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Useful Sounds No. 32: The "I want your sushi" edition! | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Useful Sounds No. 32: The "I want your sushi" edition!

18.05.2005 - 02:05 / filled under podcast

Welcome to the latest podcast of mine :)

31 min, 19 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • Audio hardware and me - not working together :o(

  • blogpraxis for the blogstuff, and cruel to be kind for the business stuff - I need a chart (how to know you have more than enough blogs ...)!

  • the reboot pre conference podcast and my interview with Ben Hammersley (not up yet, and he wants beer!)

  • sushiradio.com - the delicious tidbit for your ear is up!
    Think like Schoolhouse Rock and you get what sushiradio should be about :o)
    And this is where you come in. :)

    Think about it - what do you know about history? And from what point of view? Who invented the telefone for examples? (If you don't know, different encyclopedieas around the world tend to have a very limited view on that.)
    Podcasting is a world wide phenomena - and you are part of it. Help us share such a vision (which should not be complicated, as I imagine, most of us have this kind of goal - we would like to share thoughts and engage in conversations) and get more people into podcasting.

    Here is our two initial suggestions / requests:
    - National Holiday (or perhaps you have local holidays too?)
    - What to know when I visit town / area.

    Goal of it (whether it runs on sushiradio or not) is to have short tidbits for listeners to enjoy and help them get the podcast bug. And learn stuff through it. Broaden their mind. Perhaps even get to know a bit of the local language?
    Want to make a sushi? Contact me and / or read the message on the Yahoo group.

  • My surprising 'adventures with Skype recording and my Iriver

  • Fun to be on a mailinglist with marketing people, and what they ask for

  • Commercial versus traditional podcast - it is not black and white, but grey

  • Podnova, interesting new service; see the button on the right on this blog :)

*lol* and it is Si-ri-us, not Sirus (heard to much of Mark Jeffrey's podiobook ...)

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  1. could you put up some show notes listing the equipment used re: recording skype? the info goes by kind of fast on the podcast. thanks.
    madame l. 24.05.2005 - 11:12
  2. Teachers and Content...

    I can recommend http://www.thewordnerds.org/. Und was ist am bestens uber diese PodCast? Der "Node Nerd" ist ein Deutsh Unterichter im Gymnasium...

    Hoffentlich, meine Grammatik ist nicht so schlect...
    Brad P. 26.05.2005 - 17:25

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