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The first useful sounds podcast :o) | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

The first useful sounds podcast :o)

06.11.2004 - 01:37 / filled under podcast

Took longer than it should have been with editing - and I should have used the time to make my presentation for this morning, I am giving a little powerpoint seminar *arg*

But I wanted this thing out today after all this trouble making it. Now! And - tada - here it is, 27:27 min long:

(right-click and say 'save link as')

No, I did not 'make' the 27:27, it just happened. As written before, the intro is made out of Wataridori 2 by Cornelius from the Wired-Sampler. As far as I understand, this is what I can use this for, right?

Beeing a good girl, I also did an entry on ipodder.org (only category audio blog seemed to fit) and ipodderx directory, sent a promo to openpodcast.org
and will go check my feed - and perhaps get my first ping done to audio.weblogs.com!

Usable Links from this podcast:
# the famous text editor: Notetab from Eric Fookes
# Steffanie Müller: Deutsch für Anfänger
# Michael Butler: The Rock and Roll Geek Show

*hrmpf* okay that part with audio.weblogs.com did not go well, and no enclosure is showing on bloglines in this feed. Will debug that later.

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  1. "Good Night America, where ever you are!" Isn't it Jack Killian you're talking about? The police who became a radio host at the radiostation called KJCM? In English I think it's called "The Night Hawk". That was one of my favorite shows when I was younger! :-)

    Hey, I really like your first podcast! You have a very nice voice and you speak excellent English!

    Thank's for mentioning me and Deutsch für Anfänger! :-) I think podcasting is a very good way to practise your language speaking skills, even though it feels like speaking out in nowhere. When I listend to my podcasts afterwards I hear some of my own mistakes and I also get ideas on how I could have explained some things easier.

    In the coming podcasts I have invited a friend of mine to join me. We did a test the other day, discusing the new book of Judith Herman (in German of course) which was recently translated into Swedish. Unfortenately the microphone didn't catch both other voices very good so next time we will have to do a new setup.
    steffanie 07.11.2004 - 15:57
  2. If you are considering a business podcast, consider listening to Doug Welch's podcast about business human resource issues. Very cool.

    Your first podcast was great. Loved your voice - very sexy! Sorry.

    Will Simpson 08.11.2004 - 02:02

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