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Would you like tasty voice with that? | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Would you like tasty voice with that?

21.01.2005 - 02:22 / filled under default

Reading Cameron's experience, I immediatly knew what he meant:

I did one of those things where I pulled my car into my driveway and then SAT THERE like an idiot for another 20 minutes, not wanting to even pause the talk to walk inside 'cuz I was so in the groove of what he was saying.
There is something 'clicking' in such moments for people who like podcasting. But - I don't cherish podcasting. I don't even like the music podcasts that much.

It's the voices. My senses are getting excited, my perception is tuned into this 'food for thought - would you like a tasty voice with that?'. Yes, there is crap (both in voice and content) out there, but so many of them are so full of different influences for brain and entertainment. There is something which makes 'the fans' glowing and enthusiastic - and sometimes even sit in their car and listen to it.

And there are others, who do not 'get it' meaning: this is not what get's them excited. They don't understand why one would kind of bath in this experience. From my point of view it is the same with people getting excited at blogs or not. On games or not. At hobbies or not.

Everybody is different and has a different approach what works best for his or her perception. Okay with me. But don't fight this because it is not your cup of tea - let me have my latte.

If I look back in my (school) life, I have always *always* learnt through talking to other people = with sound involved. Much faster, sunk in so much deeper. And I always was jealous of the people who could learn out of a book. Yes I can also. But they do in one tenth of the time I need. [Thank god, the german school system honors oral / written participation 60% / 40%.]

On the other hand, I never have had problems to cope with the amount of my blogs or other readings - but that is about chrunching information and making connections in between - not about learning the facts. Kind of meta learning. Yes, I am the woman you can talk to about how to optimize your website for a searchenginge because it is fun to connect the informations. That is something which 'clicks' with me too.

But sound it is. I *love* talking on the phone with people, in some way even more than face to face - because the sound of a voice clicks. Get's me hooked. (Yes, I dig male voices too but I am very picky.) Not because of the chatting but because of having intelligent conversations with someone with a pleasant voice. You could give me a super super intersting person with a topic I would die for to talk about. Voice not pleasent to my ear? Sorry. No way I can enjoy the conversation.

But as I said, I'm picky. Good or even great voice but nothing behind it, neither intelligence or fun? No fun either. Arrogant? No, just honest.

As Cameron wrote they get in touch with so many interesting people and they get connected. Both of them where smart guys before - but a special ingredient was added to the audience which only where reading them before. The sound of voices talking to each other and enrichening the conversation this way - and now it makes so much more fun.

For some people. I am one of them. I'm feeling like a kid in the candy store.

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