writing very stylish, clearly understandable - that's usually his work. :o)

Having to work the whole weekend instead of having free time sucks, and I refrained from recording a podcast yesterday - just to find myself grumpy about it the entire day and in the evening too demotivated to do one. So as not to repeat that error (as I have to go to work again today) I made my podcast first. :o)

Plus, the weekly schedule seems to work out best for me as a minimum of podcasting. Enjoy!

31 min, 21,7 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • managed to screw up the German recording the same way as the last English one - I'm learning, I'm learning ...

  • Paul allows me to use the Futureshock song again! Yippie!

  • inspiration for a topic was the ipodder-dev list: one of the next podcasts will be about user interfaces and keyboard support - one of my favorite topics. ;o) There are so many developers out there who don't even get the basics of Windows UI design right! If I like your application or your website: you have probably received mail from me already on such issues ;)

  • Jeff Sandquist was the inspiration for this podcast with his posting about David Allen's appearance at the Microsoft campus. Jeff also started a wiki on GTD (or visit the GTD website).

  • always been a fan of management books, especially time management - but they were (still are) so limited! Who has got a secretary these days? The quoted German author is Lothar Seiwert, and it is Ann McGee-Cooper (not Gopher).

  • the Outlook plug-in for GTD has many features I would like to see in the current Outlook

  • finally figured out what all those IT Conversations reminded me of: a meeting with Paul Watzlawick 10 years ago. Three apprentices stuck between one hundred managers.

  • a quick overview of the German educational system (school and job), Wikipedia has an entry on
    Education in Germany, Abitur [I will try to prepare an excerpt on that later]

  • such presentations like David Allen's - why can't they be distributed at least throughout the company it is held in?

  • Marc Cuban on IT Conversation

  • was there really a Blog Business Summit? As if I would cross the Atlantic plus the entire continent just for a two-day conference ... The thing I will remember: Scoble did a keynote (learned this through his blog) and some good coverage with Chris Pirillo's from there

  • Anyone knows where to get an old copy of "MS Guideline of User Interface" for cheap? I miss the copy I accidently left behind. :o(

  • It's cold here - send warmth!
Feedback as always appreciated, weblog comments preferred. ;)

I'm spoiled by

29.01.2005 / filed under default

In the days before podcasting, useful sounds main purpose was to be the place for my sound snippets and an easy publishing / feedback mechanism. With the start of podcasting, this site was the natural choice for publishing it, because my other websites are all in german. As a curious person, of course I would like to know who links to me without consulting my logfiles each time.

No problem, there is for example technorati. Or somehow Pubsub. But as far as I have seen, they suck. Because I am spoiled by, the "german blog billboard charts". They have the Top 100 and a current Top 100 (which I think is for the last 30 days).

When you take a look at the stats of my german primary blog beissholz you will probably already see the link from this site without me even pinging it. They crawl for pings for toplevel domains who probably have german content.

Not only because of the speed I like them but also because they don't get confused with reappearing links. Many times you see in technorati double or tripple entries from one site, the reappearing links already very old. They also have set up the language specific angle which I am missing with all the english based offers; seems as if they are not even aware of the fact that the world consists of more than just one language. And even if you don't speak german, take a look at the top of the blogstat page: a signal how many posts have been entered by how many blogs today. You also can have charts about the evolving of the german blogosphere.

How many posts have been submitted today? This month? Where are my links coming from geographically? Which language is the ping from? Most of these information are already in the pinging feeds. Why can't I have this on technorati? Time? The tags are nice, but language again: I am not interested in tags like " ??????? ???? ???? ??? ???? ???? "

*sigh* welcome to the internet in 2005. Perhaps the difference in both services is their background. I don't know about technorati but the company behind blogstats has an advertisement background and probably does those statistic as basic homework.

But enough complaining about technorati & co, I would like to notify Mr. Blogstats this way: Please add a home link to the blogstats logo, thank you ;) (yes I do more than just fix rss feeds *g*)

Episode 3 - The Lost Hope

28.01.2005 / filed under default

That made my morning! If you loved the old films but hate the new episodes, this parody is for you:
"Episode III - the lost hope".

This one IS funny and well made. Plus as a bonus: Jarjar dies! ;)

(thanks to The Dragonpage)

It's about people, not technology

27.01.2005 / filed under default

Thanks to Mark from brainwagon for bringing this up:

Some people have claimed that audioblogs are a waste of time because of their many "disadvantages" compared to the written word. Yes, the written word is more compact, can be composed with simpler equipment, and generally allows for more thoughtful, precise description of events and feelings.

On the other hand, recordings of speech can convey immediacy, informality, intensity and emotion in a very real way.
He refers to two different entries on Wil Wheaton's blog: One well written blogentry about wanting a role and Wil's audio blog impression after auditioning. Both very passionate and well presented - but still absolutly different.

Do blogs and audio show different sides of a person? Yes. Which one is better? Wrong question. Everything belongs to this person, it is just like different views through a kaleidoscope. Perhaps this is why I like best people who blog and do audio - it gives me a much better understanding of someone. Of course I don't get the whole person by that - just as you only get a part from me through my blog and my posts. But this is much more as you would ever get to know from me if we just met. In fact, I believe that there are people out there who have a better idea of who I am than people I am spending 'real life time' with.

I am doing an interview via E-Mail at the moment and one question was something like "what do you miss with the web" and the question was followed by some technologies listed (wikis, rss etc). It is not about the technology, it is people who want to connect with each other, using whatever technology is available to get things they want done.

And I feel great in participating. But I would like more people to use their brains and practise some common sense.

[As an actor I would suspect Wil to prove my theory of 'curious people following trackbacks to his blog': where's the feed for your audio blog?! It's just an atomfeed with a dash of feedburner. But then again, it seems as if the tb needs typekey - damm spammers. ]

G'day from Lübeck

26.01.2005 / filed under default

Thanks to Mick for putting up the show. In the second half you will probably hear the effects of the increasing traffic around lunchtime in Germany. :o(

There are two things I took out of this particular interview: Make sure the connection ist good enough to have a conversation and have more practise in 'talking interview'. Beeing able to get better skype options like "please use telephone quality but make sure the connection stays" would be great and such interviews might talk me into a faster computer, to have more power in it for skyping and recording at the same time. We'll see.

Service for the visitors from there:

  • Here you find the notes and link of my latest podcast
  • the feed for the blog, contains all articles
  • the feed with enclosures for podcast, contains only podcast entries with nonformatted show notes (some clients have problems with not correctly encoded / special chars)

Will we see more intelligent feedreaders?

26.01.2005 / filed under default

Yes the article is from August, but this glassdog speaks to my heart:

Where are the extrapolations, based on the data? Where is Bayesian filtering? Why isn’t there auto-correlation between like items? Why isn’t there sorting by link popularity? Or inter-linking between feeds? Why can’t I rank feeds or categories higher than others?

Why can’t I rate items and let the cumulative ratings over time determine feed rankings? Why isn’t there some statistical combination of each of the above to put what I’m actually going to care about at the top of the list and the discussions about which syndication protocol is best at the bottom?
Yes please. If I remove my own feeds and some special search feeds from the blogs I read, I have about 800 feeds.

No, I don't read every feed each day. It's not that much and sometimes I even do catch-up *gasp*. Some folders have my full interest each time I run bloglines, some folders will only be read once a while. I do unsubscribe if I find the content to be not of my liking or if the presentation of the feeds is crap.

For example there are perhaps 4 blogs where I accept they only provide headers. If people just want to provide a teaser so I have to visit their sites, please let me tell you: I read most of the item in the corresponding blog. I use my feedreader to determine what to read. Each folder I go through has probably several hits which I open in the background and will read after finishing a folder.

And *if* you want me to accept abridged feeds, do what every good marketeer would do: provide a teaser. And not only the first 100 chars of your post. Make me curious. More work? Yes. Do you want visitors or not?

The folders are a first adjustment to my reading habbits. I tried to rearrange them a while ago into a more 'logical' order but I could not work with it. I got desperate and switched completly back to my order and felt comfortable again. Without knowing I had arranged them in an order which suited my reading habbits very well.

Not only since I discovered podcasting, I noticed that I would like multiple folders a feed could be in. But with my rising interest in podcasting and business blogging (again) it gets harder to work around. I read the feeds coming with the podcast to take a look in the shownotes. The podcast I have subscribed are in my folder 'podcast synced and subscribed'. Some podcast are decided on their production notes (folder sometimes), some I just follow for pure interest.

But as I especially like podcasting bloggers, I had to take them out of their usual folder and put them into 'podcasting bloggers'. But take Amy Gahran for example. Has a podcast, is blogger and business blogger with the PBA also. Which would make one feed in three different places which of course should get marked read if read in one place. And she is just one example.

I would like different views on feeds. Intelligent folders ("these feeds have not seen an update in the last 2 month", "these feed have the word cookies in it and are served with a latte", "other users liked this article very much"). And rating and scoring. And keyboard shortcuts. Please notify me if you found something like this.

[Oh btw: If you want me to discover something like Newsgator - I won't sign up to see some screenshots of the online version. Screenshots are first.]

You can buy accessoires for your Iriver ...

25.01.2005 / filed under default

I have an Iriver H320 for about two weeks now. It has many advantages and also some missing features of course. Some of them might be "removable" with some of the accessoires you can buy for it: remote control, external battery case, docking station - as listed in the manual.

But it seems to me as if nowhere else. I have not managed to find a shop in Germany with could supply at least the information about it ... has a out of stock for a remote control but that's about it. Dear Iriver, I really like the sound recording of my new toy, but especially the ui sucks.

But most of all I need this docking station as it seems to be the only way to have access to my iriver while setting it to "load when usb is connected". Because if I use the normal cable, I have to disconnect and reconnect the cable immediatly. Just a minute off cable gets me additional minutes of recharge plus disconnect and connect ... more on that later in a podcast with audio sample of the extraordinary mic.

So if someone knows a U.S.Store which carries the above items and ships to Europe, please contact me. With the current exchange rate that should be a bargain to shop in candyland instead of here. ;o)

Cleaning woman Clara Clifford discovered ...

25.01.2005 / filed under default

Today's Jimmy Jett has a bit from a Johnny Carson show it, "The Copper Clapper Caper" (Text here). Very nice.

I never watched Johnny Carson and it is not part of my childhood, there are other memories (vielleicht "Einer wird gewinnen" mit Hans-Joachim Kuhlenkampff), but I know it is part of most American memories. I hope Jimmy won't stop reading if I tell you: I liked Jay Leno and Conan O'Brian when I had cable tv. Which was a looong time ago.

Actually I don't have any tv at the moment, because I don't have a DVBT receiver and they switched the signal last december. So far no problem - only turned the tv on last year for olympic games and the coverage of the us election ;)

Thanks to my personal adviser for forein languages I now know how to write Australian | European etc correctly ;)

All the bloggers not sitting in Seattle

24.01.2005 / filed under default

Update: the irc channel is invite only, the ways given don't work, and recording is not allowed at later but a bit of it - this is 2005, right? But I totally forgot / ignored that #joiito seems to be a visited channel.

[02:14] wkearney: got knocked out again. could I please be invited back with speaking privileges?
[02:15] <_neezee> oh so it is moderated in voice too? wow.
[02:16] * ado changes topic to '#bbs05: where you can read but you cannot speak'
[02:16] belt and suspenders?
perhaps I stick around there for some time. Somehow I've missed channel talk. :)
As the summit is about to begin - and people not in Seattle start to feel a little bit left behind (Australian bloggers feel no different then European). We might at last had a chance to peak through the window ...

I don't know if freenode is restricted on making new channels (I've always been on Efnet and later Ircnet ) but it seems as if an extra channel could help ease the pain - for all the bloggers not sitting at the summit ... name suggestions? #bb05-fromtheoutside?

Help needed on rss autodiscovery

24.01.2005 / filed under default

Okay, this makes me crazy. Asuming you have a bloglines account:

Why on earth does bloglines provide me the correct feeds if I just say

meaning one podcast feed and one normal weblog feed, but not if I use
where the old bittorrent.xml pops up (updated with new information) *grrrrrrrrrr*

In case you use another autodiscovery feature and do get something else like the podcast feed and the rss feed, please mail me.

[How am I suppose to stand up to my own standards "make it easy for your customer to shop at your site" when sites like bloglines hate me? Don't even want to know what this mess looks like in the other aggregators like newsgator and co. *sigh*]

Jeremy is just looking for a "dead sexy radio voice"

24.01.2005 / filed under default

And not for a male one as I said in my podcast notes. And did I not say "love podcasting bloggers and how curious they are"?

00:28:01 ""
q.e.d. Thanks Jeremy *g*

Skype learns from Google

24.01.2005 / filed under default

Seems as if Skype learnt a lesson from Google when introducing the new voice mail feature everybody wants to have: Invitation, just a few at a time.

I was granted 10 opportunities to share Skype VM with others. I shared it with Buzz and I have this wonderful message back from him asking for 100 invites more. I know he actually wants 1000!
Learnt that through Stuart Henshall but I kind of guessed when the little Icons for voicemail started to pop up at some of my contacts. As my own experience with SAM did not get well I will have to wait.

But I asume that by the time I will have it available, it will be set to cost money. But on the other hand I think it would be stupid - people need to feel what they are not having. Then and only then they will want more! :o)

Oh btw: my skype id is nicole.simon. *looking innocent but hopeful*

New ipodder lemon beta!

23.01.2005 / filed under default

Finally! Resizable windows!
Some thing to work out as usual, but if you dare to test it, go here or if you are a sissy, just take a look at the screenshots! :)

Useful Sound Nr. 21: Business Podcasting, Google and nofollow me ...

23.01.2005 / filed under podcast

Today is about corporate blog/podcasting, my affection for google and my thoughts on the nonofollow initiative. The Song played at the beginning and at the end is Hiding from Future Shock! Go buy it! :)

31:20 min, 18,3 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • Useful Sounds for Sunday Jan 23rd - it's snowing and I'm an idiot (new ways to screw up your recording ...)

  • screwing up part II: deleting podcasts while trying to sync between different machines and mp3-players

  • exciting news and thoughts on business podcasting:

    • Napodeon's entry about a possible client

    • Jeremy Wright searching for "dead sexy male voice"

    • smart podcast with intelligent content will make business and the fan based modell will work also (see Sledheadradio, produced by Kris)

    • spend 2.000 euro on a two day training or spend this on good podcasts about technology, management and other things?

  • why I don't like audio books

  • why my production time is well spent money

  • how to not promote you band online (will make a podcast with Thomas about that topic)

  • the internet is business - and google understands

  • what google has done for validation on the web

  • Google is for text searches, Altavista is for sound searches

  • why Ultrabar is phoning home crap: it tries to force me to use Yahoo Search (btw: one reason to dislike yahoo search is because of their tracking every url

  • as google fan I read Philipp's Blogoscoped (somebody please help him on his audio setting?)

  • Blog Names Top 10
    and you tell us we do a lot meta? [Note: while editing the notes I see it is about blog names, not the text - but still]

  • Nofollow was all over the web - now there is the nonofollow initiative

    I probably won't use it as standard for my comment parts, because it does not solve the problem itself. But I will use it on some links for my own page. I go through the 12 points and give my comments on them.

    You will find a comment about how to make a blogentry page from my personal point of view.

    The best thing about the Nofollow-Initiative? There is a way companies can work together and make in impact.

  • What do you think about me interviewing / talking to people?

  • If you like me, you will link to me - not vote for me on podcastalley ;o) But remember podcastalley is a great ressource to start and look out for new podcasts. If you like to link to me, no need to ask, I will find it ;)

  • I love podcasting bloggers and how curious they are

  • Dragon page interviews Wil Wheation. I want an audio book of Whil Weaton's Just a geek!

  • People I will / would like to talk to on a podcast:

    • Philipp from blogoscoped (if he gets his audio fixed)

    • Mick suggested Marc Orchant for talking to about tablet pc but I am kind of shy ... plus have to wait for the interview on G'dayworld to figure out how this name is pronounced ;o)

    • Mousepod man - how one can be so crazy about Disney [great thing is: I have a new podcast from him waiting for me after doing this!]

    • Matt Zur from the MothaB show - your guide on how to get smart woman ;o)

    • I will talk on Sammelstelle about promoting band on the internet with Thomas from Sammelstelle. The show is about music from germany but will include in that episode advise from germany.

    • I would like to be again on Croncast - if Kris gets his equipment back online in the basement

Love to hear from you - leave a comment! :o)

Please, no summer's top chart hit in 2005 ...

23.01.2005 / filed under default

The summerhit of 2004 in Europe was a cover of Dragostea din tei - so it came as a double version. We gladly got rid of it with the start of winter. But what happened? Someone turned it into a flash video with a kid and a webcam - and was linked to by Seth Godin.

Someone has cut pictures into the flash video - it evolves. I am kind of desperate because I think this might come back to haunt us as 2005's catchy tune *cry*

Smileys all over the place ...

22.01.2005 / filed under default

I think I finally discovered why I tend to use smileys so much. Or better: Am tempted to use them but hold them back not to have them at so many places ...

Because I want to give a similar display of what I have to say as I would in spoken words. Which is always with an underlying tone of laughter, anger, whatever emotion I like to express. I am missing this with written words - and am probably trying to cover this by using smileys all the time ... ;(

How to have sex the D+D way ...

22.01.2005 / filed under default

Found this at the DragonPage and even if I am not into Dungeon and Dragons, I still had a good laugh. :o)

she'll most likely eat up the notion, which is when you bring out the first piece in true d+d sex: the dice. give them a roll on the end table in the middle of "the act" and yell out "crap! wandering monster!"

insist that there's some sort of zombie or orc behind her, and grab a knife or blunt instrument (which you should have placed there beforehand) and pretend to beat the crap out of something. with any luck, your significant other will be weirded out, but view your actions in an endearing light.

(read the whole the "how to have 'dungeons and dragons' themed sex" guide)

Ta-da? Ka-Bum!

21.01.2005 / filed under default

Yes the new service of Tada looks nice. And it has a "soundmeaning" (ta-da like in the windows sound, could mean ready).

But if you launch today such a service one would expext this not to happen:

autodiscovery ?berprüfen / ?ndern
Charset encoding dear people. Not the chinese or russian kind but simple plain european char map with chars the usual us-ascii.

We have 2005, right?

Would you like tasty voice with that?

21.01.2005 / filed under default

Reading Cameron's experience, I immediatly knew what he meant:

I did one of those things where I pulled my car into my driveway and then SAT THERE like an idiot for another 20 minutes, not wanting to even pause the talk to walk inside 'cuz I was so in the groove of what he was saying.
There is something 'clicking' in such moments for people who like podcasting. But - I don't cherish podcasting. I don't even like the music podcasts that much.

It's the voices. My senses are getting excited, my perception is tuned into this 'food for thought - would you like a tasty voice with that?'. Yes, there is crap (both in voice and content) out there, but so many of them are so full of different influences for brain and entertainment. There is something which makes 'the fans' glowing and enthusiastic - and sometimes even sit in their car and listen to it.

And there are others, who do not 'get it' meaning: this is not what get's them excited. They don't understand why one would kind of bath in this experience. From my point of view it is the same with people getting excited at blogs or not. On games or not. At hobbies or not.

Everybody is different and has a different approach what works best for his or her perception. Okay with me. But don't fight this because it is not your cup of tea - let me have my latte.

If I look back in my (school) life, I have always *always* learnt through talking to other people = with sound involved. Much faster, sunk in so much deeper. And I always was jealous of the people who could learn out of a book. Yes I can also. But they do in one tenth of the time I need. [Thank god, the german school system honors oral / written participation 60% / 40%.]

On the other hand, I never have had problems to cope with the amount of my blogs or other readings - but that is about chrunching information and making connections in between - not about learning the facts. Kind of meta learning. Yes, I am the woman you can talk to about how to optimize your website for a searchenginge because it is fun to connect the informations. That is something which 'clicks' with me too.

But sound it is. I *love* talking on the phone with people, in some way even more than face to face - because the sound of a voice clicks. Get's me hooked. (Yes, I dig male voices too but I am very picky.) Not because of the chatting but because of having intelligent conversations with someone with a pleasant voice. You could give me a super super intersting person with a topic I would die for to talk about. Voice not pleasent to my ear? Sorry. No way I can enjoy the conversation.

But as I said, I'm picky. Good or even great voice but nothing behind it, neither intelligence or fun? No fun either. Arrogant? No, just honest.

As Cameron wrote they get in touch with so many interesting people and they get connected. Both of them where smart guys before - but a special ingredient was added to the audience which only where reading them before. The sound of voices talking to each other and enrichening the conversation this way - and now it makes so much more fun.

For some people. I am one of them. I'm feeling like a kid in the candy store.

Pivot supports the new 'no-follow'

21.01.2005 / filed under default

That was fast :o)

The great blogsoftware I am using is Pivot, and it does already support the google thing:
Pivot supports the new 'no-follow'

I will have my opinions about that on my next podcast - me and why I like google - and what not. ;)

Recording the BBC

20.01.2005 / filed under default

Julian Doncaster gave a good tip on the yahoo mailing list:

An excellent radio programme from the BBC about Intellectual Property and Innovation, with a focus on technology.
"In Business" by Peter Day.

Listen Again Web page
Direct Link to the stream
But how to capture those streams?

David Janes helps out
In Sparks! (

- Select menu: "Import > Record Radio..."
- Paste the ".ram" URL below into the URL field
- Press "Next" as needed
- Set "Repeat" to "Record NOW"

and in thirty minutes or so this BBC program will be a MP3 sitting on your computer's disk and added to iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Skype Voicemail - okay I am jealous

20.01.2005 / filed under default

Spotted two three guys today with a cute little icon in their Skype - they have voicvemail! I want one of those working ones too!

Did nobody tell them what I great betatester I am? Hei, they want to make money out of it, so this time my knowlegde and fortune in finding (ui) bugs would pay of for them.

I should post someday my references where people told me things like "every programmer should have a tester like you".

(yes, they said it with one laughing and one whining eye but - testing is about finding out the bad apples, right?)

Useful Sound Nr. 20 is there :o)

19.01.2005 / filed under podcast

[Wondering why there where some requests for a show for Jan 19th - until I figured that I made the link in the blogpost wrong *arg* sorry corrected]

24:19 min, 14,2 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • A kind of request from Philipp : A podcast without meta? noooo ;o)

  • some topics in my podcasts will defenetly be google, language and meaning of words, blogs etc.

  • please Cam, no more Elvis ;)

  • thanks for all the mails for my birthday! (I have still to do the answers)

  • Ben: it's a Tungsten T! (one of the guys who tries to learn german)

  • Kris, it is Pflaster = band aid

  • Croncast in the Morning, G'dayworld later that morning - and if your interested, read How to have a great birthday

  • How to talk about references to you - without having it to be all about me myself and my?

  • mobile soundcatching possible with new gadget

  • the reason why you don't have my recording from sunday morning:
    Eric Rice helped me with my Tascam and also through his thoughs on the podosphere made me realize that my recording was not fun enough. Hope talking to him again, was really fun and exciting.

  • The second german blogged book tour (for "Kauf! Mich! Jetzt!") will be my occupation tomorow: this time with audio! Recorded an hour with Bernd Röthlingshöfer on Skype which will be published in slices as a podcast on on Jan 20th.

  • great quote from him: "you mean like radio in your letterbox?", additional to that Ross Rader:
    Podcasting is a method of subscription.
    A Broadcast is a method of distribution.

  • Interviewing other people is fun, wanna do more of that!

  • New Podcasts for you:
  • I like Frank Sinatra, yes. Radio Brothers played 99 Luftballons

  • Sam, the Skype box and my files for it: Some soundfiles for SAM, the skype answering machine
Have fun with it.

A podcast without a feed is no podcast

18.01.2005 / filed under default

Another aussie podcast from down under from an Andy Grace - seems to be a radio moderator or something like it. While the podcast could go into my ipodder there is no feed - no listen, as usual.

I think this is the first time I ever listened to an english version of Moskau - the german version is much better *lol*

I want that feed! :) (Another well known perfect australian podcast has of course everything needed.)

Plus I think I have to open a new bloglines folder with aussie bloggers and podcasters because there is a complete seperated 'sphere' which is connected with each others, like the canadian and the us - of course also the german one. It is much easier to follow the conversations in between.

Update: He made his feed available - as I said on Kris' (Krises?!) Croncast I don't fix other peoples feed - I am just selfish. :)

Vendors at Bloggercon?

17.01.2005 / filed under default

Dave Winer was so inflexible about "vendors" speaking / announcing at Bloggercon. And now he writes:

Watch this space for an interesting announcement.
I'm curious if he can hold up to his own standards.

Some soundfiles for SAM, the skype answering machine

17.01.2005 / filed under default

As Cam showed off a new gadget for G'dayworld named SAM (a Skype answering application), I was reminded that this has been on my testlist for a long time and finally took the time.

It seems nice, but crashes everytime sometime tries to access the voice machine. As I have done recordings for answering machines for some years now, the first thing which came to my mind was (of course) to replace the wav file in it. So here there are for your 'Sam' in case you don't have your own recording like 'the mates'.

(Terms of use are the same as for the rest of the soundfiles)

To use these you need to convert them back to wav files plus as it seems also convert them to 8 Khz or 11 Khz, I am waiting for a reply from Alex on this matter (would be a shame with this low quality!)

How to have a great birthday.

14.01.2005 / filed under default

This was really a great birthday for me. :)

First of all, having a week off when you have birthday is a great idea. (Note to self: Teach mum and aunt not to call at 9 in the morning but midnight - and if you went to bed at three in the morning and have to do another recording at eleven, turn off the phone.)

Second, this was the day with the most podcast / radio related time of my life for a day.

Radio as in I have a radio show in our local community radio once a month, topics internet and computer together with two guys. I had to edit the prerecording but left it for today to work on it - only to find that the wav was broken. I drove to the radio station, only to run into more problems - so after three prerecorded shows Torsten and I did our first live show. :o)

Podcast as in talking to Kris from Croncast in the early morning (before sleeping, having nightmares about Pflaster after that) and Mick and Cam from G'dayworld (early morning after sleeping). All three of them sang a little happy birthday for me (cute) plus all the nice emails and greetings from everwhere this feels like a fantastic birthday to me. :o) Being busy all day I hope to catch up with the mails tomorow.

The croncast is already up if you like to listen to it ; Kris and I talk about men writing diaries and people sharing the same hobby, be it fishing or podcasting.

Skyping at 11:00 am european time seems to be a problem, if I am ever to do such an interview again, it has to be earlier. This was supposed to be more fun, but it did not go so well as the connection was breaking up so many times, I got out of 'flow', many things I would have like to talked about where not possible to talk about.

I *really* hope that Mick can cut it down to an entertaining podcast for the listeners to enjoy. I was kind of sad after both talks but the croncast turned out to be really nice, perhaps there is a chance if Mick does some magic. :) But the outcome of this is the part for your amusement - I already had my fun and got something better out of it. [more ...]

Vacation! (well - a little bit is left)

12.01.2005 / filed under podcast

Am really tired, so no more details with the notes this time, sorry.

26:54, 15,7 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

This year already sucks.

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  • the year is 6 days old - and it still sucks!

  • have to have my vacation next week because I want to make my interview on Croncast

  • little reminder: 13.01. - my birthday! :)

  • in opposite to Adam it is "brain say yes, body says hm"

  • my beloved blogsoftware Pivot needs some time from me

  • cool podcast on Gdayworld with Doc Searls (not worksafe! some aussie bottoms to see there!)

  • Dan Class promised a new podcast long ago - said he is on an audition. (hm. will it help to tell him that I am a brunette too?)

  • there are clients out there which don't like .php (which?), so this needs more research too *sigh*

  • Shane Robinson - like him! Likes same date format as I do! And you should do so too or I won't like you (cookies might bribe me instead.)

  • Pronounciation is not easy: Kris Smith's podcast rediscovered - thanks to this episode of Shane!.

  • How can we make it easier for first time listener to get the 'automatic downloading at your convinience' bit

  • Do you know any ressources for selling music online? This information I already got from Jake Ludington:
    There are two ways to approach selling music online as an independent.

    Go it alone and use a service like BitPass or Payloadz to deliver the electronic files. Paypal can be used as the payment mechanism in both cases, so there's no barrier to entry.


    Or use Web savvy labels like:

    Digital Musicworks

  • Very interesting information from Jason from Insomnia Radio:
    You can do what I did, and appy for a radio partner license (free, and easy) which licenses you to play ANY song from

    So far my show Insomnia Radio, and Indiefeed and The Bob adn A.J are radio partners there, andit's pretty cool.

    Go here:

  • Any good speech training tutorials online?!

  • Leaving you with a tip: A good blog to read if you like to get a better, more energizing career, go read "The Occupational Adventure" and download his free new ebook
    "The Five Fundamentals of Occupational Adventure - Pursuing Your Passion, Achieving Your Dream". I have it on dead tree now and will read it when go to bed.

    (Even if this sounded kind of creepy like selling, Curt has very good, serious articles on topic.

  • Please send some luck! ;o(
Wish you all a nice weekend!

Happy New Year

01.01.2005 / filed under podcast

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