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Those tablet things ;o) | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Those tablet things ;o)

15.08.2005 - 10:21 / filled under default

Thanks to James and Marc for having me on their 20th show of the TabletPC show :) As for the 'überblogger' - that just means I have too many blogs, and you only linked two of several. ;))

As I know that this little cutie (at least I don't paint it pink ...) will lead to more blogpostings, I decided to bring them on cruel to be kind, so further postings on tablet will go there. :) Please give me feedback, if a seperate feed just for the tablet entries is needed, ctbk is not that high posting rate. :)

I have not heard it yet, but one thing to learn - again: Never use an untested system like a new headset, that one is sounding much better than my usual Skype headset but it is dead now. :( ... I hope, the other side has 'only' had Skype problems. :)

So, if you like, go continue reading on "Get advice directly from the gurus".

The list of the old postings tablet related here are:
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What is the most efficient way to get things fixed with a Tablet PC Windows XP edition?
Need a new name for my toy.
Useful Sounds No. 36: Crashes and my new Tablet Toy!

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  1. I heard the podcast with Marc and Jeff.

    I got a couple of tips for two of your usability issues.
    Both the weight and the buttons on the wrong side would seem to be eased by carrying the tablet with your left forearm underneath, the same (left) hand grasping the right (battery)side.

    Thus it is not a design flaw, rather it would seem intentional, as this is both the best and more secure way to carry a 3 plus pound tablet.

    This should both make it much easier to hold, while placing the buttons in the right place for a right handed person to access buttons with either hand as both end up on the right side of the tablet.

    And please you might go easy with the "Americans dont know anything about the rest of the world" stuff.

    I hope it wasnt meant that way but it sounded kind of condecending.
    Eric 15.08.2005 - 20:44
  2. Really enjoyed your appearance(s) on the Tablet PC show. Great stuff.
    Warner Crocker 16.08.2005 - 03:04
  3. Also, you may have seen this post before but it might help you with the Office 2000/2003 decision.

    Warner Crocker 16.08.2005 - 03:36
  4. The guys where right, the Tablet community really is nice. :o)

    Eric, that is a possibility of holding it, but in any way, when you have it on a table, it is different. While the switching order can be set to preference, the printing on the buttons can't be. It doesn't matter which way we want to hold it - I think we agree on that it can be held in different ways.

    So, why not make the buttons for it? If they would have been made for 1:1 reading when you are not in one of the two portrait modes, everything would be easy and okay. This way, they just feel 'wrong'. But I will test, if your described way of holding it is easier for me.

    As for the going easy - yes, you would have heard a very heavy sarcastic undertone with it if I would really strongly have meant it that way. But, if you like to call it that way, at least a bit of that is true. Many programms and many hardware are designed not 'openly' enough to work outside of the US culture and settings.

    Quick examples: A program which does not use the internal setting as default paper size but insists on using letter format and *not* being able to choose otherwise.

    Hardware is only produced to run on 110v. A friend of mine had bought an DVD player when she was over there for a longer time, unusable when she came back. We are not talking a cheap one here.

    It is not the big things, it is the little things which show many times, that there is someone not aware enought about an outside world with many, many customers.

    You would be astonished how many of the little things there are and how they sum up to a very big pile. But to answer your question in another way: Believe me, that there are a lot of ignorant people. I usually only deal with the other half. :))

    Warner: Thanks, put on my 'read when you will upgrade'. Other than you, I really don't have a big reason for upgrading, but now with inking I might. :)))
    Nicole Simon 16.08.2005 - 09:44

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