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Useful Sounds No. 038: New Orleans, London, Podcastcon UK | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Useful Sounds No. 038: New Orleans, London, Podcastcon UK

05.09.2005 - 02:10 / filled under podcast

Getting in the habbit of making less useful shownotes, but I really have to get to bed. ;(

25 min, 14.6 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

The important links:

Rick Segal gives a great idea on who you should vote for on your next election:
If I was in trouble from a 9/11 or Katrina situation, would this person care? Would they go bananas with making sure I and my fellow Americans were taken care of?
Prices of gas are too high?
0.264 gallon cost 1,59 dollar over here which would make the price of a gallon at about 4,92.

The only usable website for researching a was laterooms.com - I don't get it why not more pages are like that??

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

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  1. I don't know if this is the right place to comment, but this is about the September 5th podcast.

    The Katrina disaster has been a very sad and frustrating event. It is most frustrating in that every level of government failed to respond quickly and appropriately. There were plans in place, but they weren't followed. So many people in leadership positions were slow to act. Louisiana has always been notorious for having corrupt government, but I didn't realize that it was quite this bad.

    The people who have reacted quickly and generously are the individual citizens and private groups throughout the country. That, at least, is something hopeful. At least we can begin to fix problems ourselves when our leaders fail us.

    I heard that Germany's was the first goverment to offer help to the U.S. with this. Much thanks for that.
    Paul 10.09.2005 - 16:59

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