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Useful Sound Nr. 20 is there :o) | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Useful Sound Nr. 20 is there :o)

19.01.2005 - 02:44 / filled under podcast

[Wondering why there where some requests for a show for Jan 19th - until I figured that I made the link in the blogpost wrong *arg* sorry corrected]

24:19 min, 14,2 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • A kind of request from Philipp : A podcast without meta? noooo ;o)

  • some topics in my podcasts will defenetly be google, language and meaning of words, blogs etc.

  • please Cam, no more Elvis ;)

  • thanks for all the mails for my birthday! (I have still to do the answers)

  • Ben: it's a Tungsten T! (one of the guys who tries to learn german)

  • Kris, it is Pflaster = band aid

  • Croncast in the Morning, G'dayworld later that morning - and if your interested, read How to have a great birthday

  • How to talk about references to you - without having it to be all about me myself and my?

  • mobile soundcatching possible with new gadget

  • the reason why you don't have my recording from sunday morning:
    Eric Rice helped me with my Tascam and also through his thoughs on the podosphere made me realize that my recording was not fun enough. Hope talking to him again, was really fun and exciting.

  • The second german blogged book tour (for "Kauf! Mich! Jetzt!") will be my occupation tomorow: this time with audio! Recorded an hour with Bernd Röthlingshöfer on Skype which will be published in slices as a podcast on ideengeberin.de on Jan 20th.

  • great quote from him: "you mean like radio in your letterbox?", additional to that Ross Rader:
    Podcasting is a method of subscription.
    A Broadcast is a method of distribution.

  • Interviewing other people is fun, wanna do more of that!

  • New Podcasts for you:
  • I like Frank Sinatra, yes. Radio Brothers played 99 Luftballons

  • Sam, the Skype box and my files for it: Some soundfiles for SAM, the skype answering machine
Have fun with it.

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    comments (5) :

  1. I got a shock when I heard my name!


    I enjoyed today's show.
    Ben Dummett 19.01.2005 - 07:49
  2. Yeah, that happens if you write blogcomments ;o)
    Nicole Simon 19.01.2005 - 09:44
  3. Looking forward to hear your podcast later on, and yes, please *do* mention Google!
    Philipp Lenssen 19.01.2005 - 11:08
  4. I guess I will be writing more comments!


    p.s. Re: Your comment on the G’Day World Podcast Blog - its spelt ‘Kangaroo’. (-:

    I posted a nice picture of one (Although I think the one in the photo may be a wallaby, which is a type of Kangaroo I guess) on my blog. See it here: http://bensblab.blogspot.com/2005/01/sle..
    Ben Dummett 19.01.2005 - 15:58
  5. Hi Nicole,
    Something that you didn't mention in your show notes was your intent to divorce yourself from negative influences and focus on people who bring you gifts of good energy. You said you were taking "hard steps" in this direction, which was (unintentionally?) poetic. Your declaration really struck me for some reason. Good for you! I shall go and do likewise.

    Caleb from Florida
    Caleb 20.01.2005 - 06:32

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