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Germans don't drool over tablets | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Germans don't drool over tablets

04.09.2005 - 18:42 / filled under default

Okay. I thought, I would pay partly the price for a tablet in exchange for people drooling over me and my new toy!

But I have to find out that in Germany, they don't. They don't even notice! ;(

The german word for this is "gemein!". :) But, that is only to tease you. I don't really mind, that I do *not* get the attentions other report about. It helps to feel just like some other people sitting around me.

But what is astonishing me: The amount of people sitting around me with a laptop in this cafe! Perhaps I should ask, if they also are using the free Wifi, which we get here. :)

Hm, I should ask them. And if they know podcasts. ;))

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  1. What a bummer. Believe me, I know what you're talking about! You could distract yourself by doing an (unscientific) survey of random people in Germany and a) see if they know about podcasts and b) guage their reaction which will undoubtedly range from 'are you totally nuts' to 'holy cow, that's the coolest thing since sliced bread'.
    Chris Ritke 04.09.2005 - 19:30
  2. As you know what I am talking about, you know, that probably 90% will go for "häh?" and not the second option. ;))))
    Nicole 04.09.2005 - 19:35
  3. Germans are funny people, they just don't want to share there feelings in front of everybody. They just want to be left alone. It's very hard to talk to someone you didn't get introduced to by someone else.
    So, they look at your toy and thing "Damn, I'd like to talk to her about her gadget, but if I do, she thinks I'm nuts!"
    Where as here (Ireland) they just start pressing buttons on "YOUR" laptop and annoy the s*** out of you with there stories about there life and how they can't operate the damn thing. Which is distracting you, because mostly there's a reason, when I get my laptop out and that is to do work.
    "What is podcasting?" Well, Germany isn't the only country that hasn't heard of it..... but here they heard of bogging, which is basically the same thing. But as usual, it depends on who your gonna ask
    Ralf 06.09.2005 - 04:57
  4. Touching my lil' tablet`? Okay, thanks for reminding me that I like admiration of that from far much better!

    Hm, I will have to see what the podcastcon brings in this regard, and I will have to get a sticker with "biting tablet" or something similar. ;)
    Nicole 06.09.2005 - 09:42
  5. This laser projected keyboard will get you some attention from any country

    Minh 08.09.2005 - 13:29

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