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Happy Holidays :o)

23.12.2004 / filed under podcast

A quick holiday greeting plus check the newest youngest member of podcasting world: Hudson Klass!

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Interesting new podcasters

16.12.2004 / filed under default


Just saw today a post of Ipswitch and a mp3 of BFBS2. Seems Heinecken is not the only company to enter podcasting world. :o)

Make it short and sweet :o)

16.12.2004 / filed under podcast

(4:43 min, 2.7 MB, right-click and say 'save link as')

  • On the list of being much to long: G'Day-World, Treopodcast, Rip'n Read
  • good boy:
  • So this is a short one - so you don't need a post it note with timestamps too.
  • Like another german podcast? is partly online - the podcast and feed are there but the blog is still missing. ;o)

Updated the file links

14.12.2004 / filed under default

If you are wondering (while reading my blog) why the heck all the old posts reappear - I just changed all links to all of the mp3 posts to my podcasting server. :o)

Foggybottom meets "mine! mine! mine!"

12.12.2004 / filed under podcast

(24:55 min, 14.6 MB, right-click and say 'save link as')

  • Thanks to Brian from Coverville for saving me money

  • The new "Do they know it's christmas" sucks - this version absolutly lacks character

  • Enjoying mashup for example from Radio Clash

  • Still trying to pronounce ubiquitous - thanks to Scott from Today's Podcast

  • Thanks for Mail:

  • Nicole Simon does not really have a naming history or a second name *teardrop* - but it is easy pronounable in english ;o)

  • Thanks to Geoff Taylor for an article in the british independent about podcasting. I especially like this line:
    Called "podcasting" (because it's a bit like broadcasting and it's aimed at machines like the iPod)
    because this 'aimed' show much better then everything else I have heard till now what the ipod stands for. And I had to laugh on this one:
    "Everything is packed, especially my hard disk," wrote Italian weblogger Paolo Valdemarin as he was about to leave for a trip to London. "I have downloaded a whole bunch of podcasts that I have not been able to listen to (this is a big issue with podcasts) and I'm looking forward to be stuck at the airport or on the aeroplane in order to be finally able to listen to all this stuff."
    I had an appointment at the dentist, which was kind of an emergency and as you can think was not be very pleasent. The assistent told me to bring time with me (as I was put in as a favour). I spent some time on deciding what podcasts to bring with me - and was very disappointed. ;o) - and after that it was foggybottom, buifing and puasident.

  • Threadwatch notices Podcasting: A Podcasting Primer:
    If you browse the serious tech blogs at all, you'll have noticed the word podcasting coming up time and time again. We're ever so slightly behind the curve here at Threadwatch but are catching up rapidy, and with this in mind, i thought it might be time for a little primer.

    The article threadlinked above is a great introduction to the tech and technique. You will have to put your marketers hat on to understand why it's important to Threadwatch but im confident you'll see the point :)

  • Don't look! Hide your eyes, hide your Palm Pilots! Bejeweled 2 is out.

    As the office weblog quotet absolutly correct:
    Generally, I try to discuss tools and techniques that will make you more productive. This is the exception to that trend. If you continue reading and follow my advice, I guarantee your productivity will go down.
    I've warned you!

  • Calculate Fahrenheit, Wikipedia on Fahrenheit

Hear you again this week :o)


08.12.2004 / filed under default

Seems as I've changed the wrong things in my feed - so I am flooding - sorry, no intention :o(

A podcast to you from Lübeck, south of Germany! ;o)

08.12.2004 / filed under podcast

(22:55 min, 13.5 MB, right-click and say 'save link as')

  • Lübeck, in the south of Germany! ;o)
  • I do like Dave's podcast - why did everyone believe I was serious? This still irritates me.
  • Did you behave?
  • I agree, we should not try to play nice. Be yourself.
  • Steve Hartzog reminds me about the Haribo Adventskalender (filled with gummi bears) - and the problems with mixed languages ...
  • About Gummi and Kindereggs - and "product liability" :o)
  • A beautiful garfield about cookies (Fensterbank is windowsill)! And the quote I am referring to comes from "All the world is a cookie jar and all the people mere crumbs: I happen to be one of the chocolate chip"
  • greetings to G'Day World and Mick, not Mike!
  • please make shorter podcasts!
  • Lübeck the big Marzipan-City, but inventor? ;o)
  • already planing my xmas vacation: when to hear which podcast?
  • looking forward to the next Coverville with a special songs, directly delivered from the UK!
  • people need to experiment podcast to get hooked on it - perhaps we should make a podcasting cd? (Ronan Keating made place 100 in the german album chart with 214 sold cds that week - a big chance for a podcasting?)
  • do you know a french podcast? I have two teachers who might be interested in it for their students
  • living in 'the internet' and beeing part of this world is just great - try finding the same interesting people in a city of 200.000 people ...
  • A deep longing for reading a book again - perhaps of too much audio? Ratio of reading to listening seems to be overwhelming for my brain.

The nearly daily Adventskalender

05.12.2004 / filed under podcast

(11:48 min, 5.5 MB, right-click and say 'save link as')

  • of not working studios and loud ticking clocks
  • how to easily oversleep and why Prelude to Dune is not really worth buying
  • moving and beeing late - Adams scream for help
  • make a list when you are going to move about your top priorites
  • kitten on flickr for your girlfriend
  • Nikolaus and Adventskalender

Adventskalender continued ...

04.12.2004 / filed under podcast

Sorry, everyone, but finally, here it is: the second third door for the Adventskalender!

(11:00 min, MB, right-click and say 'save link as')

And now let's all sing again jingle bells!

Feeddemon now with podcasting support

04.12.2004 / filed under default

From the blog:

In addition to supporting synching downloaded enclosures to your iPod via iTunes, FeedDemon also supports syncing to any device that maps to a drive letter and/or supports Windows Media Player's automatic synching. This opens up podcasting to a lot of media devices.
Does anyone know it it does also built proper playlists?

First door of the Useful Sounds advent calendar

01.12.2004 / filed under podcast

Listen to your Useful Sounds Adventskalender, a advent calendar podcast!

(07:55 min, 3.3 MB, right-click and say 'save link as')

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