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Now that's a nice halloween costume! | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Now that's a nice halloween costume!

01.11.2004 - 10:05 / filled under default

I have seen a ipod-costume before but seeing this, it was only a try. Quoting engadget:

Yeah, this guy wins. Sure, anybody can put paint a cardboard box white and say they’re dressed up as an iPod, but he decided to take things to the next level and make an iPod costume that could actually play MP3s using a Tablet PC for the display and rewired a USB mouse for the scroll wheel controls. Nice, but if he was really punk he’d have dressed up as the new iPod Photo.
This is fun - but I just read, that the new itunes software disables upload from ipod back to the mac with a special software.

That's too bad, because I am just reconsidering perhaps buying one - and the fact that they try to disable that is not a good indicator. I would have liked it to be a syncing tool between my two pcs at home and at work but as with the sony md recorder (which I would have bought if not happening the same here: You can record on the md and not transfer it back to the pc via usb but have to play the md - as if). Sucks.

Btw does anyone know how I can save a .wav.pdb? My palm seems to be broken with it's sync. It does get energy and when connected via usb, the pc beeps to tell me "new hardware" but hotsync does not work. Of course, I recorded my first podcast (mobile podcast!) on it.

The transfer via sd card on my pc resultet in a .wav.pdb file but it does not play :o((

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