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Useful Sound Nr. 21: Business Podcasting, Google and nofollow me ... | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Useful Sound Nr. 21: Business Podcasting, Google and nofollow me ...

23.01.2005 - 17:01 / filled under podcast

Today is about corporate blog/podcasting, my affection for google and my thoughts on the nonofollow initiative. The Song played at the beginning and at the end is Hiding from Future Shock! Go buy it! :)

31:20 min, 18,3 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • Useful Sounds for Sunday Jan 23rd - it's snowing and I'm an idiot (new ways to screw up your recording ...)

  • screwing up part II: deleting podcasts while trying to sync between different machines and mp3-players

  • exciting news and thoughts on business podcasting:

    • Napodeon's entry about a possible client

    • Jeremy Wright searching for "dead sexy male voice"

    • smart podcast with intelligent content will make business and the fan based modell will work also (see Sledheadradio, produced by Kris)

    • spend 2.000 euro on a two day training or spend this on good podcasts about technology, management and other things?

  • why I don't like audio books

  • why my production time is well spent money

  • how to not promote you band online (will make a podcast with Thomas about that topic)

  • the internet is business - and google understands

  • what google has done for validation on the web

  • Google is for text searches, Altavista is for sound searches

  • why Ultrabar is phoning home crap: it tries to force me to use Yahoo Search (btw: one reason to dislike yahoo search is because of their tracking every url

  • as google fan I read Philipp's Blogoscoped (somebody please help him on his audio setting?)

  • Blog Names Top 10
    and you tell us we do a lot meta? [Note: while editing the notes I see it is about blog names, not the text - but still]

  • Nofollow was all over the web - now there is the nonofollow initiative

    I probably won't use it as standard for my comment parts, because it does not solve the problem itself. But I will use it on some links for my own page. I go through the 12 points and give my comments on them.

    You will find a comment about how to make a blogentry page from my personal point of view.

    The best thing about the Nofollow-Initiative? There is a way companies can work together and make in impact.

  • What do you think about me interviewing / talking to people?

  • If you like me, you will link to me - not vote for me on podcastalley ;o) But remember podcastalley is a great ressource to start and look out for new podcasts. If you like to link to me, no need to ask, I will find it ;)

  • I love podcasting bloggers and how curious they are

  • Dragon page interviews Wil Wheation. I want an audio book of Whil Weaton's Just a geek!

  • People I will / would like to talk to on a podcast:

    • Philipp from blogoscoped (if he gets his audio fixed)

    • Mick suggested Marc Orchant for talking to about tablet pc but I am kind of shy ... plus have to wait for the interview on G'dayworld to figure out how this name is pronounced ;o)

    • Mousepod man - how one can be so crazy about Disney [great thing is: I have a new podcast from him waiting for me after doing this!]

    • Matt Zur from the MothaB show - your guide on how to get smart woman ;o)

    • I will talk on Sammelstelle about promoting band on the internet with Thomas from Sammelstelle. The show is about music from germany but will include in that episode advise from germany.

    • I would like to be again on Croncast - if Kris gets his equipment back online in the basement

Love to hear from you - leave a comment! :o)

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    comments (10) :

  1. Actually, you did already help me on my audio settings -- I download ed your suggested Audacity, and learned how to use the filters (remove noise, and normalize)... the result is quite OK:
    What do you think?
    Philipp Lenssen 23.01.2005 - 22:25
  2. You made me aware of an error in my post, because I accidentally omitted a word. The "Blog Names Top 10" post you quoted was actually about the most popular words in *blog titles* -- so naturally, words like "weblog" or "blog" appear often. So, instead of ...
    "Elliot Back releases a list of words most used in blogs:"
    ... it should have read ...
    "Elliot Back releases a list of words most used in blogs titles:"
    Philipp Lenssen 23.01.2005 - 22:59
  3. Jup, noticed that problem when doing the show notes but did not want to rerecord that segment ;o)

    Aaah much better to listen to. The underwater sound is less if you don't use noise reduction on a high level (for example -30db) but less (like -10bd)!

    But your skype sound probably still sucks. ;)
    Nicole Simon 23.01.2005 - 23:15
  4. You say you can have only one "rel"-attribute, which is true, but you forget you can have multiple values within a single "rel" (separated by spaces).
    rel="nofollow glossary something"
    is valid HTML and works as intended. Same is true if you e.g. want to include multiple classes for CSS -- just divide single class names for one element by spaces.
    Philipp Lenssen 23.01.2005 - 23:17
  5. I switched back and forth with noise reduction, actually if I use less than I did, it will slowly kill my voice too...
    Philipp Lenssen 23.01.2005 - 23:18
  6. Err, I can see my HTML sample of multiple rel-attribute-values above got cut. Well, you can imagine what I meant.
    Philipp Lenssen 23.01.2005 - 23:19
  7. Restored it a little bit. :)
    Nicole Simon 23.01.2005 - 23:22
  8. I'm looking for male OR female voices, actually :)
    Jeremy C. Wright 24.01.2005 - 00:28
  9. Hm. You're right. But as you said ... "but haven’t yet found a way to get into it (from a production standpoint)?" falling out on that one ;)
    Nicole Simon 24.01.2005 - 00:35
  10. Aw... don't be shy ;^) Get in touch and we'll discuss a chat about Tablet PCs. And it's prounounced just like it's spelled (or-chant - as in Tibetan monks).
    Marc Orchant 24.01.2005 - 20:15

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