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Useful Sounds podcast for 2004-11-16 | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Useful Sounds podcast for 2004-11-16

17.11.2004 - 03:32 / filled under podcast

(10:48 min, 2,5 MB)


Message from Valter. :o)

New Mailaddress for (audio-) comments: at gmail.com its usefulsounds or via my contact form

In case you do have an microphone I would like to invite you to just say your name and where you are from - I would really like that a) for my podcast and b) am doing a little documentation for my local miniradioshow about podcasting - and feedback from listeners in audio would be great.

Some words which sounded funny to me
  • paudience - heard in some podcasts
  • kinrowan from the House of the Hanged Man called himself frellin ggenius:
    It only took me 4 weeks of listening to podcasts every day in my car to discover the wonders of technology I already owned.

    When I finally woke up, I grabbed the portable CD player -> auto cassette player adapter that came with a cd player we bought 4 years ago, plugged it into my Lyra, and now I can listen to podcasts over my car stereo system.

  • Mary Hodder from napsterization
    Podolicious - I love the names that are coming up. Podio. The Poderati. iPodder.
  • Seeding Angel by Evil Genius
  • "Skype-isms" by Garth T Kidd
  • And as a little joke on the end:
    Why is it that at the end of your traffic budget is always so much month left?
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For downloads of the podcasts with ipodder etc. please start using bittorrent.xml instead of rss.xml, thanks.

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  1. Check this out: http://www.new-tech-products.com
    they have a lot of audio gadgets including the "iaudio g3" wich supports direct-encoding, FM-radio-recording, timer/alarm with mp3.
    Available with 256 MB as basic edition. Dunno what the price is..
    thomas 17.11.2004 - 11:50
  2. I just posted you a audiocomment!
    steffanie 17.11.2004 - 13:18
  3. Well, I tried listening to audio-books with the car adapter and an mp3-player. Sometimes it works but most of the time the thingy will constantly go into auto-reverse.
    What adaptrer do you use... or is there another way to prevent the casette adapter to auto-reverse all the time (it does it after half a second, so the texts get rather futuristic-dadaistic ;) ).

    And on another note: You 'go to bed message' also get people to have other ideas than *sleep*. ;)

    I think I have to get a decent headset and also try this casting and skyping stuff some day. Yup, "medium to late adopter" here ;)
    OliverG 20.11.2004 - 09:55
  4. Just started listening to your podcast. thank you for doing the podcast. Podcast are so much fun. Oh, I am from Manchester, New Hampshire in the USA
    Robert 22.11.2004 - 05:01
  5. Oliver I have a hama but had never what you describe.
    Plus in podcastterms of time - that will be 'user who tries it very late' *g*

    Robert: New Hampshire is great! ;)
    Nicole Simon 23.11.2004 - 04:47

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