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This year already sucks. | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

This year already sucks.

07.01.2005 - 00:48 / filled under podcast

21:27, 12 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • the year is 6 days old - and it still sucks!

  • have to have my vacation next week because I want to make my interview on Croncast

  • little reminder: 13.01. - my birthday! :)

  • in opposite to Adam it is "brain say yes, body says hm"

  • my beloved blogsoftware Pivot needs some time from me

  • cool podcast on Gdayworld with Doc Searls (not worksafe! some aussie bottoms to see there!)

  • Dan Class promised a new podcast long ago - said he is on an audition. (hm. will it help to tell him that I am a brunette too?)

  • there are clients out there which don't like .php (which?), so this needs more research too *sigh*

  • Shane Robinson - like him! Likes same date format as I do! And you should do so too or I won't like you (cookies might bribe me instead.)

  • Pronounciation is not easy: Kris Smith's podcast rediscovered - thanks to this episode of Shane!.

  • How can we make it easier for first time listener to get the 'automatic downloading at your convinience' bit

  • Do you know any ressources for selling music online? This information I already got from Jake Ludington:
    There are two ways to approach selling music online as an independent.

    Go it alone and use a service like BitPass or Payloadz to deliver the electronic files. Paypal can be used as the payment mechanism in both cases, so there's no barrier to entry.


    Or use Web savvy labels like:

    Digital Musicworks

  • Very interesting information from Jason from Insomnia Radio:
    You can do what I did, and appy for a Garageband.com radio partner license (free, and easy) which licenses you to play ANY song from garageband.com

    So far my show Insomnia Radio, and Indiefeed and The Bob adn A.J are radio partners there, andit's pretty cool.

    Go here: http://www.garageband.com/htdb/companyinfo/partners.html

  • Any good speech training tutorials online?!

  • Leaving you with a tip: A good blog to read if you like to get a better, more energizing career, go read "The Occupational Adventure" and download his free new ebook
    "The Five Fundamentals of Occupational Adventure - Pursuing Your Passion, Achieving Your Dream". I have it on dead tree now and will read it when go to bed.

    (Even if this sounded kind of creepy like selling, Curt has very good, serious articles on topic.

  • Please send some luck! ;o(
Wish you all a nice weekend!

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  1. 13.1 hast du geburtstag? luschtig, mein bruder auch.
    Possibility for bands getting famous in germany:
    and, of course, http://www.sammelstelle.net

    thomas 07.01.2005 - 12:01
  2. Enjoying your podcast a great deal; just thought I'd offer to trade you some luck in exchange for some of that heat you mentioned. It was -12C here yesterday...

    The Whole Truth
    Random 07.01.2005 - 17:35
  3. 2005 will not suck for you! Sending all the luck I can your way. You are an inspiration to me and my podcasting. May it all be better soon!
    David Johnson 07.01.2005 - 18:35
  4. Hello from Florida! Where you can have some of our warm weather, please take as much as you like! I've been enjoying your podcast for a while now (as well as Shane's and Kris & Betsy's), and I've started one of my own. Come give a listen, links from

    Don't worry, it uses the correct time format :) Best of luck for the new year,

    -- Shig
    Shig 11.01.2005 - 17:20
  5. Hi, you're saying that people wanting you to listen to their PODcasts must add the date of creation of the PODcast into its file's name.
    For your information, the right place for a date of creation is where it already is, in the file's metadata, not in the file's name.
    Either your don't take advantage of your file reader (OS or portable device) or your file reader doesn't display that metadata.
    That's why having the date in the file's name is easier for you.
    Such palliative measure is not smart at long term.
    Asking what you ask is silly and rejecting people for that reason is a mistake.
    BobbyMasteria 13.01.2005 - 18:46
  6. @shig I don't like beer but looking forward to the new podcasts ;o)

    @bobby if everything is in metadata, why do we have filenames at all ? besides, it isn't a mistake, the reaction to a question like this is a *perfect* way to recognize if I would be interested in listening to or reading from you. As we can see - works fine.
    Nicole Simon 14.01.2005 - 02:24
  7. Filenames are part of metadata, that's why we have them.
    Filenames have been chose to identify files in folders so that we can "materialize" and list files.

    You're saying that asking what you ask is not a mistake because it allows you to identity people who disagree with you.
    Thus making your life easier gets secondary.
    People got first to agree with you, then and only then, something might happen.

    Show us in your next comment how open-minded you are.
    BobbyMasteria 14.01.2005 - 18:12
  8. So showing to be open minded means I should bow to every opinion? I don't think so.

    btw: If metadata really would have this meaning, we would not have them at all but have the system using an internal key to distinguish them.
    Nicole Simon 15.01.2005 - 23:53
  9. Being open minded is not forcing people to agree with a personal choice, especially while breaking the rules.

    [quote]If metadata really would have this meaning[/quote]
    What meaning ?
    [quote]we would not have them at all but have the system using an internal key to distinguish them[/quote]
    So the system would distinguish inexistent metadata from data, that's it ?
    No idea what you meant but the system already distinguish them, for sure.

    BTW you even put the date in the data (by saying it while recording PODcasts) !
    BobbyMasteria 16.01.2005 - 04:26
  10. Oh I did not know I was able to 'force' things on people - great!

    Of course I say the date in my podcast (if I remember to do so). There are enough people out there who listen to podcast while being to busy to check with their players what this is before playing. And if you have two podcast downloaded and the 'wrong' = later one is playing first, there are people out there who appreciate such.

    Bobby, I have argued with people like you before and will take this to an end here - because I know that talks between people with your mindset and mine won't have a fruitfull conversation but just consume time spent better otherwise.

    For example with people who understood what me forcing them really meant. eot.
    Nicole Simon 16.01.2005 - 10:15
  11. Of course you can force things on people, you would be a daily victim otherwise.
    For example you force people wanting you to listen to their PODcasts to add the date of creation of the PODcast into its file's name.

    Rather than bothering "making it easier to use" you and people thinking like you should
    request the developers and engineers to make it easy for you (Apple is good at it).
    And I could join you in this request.

    The silly thing is that you deprive yourself of eventual interesting content.
    It's like not reading books with red covers because you don't like red color.
    BobbyMasteria 16.01.2005 - 16:27

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