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Looking for an acceptable ho(s)tel in London | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Looking for an acceptable ho(s)tel in London

16.08.2005 - 01:09 / filled under default

So, dearest blogreaders, you can help me find a nice ho(s)tel around the venue for this nice event: PodcastCon UK - September 17, 2005

I am about to arrive Thursday and stay to Sunday. Depending on the price of the bed (and the fact that Ryanair costs more when returning Sunday), I might include Monday. The venue is between stations Oxford Circus and Tottenham, so anything near those lines is great.

I am also thinking about a not single room like in a 4 person dorm or so - I am very likely only to be there for sleeping and if they do have good lockers (do they?), and are clean and with showers, what would be against staying for example at the Picadilly hostel?

Btw: "1 Euro = 0,666464 Britische Pfund" can't you use Euro as every other decent european country? :))

Btw 2: Do I need different power plugs? *arg* I think I can start to use all of the questions for reboot :)

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  1. That London is a lot more expensive than any other place in Europe should be widely known. Problem is: because of that, there are places offered you wouldn´t even think about staying in Germany. I´ve spent some nights in a youth hostel in London. It is nowhere near the standard you´d expect from a german hostel. As in everything, you get what you pay for. Stick with the big chains and maybe spend a little more, if you don´t want to be greeted by roaches. Oh, and you´ll need an adaptor for your gadgets. They have the same voltage, but the british power outlets have a different plug. I bought mine on ebay, but MediaMarkt should stock those too.
    apunkt 16.08.2005 - 14:44
  2. I figured that much (not the roaches) but 'just opened up some months ago has a nice touch to it'. ;)
    Nicole 16.08.2005 - 14:52
  3. just in case my email ends up as spam
    Artikel-Nr.: 481247 - 49
    Ralf 22.08.2005 - 18:39
  4. Hi Nicole

    You could always try the new Easyjet capsule hotel: Easyhotel


    I have no idea what it's like, but it only costs 20 pounds a night (if you can put up with orange walls!)

    BTW: The UK electrical adaptor you'll be able to pick up in any airport

    BTW: I sent you (again) the other sushi my students did, but didn't hear from you. I suspect you didn't receive it? What can I do to get through your new fort knox firewall?
    Graham Stanley 25.08.2005 - 17:45

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