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Why do musicians always just sell CDs? | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Why do musicians always just sell CDs?

19.05.2005 - 02:16 / filled under default

Dave was plugging Paul Melancon, the guy he was interviewing. If you have not heard it - the music is really good.

Visiting their website, I again have to bring up the question: Why the hell do I have to go buy a CD to 'give' money? I have to pay $8 extra to receive a physical CD, where only part of that money goes to the artist, which I would only take to my PC, make mp3 of it and then have no use any more for a CD.

I do have an internet connection which could handle that very fine, thank you. :) How about payloadz download? I happily write you an email or visiting a website, that this, my purchase, can be counted as a cd buy. And no, I don't like itunes.

But if the artists don't wants payloadz, ok with me, why not give me the possibility to use a honoration button? It would perhaps not be as much as I would pay on CD Baby, but I could leave some money there.

So artist, please do not only make your phyisical CDs available, but also give me, as your listener, different ways to support you. :)

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  1. See comix educator& Zotster Scott McCloud on micro-payments-- model for direct-from-the-musician downloads?
    Caleb 19.05.2005 - 07:39
  2. this is a debate in itself -
    i do not care about cds anymore: they are expensive, get broke, lost, and take too much space.
    I much prefer buying music online trough itune or bleep.com and having the music instantly on my ipod.

    But -
    dont try to argue about that with traditional music industry: even the smallest record store dont want to hear about you buying mp3s instead of buying from their store.

    The whole industry is in transition, many people have to loose, unless they (and we) find our way trough this transition so that we all win equally: me the buyer, the artists, promoter and distributors.
    m-c 19.05.2005 - 22:23
  3. Exactly, it is a transistion. And those shop owners, who don't start looking out for the new way of buying and selling, will soon have a problem. :)
    Nicole 20.05.2005 - 00:58
  4. well,
    they might be having a problem with me now... they think i - me being a podcaster and promoter of free music on the web - am the problem. When in fact, i just wanna help them face the truth about what's coming up next...
    m-c 20.05.2005 - 03:37

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