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Useful Sounds No. 35: Itunes + Odeo // and new ways of communicating | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Useful Sounds No. 35: Itunes + Odeo // and new ways of communicating

12.07.2005 - 02:52 / filled under podcast

Too much warmth, too many books, of Itunes and Odeo, and of new kinds of communication - listen to Useful Sounds number 35! :)

29:32 min, 17.3 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

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  1. Fliegengitter = Screen
    ESPN is a sports only tv station
    (ok, that's enough of me being a smart ass)

    I'm not quite sure what you meant with the hot water - but it reminds me of a guy in Paris who was speaking with some Americans - somehow the conversation got a similar twist - it was really wild to listen to him say (with a beautiful French accent!) WELL OF COURSE WE HAVE RERIGERATORS AND MICROWAVES AND DISHWASHERS IN FRANCE... COME TO MY KITCHEN, I WILL SHOW YOU!

    (This comment is not very relevant, you did discuss a lot of very interesting and serious things - sorry)
    Chris Ritke 12.07.2005 - 10:08
  2. Just screen? Plus yes, this kind of comment like the guy in Paris it was ;))) Could you please be on standby next time i record? ;))

    [And your comment is as relevant as a more serious one:)]
    Nicole Simon 12.07.2005 - 11:34
  3. Back in Jersey, we called it mosquito netting, but then again, none of us spoke english at home.

    I do not say bye-bye at the end of my show :) I say.... seeya
    bicyclemark 12.07.2005 - 15:45
  4. Yes, that was the stupid thing i meant ;)))
    Nicole Simon 12.07.2005 - 15:46
  5. Sorry, Nicole...I was so busy planning for this event while recovering from Calgary and my Richmond signing, I did not bring anything to record with.

    Guess I'll have to be ready on Book 7's release! ;)
    Tee Morris 18.07.2005 - 20:53
    Nicole Simon 18.07.2005 - 20:58
  7. :^p
    Tee Morris 18.07.2005 - 21:24
  8. I thought the new iTunes was suboptimal also. But after many freezes/crashes and hours on the phone with Apple, we figured out the issue. It is so connective hungry, that it will barely work with a USB 2.0 (mine didn't work at all) and it barely works with Firewire. So it is a crummy implementation. And I still can't get my xml to work on iTunes! I went back to iPodder.

    Keep up the great sound!

    Randy Bachman 20.07.2005 - 04:51

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