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About useful-sounds and the voice behind it

Who is this?

As you can tell from the files, I am female ;o) My name is Nicole Simon and I live in Lübeck (northern Germany, famous for its marzipan). You can find my personal blog at (in german only, sorry).


I've started with soundfiles some years ago cause someone requested them on the notetab-mailinglist. Over the time, other people added wishes for special sounds or just found them nice. So I keep on going and have even bought a nice dat-recorder to do better sound recordings.

Today, I've gotten heavyly involved in PODCASTING! :o) The site is naturally the place for my english podcast - called Useful Sounds of course. If you like more a german podcast, you might like

Can I use them? What do they cost?

Yes, you can use them freely for non-commercial, privat use.

Direct linking is not allowed and considered abuse of service.

If you use these files or find pleasure in them, you are morally obliged to buy me something from my Amazon Wishlist or send me a gift certificate. ;o)

What's with commercial use?

Yes, you can have me. Just make me an offer I can't resist ;o)
I've done recordings for businesses in the past, mainly answering machine stuff and am open to other things. Please note that english is not my native language.