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How to have a great birthday. | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

How to have a great birthday.

14.01.2005 - 02:04 / filled under default

This was really a great birthday for me. :)

First of all, having a week off when you have birthday is a great idea. (Note to self: Teach mum and aunt not to call at 9 in the morning but midnight - and if you went to bed at three in the morning and have to do another recording at eleven, turn off the phone.)

Second, this was the day with the most podcast / radio related time of my life for a day.

Radio as in I have a radio show in our local community radio once a month, topics internet and computer together with two guys. I had to edit the prerecording but left it for today to work on it - only to find that the wav was broken. I drove to the radio station, only to run into more problems - so after three prerecorded shows Torsten and I did our first live show. :o)

Podcast as in talking to Kris from Croncast in the early morning (before sleeping, having nightmares about Pflaster after that) and Mick and Cam from G'dayworld (early morning after sleeping). All three of them sang a little happy birthday for me (cute) plus all the nice emails and greetings from everwhere this feels like a fantastic birthday to me. :o) Being busy all day I hope to catch up with the mails tomorow.

The croncast is already up if you like to listen to it ; Kris and I talk about men writing diaries and people sharing the same hobby, be it fishing or podcasting.

Skyping at 11:00 am european time seems to be a problem, if I am ever to do such an interview again, it has to be earlier. This was supposed to be more fun, but it did not go so well as the connection was breaking up so many times, I got out of 'flow', many things I would have like to talked about where not possible to talk about.

I *really* hope that Mick can cut it down to an entertaining podcast for the listeners to enjoy. I was kind of sad after both talks but the croncast turned out to be really nice, perhaps there is a chance if Mick does some magic. :) But the outcome of this is the part for your amusement - I already had my fun and got something better out of it.

I was very excited to talk to all three of them and had great fun. I will continue talking with Kris (perhaps even doing a podcast again) and hopefully there is a chance to talk again to the famous australien podcasters Mick Stanic and .... [Mr. R., you also need to experience being cut out ;o)]. Plus: I have the scoble podcast as birthday present - HA! No I won't share it, that's mine mine mine!. :)

To me, these persons are symbolic: they are people I never would have met but can now, because of the internet and it ways of communicating. Mailing, chatting and phoning with such people adds energy to me. I want more of that. Exchange views, opinions, ideas and talk, argue, laugh plus learn - all at the same time . There are just so few of those interesting, intelligent and energizing people around me, but the worlds holds plenty of them.

But to be able to do so I need to improve my english. (People which have been listening to me for the last days probably can't bear to hear it anymore, but there might be three people left still interested.)

I would like to give you an example. If I do now speak about this, I say:

I tend to write / speak a simple english but doing podcasts now I would like to do better. Yes I know I do okay.
Of course, this is correct english and everybody does understand this. From the viewpoint of a single language speaking person and regarding the way I talk, this might sound like fishing for compliments, but it isn't. If this was german I would speak / write differently - and I had to switch back to 'thinking german' and then had to translate to express what I would really like to say:
While I have been writing a simplistic english over the last years (even having a "I don't like english" phase), there was never a real need to improve. Neither do I have the chance to speak english at work, nor do I use it in private.

There have been a few messages a day in mailinglists (the last year a bit more with blog comments) for the writing part, but before my first podcast I have spoken perhaps 10 times with maybe a total duration of 3 hours for the last 13 years. As said before, there was no need to improve or really the chance for it.

Writing does not klick with me as audio does and I absolutly hate using a dictionary or learn vocabulary. But now there is a sudden yearning to share my opinions, emotions, knowledge and especially my imagination; voice and eyes filled with sparkling energy transfered in words and voice - just who I am.
You may see now why 'this is nice, no problem with you speaking funny, keep your accent, I understand you' just does not do it for me. I'm out of my natural language I have learned for all of my life (and still am learning) and I will never achieve the same level, but I can work on that.

And this is why it is a great gift from those three guys (even though they don't know about it and could be someone else - but they did and it is them and not somebody else): each of them in his own special way is part of a world full of unknown treasures and secrets, a bit of it share to us through their podcast and blogs.

And while catching a glimpse of that - for the first time since I started english 24 years ago I really want to expand my possibilities to explore my world. Thank you.

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