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G'Day Australia

29.11.2004 / filed under default

Ah, nice new podcast available from down under.

Both have been on my bloglist for a long time so it was funny to see on both blogs suddenly the same 'oh we would like to make an australien podcast ...' *g*

Update: They have a button now!
G’day World Podcast

Useful Sounds: The cat is out of the bag

27.11.2004 / filed under podcast

A very short podcast (and short notes) on my new equipment with my Tascam - but no time to experiment or do very much editing (next time, promised) cause I am off for Bingo!

(10:28 min, 4.9 MB, right-click and say 'save link as')

  • The must see video and thoughts about that from Rob Greenlee on Webtalkradio Blog: Google Grid, Googlezon and MS Newsbotster.
  • Yes please, interesting advertising! I even hunt them.
  • I am glad, other shops are not like amazon
  • The cat is out of the bag: People have tasted freedom of choices with Tivo - you can't get them to forget that. Podcasting is the next step for the audio part. Remember history, remember the matrix? No way, the cat will be back in the bag.

Useful Sounds: This is safe - from my point of view.

26.11.2004 / filed under podcast

(Yes, the new microphone setup is comming and we will get rid of this headseat clickings *grrr*)

(20:19 min, 7.1 MB, right-click and say 'save link as')

  • by Jed Anderson
  • About our 'podcasting daddy' Adam Curry
  • YPS and Sea Monkeys - Executive Set!! And Ants!
  • "be yourself no matter what they say" + "I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses" plus disco Globe warning!
  • Dave Slusher, the radio voices and interesting language
  • Are people afraid of hearing their own voice?
  • Olivier on Scott Brenner's Todaypodcast, Really learn spanish or how to really really speak english
  • [I don't believe Jimmy Jett's outtakes are real ;o))] Suggestions from Jimmy Jett
    NSFW - "This Podcast has been rated not safe for workplace situations by its creator."
    NSFF - "This Podcast has been rated not safe for family situations by its creator."
    SFF - "This Podcast has been rated safe for family situations by its creator."
    SFW - "This Podcast has been rated safe for workplace situations by its creator."
    My view on this:
    This podcast is probably not safe because it was made from a european point of view - where worksafe and family safe has other meaning.
  • Please, please Dave ... ;o)
  • Bingo time!

Now people start announcing they will be podcasting?

25.11.2004 / filed under default

May be I am misreading this, but seems as if Jeff Sandquist (Microsoft Evangelist) could go podcasting.

Of course, I am curious about voice and content, but I hope for more than that: Hopefully he will start out with nice filenames, meaning a unique identifier in front and a proper date format.

No, I don't care about what you all put into your metadata, that is optional. Unique identifier and proper date format is first. I just unsubscribed from two podcasts which I not heard with my heart and which only offer filenames like "20042511.mp3" or worse.

When it comes to my harddisk: There are enough podcasters out there - with good filenames.

And that's what podcasting is about

24.11.2004 / filed under default

Say podcasting is just some old toys glued together in a new way is correct -and for the same time, it is not.

Some discussions in the last day always repeated one word very often - community. Yes. It is kind of 'the old days' when IRC meant "only 500 people online? oh, Germany is cut of the rest of the world again". I remember starting to chat on IRC in 1995 where Europe and America where not seperated. Community in podcasting at the moment has it's own centers of connected people.

Plus something more, as not only Les Posen has discovered

(talking about another downloadable show)
Where it's similar to podcasting is when I listen to it as an AAC file on my iPod in my car or on my bike, and stop and start it at my leisure.


YML never inspired me to do my own narrowcast. It never created within me an urge to speak my voice and thoughts. I was an active recipient, occasionally sending in email, occasionally dropping in to the World without Borders live chat.

But apart from that, and the fact that I enjoy it immensely, occasionally having an email of mine read on air, I have not been inspired to be anything other than act as a listener and tell friends about the show. [..]

The podcasters on the other hand, inspire me and clearly others to give self-expression a go. By their actions, they say "grab your Powerbook, follow the schematic diagrams to get audio going on your Powerbook, learn a little about RSS and enclosures, and then sing for your supper".
Yes. Except for the mac thing. You don't need that. ;)

[Go on and read the rest of Podcasting - so much, so soon, so confusing.... ]

Mercedes Mixed Tape 04 out

24.11.2004 / filed under default

Via Mercedes Benz provides it's 4th version of Mixed Tape - again only for a limited time. From the cover file:

  • la ritournelle bye sébastien tellier bye 04:19
  • se fue bye keston & westdal feat. ester godinez 04:59
  • spiderboy bye ux bye 04:21
  • feel so weak bye four chords bye 04:42
  • silence bye audiotreats feat. bruda & psycho 05:14
  • i don`t apologize bye djane embee feat. aleksz bye 03:36
  • house eins bye nachttierhaus bye 04:57
  • perception bye sadder star bye 03:37
  • all goes down bye the dalles bye 03:20
  • nights between bye ken.ji bye 05:55
  • tres amigos bye dancejance bye 05:10
  • holiday bye lemon-curry? bye 03:58
  • everybody knows bye spleeny feat. cosmanova bye 03:01
  • the lowered mood bye mycrotom bye 04:47
  • cross the flow bye bertram ritter bye 03:09
Mixed Tape 05 will be available from 24.01.2005 free of charge at
This one is even better than the other three, great songs, check them out. [I have la ritournelle on repeat since an hour or so. Did I mention I absolutly fall for piano / synthi? :o)]

No music for your podcast, but for personal enjoyment.

ThinkGeek wishlist .. not for me :o(

23.11.2004 / filed under default

Matthew just gave me the hint via his podcast, that thinkgeek has wishlists.

Not that I don't have anything I want from there (actually, I have many things I would like from there) but then again .... as usual, the shipping problem. When will we have transporter beams?? *hrmpf*

Pictures for Democrats - all over the world.

23.11.2004 / filed under default

Not only in America. From the website of Oliver Willis, "brand democrat". Go see the other pictures.

Useful Sounds podcast for 2004-11-22

23.11.2004 / filed under podcast

*brrrr* cold here. About Bloggers with short hair, cover versions, comments - and a little bit technic (only a tiny tiny bit.)

(22:38 min, 6.6 MB, right-click and say 'save link as')

*sigh* need to learn more about audio codecs and such things to have less hissing sounds after saving.

Oh and it seems as if Loic le Meur might be doing a podcast! Read "Podcasting is getting bigger" :o)

Did you update your ipodder client lately?

20.11.2004 / filed under podcast

There where many updates the last days on nearly all ipodder clients, so go and check your version.
Otherwise you might hear in the near future nothing else then this:

(0:57 min, 340 KB)

Useful Sounds podcast for 2004-11-16

17.11.2004 / filed under podcast

(10:48 min, 2,5 MB)


Message from Valter. :o)

New Mailaddress for (audio-) comments: at its usefulsounds or via my contact form

In case you do have an microphone I would like to invite you to just say your name and where you are from - I would really like that a) for my podcast and b) am doing a little documentation for my local miniradioshow about podcasting - and feedback from listeners in audio would be great.

Some words which sounded funny to me
  • paudience - heard in some podcasts
  • kinrowan from the House of the Hanged Man called himself frellin ggenius:
    It only took me 4 weeks of listening to podcasts every day in my car to discover the wonders of technology I already owned.

    When I finally woke up, I grabbed the portable CD player -> auto cassette player adapter that came with a cd player we bought 4 years ago, plugged it into my Lyra, and now I can listen to podcasts over my car stereo system.

  • Mary Hodder from napsterization
    Podolicious - I love the names that are coming up. Podio. The Poderati. iPodder.
  • Seeding Angel by Evil Genius
  • "Skype-isms" by Garth T Kidd
  • And as a little joke on the end:
    Why is it that at the end of your traffic budget is always so much month left?
Pearl alarm clock with built in mp3 player
Für 19,90 Euro verkauft Pearl den Q-Sonic MP3-Wecker USB. Sie laden Ihren Lieblings-MP3 auf diesen Wecker und stellen die Weckzeit ein. Am nächsten Morgen wachen Sie dann zu Ihrer Lieblingsmusik auf.

For downloads of the podcasts with ipodder etc. please start using bittorrent.xml instead of rss.xml, thanks.

rss is for weblog and bittorrent for podcast

15.11.2004 / filed under default

After the not so well going experiment with my 'this is the last entry with enclosures in my rss file' I remade a smaller file ... So please use the rss.xml for weblog reading and bittorrent.xml for podcasts.

Sorry for the inconvinience!


15.11.2004 / filed under default

I had ideas the whole day of what to podcast and made a file at work which I sent to myself via email. Now I am at home, ready for takeoff and guess what - the email did not arive. *grr*

2004-11-15 Of frustrating weekends over probation rules to peanut butter jars.

15.11.2004 / filed under podcast

(Because of abusing clients I had to remove the enclosure of the rss.xml - please choose direct download or (better) take the bittorrent.xml file. Thanks.)

For downloads of the podcasts please start using bittorrent.xml instead of rss.xml, because this is the last rss.xml with enclosures. I don't know if / how I will put back up the other podcasts, depends on some things I have to check first. Keep you posted.

Listen to it (download with right-click + save)

2004-11-11 Good morning ;o)

11.11.2004 / filed under podcast

A special greeting for ipodder-dev - and I've just updated the misc sound page. ;o)

Listen to it (download with right-click + save)

(Yes, everything is changing a litte bit at the moment and I promise: I will look into making standards for myself like name tagging etc. plus finally a better, more usable layout in this blog.)

2004-11-09 Testing, testing

09.11.2004 / filed under podcast

This is a little testcast, where it just gives a torrent-enclosure to test which clients are able to download it via bittorrent (because I am considering a own machine to make a steady torrent available.)

Please give a short answer if you have received it through which software, thanks!

Useful Sounds 2004-11-07 podcast

07.11.2004 / filed under podcast

okay, I defenetly need to get down production time but I thing this will be just a matter of time. ;o)
Does somebody know how to make good compression in for example audacity?

(right-click and say 'save link as')

The topics
  • Hello everybody not sitting at bloggercon or boys with a stick and horses
  • Steffanie helps out on Knight Hawk
  • Jimmy Jett introduces my intro - good start into the morning
  • from Cornelius via Thomas Newmann over Saga - and what Babylon 5 has to do with headphones
  • reasons to have production notes
  • How to suit all the directories and tag your files?
  • no 23 ripper and recorder
  • mocking doublejudoublejudot ;o)
  • speach to text - Star Trek and Scottie should met podcast
  • about podcasts: problem with lenghts of files how to tag them?
  • no entry on DMOZ for podcast or podcasting
  • thoughts about attribution and how to licence your work
  • Using a keynote editor: Keynote and the author has a blog! Rich text editor and many many keyboard short cuts
  • Icons from Tim Madden
  • Amazon and Paypal to replace 'normal' international banking business and finaly kick of micropayment?
  • people who like this podcast also like these podcasts
  • Take control of your period - a weird podcast
  • Powergrep - are you kidding?
  • Thinking into the future again - star trek dreams and Perry Rhodan (it's weekly not everyday)
  • Discover Marion Zimmer Bradley and her famous Darkover series
  • H is for Habseeligkeiten

Hm. Still takes longer than you think.

07.11.2004 / filed under default

How to determin you have are not trained enough? You need more time for postproduction than you ever imagined. But - I think one hour and the next one will be up ;o)

Not every minute, stupid!

06.11.2004 / filed under default

This blog will be updated perhaps once or twice a day; for podcasts I do more think of 1-2 per week.

So there is no need to have your feedreader set to "catch each minute".
Especially not, if your feedreader is not even using a 304 but does catch the feed each time.

That's RSS 101.

(It won't be long before I make a script to block out feedreaders requesting feeds too often *grrr*)

The first useful sounds podcast :o)

06.11.2004 / filed under podcast

Took longer than it should have been with editing - and I should have used the time to make my presentation for this morning, I am giving a little powerpoint seminar *arg*

But I wanted this thing out today after all this trouble making it. Now! And - tada - here it is, 27:27 min long:

(right-click and say 'save link as')

No, I did not 'make' the 27:27, it just happened. As written before, the intro is made out of Wataridori 2 by Cornelius from the Wired-Sampler. As far as I understand, this is what I can use this for, right?

Beeing a good girl, I also did an entry on (only category audio blog seemed to fit) and ipodderx directory, sent a promo to
and will go check my feed - and perhaps get my first ping done to!

Usable Links from this podcast:
# the famous text editor: Notetab from Eric Fookes
# Steffanie Müller: Deutsch für Anfänger
# Michael Butler: The Rock and Roll Geek Show

*hrmpf* okay that part with did not go well, and no enclosure is showing on bloglines in this feed. Will debug that later.

US Elections Results by IQ

05.11.2004 / filed under default

Take a look. Please do not forget to read the fineprint below.

An election shall be won by the person with the most votes. The constitution does not differ between iq and non iq. So if you want to change this, educate the people.

And what did I read yesterday on boingboing?

BoingBoing pal Q-Burns Abstract Message IMs,

Bill Hicks once told a story about an American friend of his who complained about the USA.

When told, "well, if you don't like it then move somewhere else" the friend's reply would be, "What? And become a victim of our foreign policy?"

(Image via Shermann)

The not so first podcast ...

05.11.2004 / filed under default

Okay this is frustrating. I wanted to offer today my first podcast.

I just spent 1,5 hours this evening in a well equiped digital studio to record my first podcast. I was exited. Very good quality, recording went well. But what happened?

the computer crashed while burning this stupid cd. - I needed a cd because the mp3 encoder was suddenly not available (notetoself: make a cd with lame and some other tools on it), the produced wav file was to big for my flash card and they forbid usb there (I have a 20gb usb drive ...)

And this is not the first time it happened. While I was still considering a german podcast for beissholz I did a 'mopodcast' back on my way from Berlin last week; sitting in my car on a parking lot and recording with my palm for 15 min. Got totally lost; usually it should just transfer as a normal .wav but it did not. So if someone has experience with rescuing .wav.pdb files ... *grrr*

But! At least - I have an intro now. It is a sample from the Wired music cd. You told me to rip and do something with it - I did. It's made out of parts of Wataridori 2 by Cornelious. Give a warm welcome hug to my podcast show intro. :o)

Yes I know it is not an enclosure - you'll have to wait till I figure out how to make them properly. Promised.

Usable Bittorrent client?

04.11.2004 / filed under default

As you might have noticed, I am totally not satisfied with the way the current ipodderclients work. But you can't use anything else because you then would loose the advantages of rss.

But it seems as if Azureus has a built in or optional rss-part. Will give it a try and report back! :o)

Results 1 - 10 of about 170,000 for podcasting

02.11.2004 / filed under default

I was reminded that someone asumed we would go over 100.00 very soon for a google search on podcasting - now it is 170.000 (and this article will result in +3).

And the nice thing: Position 1 is and second wikipedia. :o)

Just for the record

02.11.2004 / filed under default

- start itunes
- choose control panel > Administrative Tools > Open Services
- remove checked "search for itunes updates"
- if grey: check "go online when needed", remove now available point 3, uncheck "go online"

so hopefully this stupid ipodservice.exe won't show up again *grr*

(i have a german version so names may differ a little)

Now that's a nice halloween costume!

01.11.2004 / filed under default

I have seen a ipod-costume before but seeing this, it was only a try. Quoting engadget:

Yeah, this guy wins. Sure, anybody can put paint a cardboard box white and say they’re dressed up as an iPod, but he decided to take things to the next level and make an iPod costume that could actually play MP3s using a Tablet PC for the display and rewired a USB mouse for the scroll wheel controls. Nice, but if he was really punk he’d have dressed up as the new iPod Photo.
This is fun - but I just read, that the new itunes software disables upload from ipod back to the mac with a special software.

That's too bad, because I am just reconsidering perhaps buying one - and the fact that they try to disable that is not a good indicator. I would have liked it to be a syncing tool between my two pcs at home and at work but as with the sony md recorder (which I would have bought if not happening the same here: You can record on the md and not transfer it back to the pc via usb but have to play the md - as if). Sucks.

Btw does anyone know how I can save a .wav.pdb? My palm seems to be broken with it's sync. It does get energy and when connected via usb, the pc beeps to tell me "new hardware" but hotsync does not work. Of course, I recorded my first podcast (mobile podcast!) on it.

The transfer via sd card on my pc resultet in a .wav.pdb file but it does not play :o((

7 reasons to play golf

01.11.2004 / filed under default

*ouch* *ouch* *ouch* *ouch* and aaaaaah. :o)

(via irc)

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