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Money does not corrupt the strong. | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Money does not corrupt the strong.

05.05.2005 - 12:45 / filled under default

mcdtracy did write on the yahoo mailinglist (still about the Adam Curry going serious thing)

Money doesn't have to corrupt a medium... It may try but the integrity of the artist is not for sale.
My answer: "Which means you need to be a strong person and not weakly falling for the money.

And you need to know, what your ethics and values are, and then stand up for them.

Surprise: Then money won't corrupt you. Then you are someone to be taken seriously and gain respect.

Otherwise, you will fall.

Maybe this is what this is all about? The recognition that one would not be strong enough to resist temptation and at the same time be pissed about the fact about that you won't be part of the cool kids?

'Podcasting' is everything you make out of it. There is always people giving orders - but the other side needs to take them."

Your opinions on that? I'd love your response on this.

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  1. Just remember one simple thing. Podshow isn't going to take away yours or any other podcasters microphone, internet, or computer. First it will be a valuable promotional tool to get new people interested in podcasing. Expanding the community is always a good thing. Second, it will create avenues of revenue for those who can connect to their target audience. Is it really such a bad thing for someone to invest in something that they totally believe in? Will one's integrity alway be compromise upon entering into such deals? I think it will be "enabling" those podcaster and not "disabling" them. I say give them a fair chance. Don't judge too quickly. You may be pleasantly surprised.
    stash 06.05.2005 - 07:45
  2. Oh don't get me wrong. I am not on that side. :o)
    Related article: http://useful-sounds.de/pivot/entry.php?..
    Nicole 06.05.2005 - 11:33
  3. i agree w/ your call to stop the whining...

    there is so much room in podcasting, room for every model - examples: self-funded to a limited # of listeners/friends/family, break even via donations from a moderate amount of listener/contributors, modest profit from ads/sponsors and finally a f/t business via paided subscribers (these are illustrative only - not all inclusive)...

    the only comment i'd make on podshow/sirius is: they have signed on to a walled garden model which has a huge debt load and is scaling very slowly, slower than podcasting has scaled in it's short life. they will not be able to podcast the shows that are carried on sirius (unless sirius allows promotional time-shifted shows only)...

    they have basically exited the podcasting movement by choice, their choice of course...
    mike dunn 07.05.2005 - 04:35
  4. I prefer to call it.. speaking my mind.. rather than whining. Podcasting is indeed a big world, but there is still the possiblity of creating an A-list... a group of podcasters who are seen as the "best" which we all know is a very subjective and worthless label. The problem is they could become dominant in terms of audience.. and the podcast audience is not limitless... and there is NO garuntee of "trickle down" listernership.

    Anywho.. whatever.. let them do what theyre going to do, and those of us who don't like it can do our own thing.. and maybe organize ourselves in a manner more in line with our goals.
    bicyclemark 07.05.2005 - 12:58
  5. I think it is silly for 'casters to squabble over a postage-stamp-sized territory when the whole world is underserved by podcasters. If I had any ambition I would learn Mandarin and Hindi and be a podcasting pioneer in Asia. But I can barely speak my mother tongue, so... Anyway, it would seem we are throwing coals at each other across the campfire when we should be facing out into the night and the stars.
    Caleb 16.05.2005 - 20:15

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