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First reactions on the new Itunes | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

First reactions on the new Itunes

28.06.2005 - 23:34 / filled under default

While everybody else seems to be all glowing about this great easy piece of software, how good the implementation is, how no real podcast client will survive etc, I can tell you: crap.

The system is slow, very slow, I get a nonsense German ranking system (podcast is of course a local only thing, yeah right), it mingles itself with its store, it is a pain in the neck to get up to date with their 'special' tags and so on. Oh and in Itunes, you can only do one thing at a time.

Besides, Itunes takes my podcasts and
- change the title according to the rss title of the entry
- change the directory to something from the feed title instead of the album tag
- change the filename to something mingled from that

Podcasting at it is supposed to be? Yeah right. And no, this is not about me getting cranky about apple stuff.

Odeo is also far from perfect, but against Itunes, this is a sweet, working system. I can claim my feed, edit everything, they don't mix up my stuff and have a clean web based interface. I can't wait to see what Microsoft makes with his podcasting team.

And for all of the podfetching clients out there - be asured, there will be lots of people using your software once they got sick of how itunes handles this whole podcasting thing.

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  1. I thought it was a bit stingy to allow us to only do one thing at a time as well. And as for the feed tags--I am forced to wait until Feedburner come up with changes. . . .Why couldn't they have just grabed everything they needed from the id3 tags? But, it's early days yet. I am sure they just threw something into the void to get things begun. Just like the way Apple seems to have grabbed a mis-mosh of podcasts and crammed them all in wherever they seemed to fit. I found many that weren't in the correct category, or didn't even work--including a Podfather exclusive! Seems like I saw quite a few blog posts as podcast tracks as well. I can only say they should have consulted you as well. . . ;-}
    Podchef 29.06.2005 - 01:05
  2. N, you make some REALLY good points. I feel like a tool now for writing a glowing review. But then, I'm a pretty happy customer with iTunes. I only drop in on it occassionally to play music or briefly manage it. Never taken the time to properly fix problems, make tons of smart playlists, etc. But I totally see your angle. Apple's non-adherence to standards can be a bit Microsoftian at times, n'est pas?
    Now I'm going to go and try Odeo!
    Victor Agreda, Jr. 29.06.2005 - 06:17
  3. Podchef, that would bear the basic mutual liking. A fact why I don't like all Mac stuff is because they manage to screw up in so many things. ;)

    Victor, no, that is okay. If *you* get along perfect with this thing , that is great - for you. I on the other hand will go on recommend usable software from my point of view. ;))
    Nicole Simon 29.06.2005 - 10:04
  4. The worst thing about the new iTunes 4.9 so far I've seen is that you can't include Podcasts in Smart Playlists, nor does there seem to be any other way you can play through all your podcasts (you can't just hit play against the 'podcasts category'). For me, that means back to iPodder till they get that fixed, so I can use my 'Recently Added' playlist.

    Marks to Apple for trying, though.
    Phil Bowman 29.06.2005 - 12:18
  5. Having switched to Apple 100% two years ago, after having a foot in both worlds for over a year and 12 years of hard-core pee cee useage I am not so snowed by Apple to be blind to its faults. However, what makes the new iTunes so insulting is that they have been getting it so right for quite a while.
    I just investigated making an enhanced podcast--you know: bookmarkable, integral photos linked to specific times. . . . It's just a little beyond frustrating. Why Apple chose to use the Terminal to handle this feature without coming up with a user friendly interface is beyond me. It's one more nail in the coffin. I hope they have developers working overtime to fix the concept before it turns off more people than it turns on. I would love to have something to say about Odeo, but Chefs don't seem to have been invited to the Beta Party :(
    podchef 30.06.2005 - 03:07
  6. The german expression is "mit der heissen Nadel gestrickt" which is like make with a hot neadle just to get it out out out. To probably say "hei we got it before Microsoft!!" or even Yahoo.

    But to be honest - while the download figures are impressive compared to before, MS will make it better. Because they are connected to the podcasting community in so many leves - in Apple's case obvoius "only" Steve Jobs to Adam Curry ...

    We will see. :)
    Nicole Simon 30.06.2005 - 09:14
  7. To use an English expression--seems like Jobs was Currying favor. . . . (http://www.bartleby.com/59/4/curryfavor...) with some of the podsquad. . I mean podcasting community ;+}
    podchef 30.06.2005 - 18:33
  8. Just discovered your show through cc chapman. Really nice.

    It does sound like podcasters are really upset with iTunes with very legitimate issues. From a user perspective, though, Apple is closer than other podcatchers. On a Mac, iPodder is completely unstable and iPodderX, even after the 3.01a, was full of bugs. Apple, like Microsoft and others, releases stuff that isn't quite done, but it regularly fixes stuff...
    Bob 07.07.2005 - 15:47

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