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Need a new name for my toy. | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Need a new name for my toy.

09.08.2005 - 17:52 / filled under default

It was supposed to arrive at the vendor at Wednesday, maybe shipped on that day, but probably more like Thursday, which would make it really possible to arrive at Friday but Saturday latest: My new toy, the tablet.

But today I receive a mail from the seller which supposedly sets me in shock and on fire at the same time:

Dear Ms. Simon, I am glad to tell you that your toy was shipped and will hopefully arrive at your place tomorow.
How the hell am I supposed to do any work today or sleep this night?!

Toy. Available. Tomorow. I'll probably stand up at 7 am (which is 2 hours before my usual time) and wait for the delivery man. Which will probably bring it it not at 8 am but somehow 10:30 or so.

Learn two german expressions:
Spielzeug = toy (the seller picked up on my expression of 'new toy! new toy!', something you usually would not expect in a formal mail notification.

*hibbel* erikativ from hibbelig, showing of the movement of waiting very, very impatiently for the new toy.

But, I need your help. (I wrote down the following yesterday, but made the fault of checking in the second life game - which led the computer to crash and take the text with it *grrrr*. see, that is why you need a second computer for things like this)

I need a name for my new toy! Of course it should be something meaningful, snarky, funny, possibly playing with mythologie and modern culture - you know the drill.

To give you a short expression, of what I have at the moment.
The computer at work is called Keksdose, cookie jar. I love chocolate and I like cookies.

The one at home is chocolate and cookie; it is called Noix. First, because it is a HP machine in black, second, because my aunt calls those machine big black boxed, third because there is a cookie I like called "Maison Delacre, chocolat noix" and finally: Because I love good, dark, chocolate.

My router is called Nemenisis - a mixture of Nemesis and Nisi, my general account name (neezee is just the spelling so you know how to pronounce it, by time now I like this spelling much more than nisi, but in general I prefer Nicole, thank you for asking. ;))

So, the new machine. The new cute, small, expensive toy. To give you some more information:
  • it is a tablet - in case you have not noticed till now

  • it is a 12,1" with 3 pounds of weight

  • it will be used as second machine - or at least that is what it is intended to be

  • will be connected with wireless most of the time

  • is supposed to be for notetaking

  • is partly a business machine for recording and possible mobile editing

So in general, a mobile working machine for hanging out in cool places and to support my consulting business and podcasting interests. :)

Got any suggestions for that lil' beauty? :))))

Additional problems: I will not have the wifi thing ready in time - which means I have a problem of having the weekend before me but not being able to play with it at the same time as doing work on my main computer :((

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  1. Hmm I thin I am gettin a bit jalous :-)

    I want one toooooo

    Please keep us posted Nicole

    Joost 09.08.2005 - 22:41
  2. You mean, like pictures? ;)
    Nicole 09.08.2005 - 22:43
  3. Hmm well I am so curious as to how it is working with it, pictures are OK too, have found some on the "net" and it looks great. Am trying to save money for a notebook/laptop myself. Will take me a long time though but I guess it is worth it. I am still not sure, should I go for a thinkpad or for a powerbook (apple) I really like OSX tiger from what I have seen. But I also am in love with tablets.

    Very hard to choose. So I am interested in your experiences uses the tablet with windows XP it.
    Joost 09.08.2005 - 23:10
  4. Dunno.. what were those pda-notebook-thingies in ST:TNG called? Did they even had a name?

    But it could be something Trek-related. After all, everytime I see one of these machines, I can hear the "make it so, No.1".

    Maybe you should call it Wesley. *runs away*
    apunkt 10.08.2005 - 09:57
  5. what about dog names.. like spot, rover, or fluffy. that way when it prrrrrs.. you know.

    anyway congratulations on the bouncing baby computer.
    bicyclemark 10.08.2005 - 16:44
  6. I am more of a cat person and more of a star wars fan ;))
    Nicole 10.08.2005 - 17:08
  7. Hmmm...a fellow SW fan...you could cal your new toy...

    The Death Star
    The Millenium Falcon (Falcon for short)
    The Force

    ...and after listening to your last podcast, WOW, are you ever thrilled about your new toy! *LOL* You are scary-nuts about this thing, aren't you? ;)
    Tee Morris 10.08.2005 - 17:15
  8. Just thought of this one...

    The Escape Pod (in case you use it for podcasting)
    Tee Morris 10.08.2005 - 17:16
  9. Felt like xmas, couldn't sleep and so. And it did not work at start, but now it is fixed. Yes. NEW TOY. NEW TOY! :)

    I am usually not that thrilled about things ;)

    In this case: One word, two/three sylables max I would say. :)
    Nicole 10.08.2005 - 17:22
  10. well have fun with it Nicole:-)
    Joost 10.08.2005 - 17:28
  11. well, my first self-assembled PC was named "Rapunzel", the next one "Punzelzwo" and now I'm sitting next to a big black mean-looking box that simply had to get a "gangsta" name: "Da Punz!"

    In the case of something one intends to take to bed and treat it like a cherished book, I'd probably got for something like "Dear Diary", or "Darling" ;-)
    JollyOrc 11.08.2005 - 19:50
  12. I think you should just call it Roger or Steve or Jimmy.
    American Copywriter 12.08.2005 - 17:16

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