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Useful Sounds No. 31: Y360, openbc and reboot | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Useful Sounds No. 31: Y360, openbc and reboot

03.05.2005 - 00:29 / filled under podcast

In this podcast I give you some of my ideas about why I do like business thinking as an overall attitude.

As a summary / conclusion from my site on this blog, so people get the overall feeling from me: orkut is too slow, yahoo is too much just friends and family, linkedin has an awfull interface and openbc is missing the fun. For the moment, Yahoo 360 is still a bit of fun and openbc is quite usable - hope they will expand also to more international areas, as they are, for the moment, the most usable plattform for business contacts.

51 min, 30 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

(I could not post this earlier, because Dreamhost did take a full 24 hours before activating my account ...)
The show notes:

  • I mentioned it before - I don't see a problem with spending time online

  • What is Yahoo 360?

  • The mentioned pages: My blog with my blast, Top page (stupid name), and the friendlist - probably the most liked feature from me.

    Downside: you need to be my friend to write something as a testemonial - you cannot even be adding a comment as 'not connected person'

  • To look deeper into Yahoo 360, you will need an invitation - feel free to contact me about it.

  • If you like to test out openbc, take this link for a free month of premium membership (continues on free basic member after that)

  • One more business related thing on my list: The cubicle espape podcast

  • My new blog: blogpraxis.de

  • And a reason why one would want a social networking plattform I'm going to reboot :o)
  • Forgot TV and stick with audio

  • The language problem in Europe

Music as usual provided by Future Shock - go buy their CD, the song is great! :)

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  1. I enjoyed this podcast. I was wondering when there would be a new one :) I think Yahoo is going after a somewhat specific market. Kids ( under 25 ) and other people who are doing this stuff for the first time.... Not necessarily in the beta product, but when they do the big roll out to all their My Yahoo folks. I don't think they are focusing on business people at all. I think it is a totally untapped marketplace. I've seen a couple things, but not much good in that space. I will give your suggestion of openbc a look....
    Thanks again.... JIM
    JIM 04.05.2005 - 03:40
  2. Nicole:

    We enjoyed this podcast. Indeed, useful sounds. As you can imagine, understanding the way people choose to communicate is kind of a super enormous big deal to those of us in the mass communication business.

    Plus, you're just cool.

    American Copywriter 04.05.2005 - 06:08
  3. Sorry for all the missing comments - I had been testing a homemade script - should never do that again ... :(
    Nicole 05.05.2005 - 20:53
  4. Very interesting and though provoking, indeed. Made me think of what i want in social software. I think one thing i don't want is to have some of my friends and-or business acquaintances split between 360 and friendster and foaf and okrit or whatever. It is one social world and we don't need domains and different formats and protocols fragmenting it for somebody else's business objectives. The other thing that occurred to me was something that i read in a blog the other day ... "why social software fails?" ... and the conclusion was that we are about the things and processes in our environment, we interact with those and not just with other people ... people are just one of the kind of things in our network. So that a system like del.icio.us and Flickr which connects people by virtue of the things that they are interested in, works far better for social software than something that is so specifically designed to be be just about people. Also why rely on the producers of social software to structure the kind of info and meta data that is to be collected and distributed about people? Why not use folksonomy ... let people tag themselves and their associates? Hmm perhaps u can tell that i have been listening to you ... why ? .. because of the way I'm writing like you are talking ... chuckle ... In any case, thanks for your though provoking podcast !
    Seth Russell 05.05.2005 - 21:22
  5. I'm still struggeling how to deal with all of these services - and not because I am overwhelmed or can't handle them. It is more like the reason why to stay in there for longer.

    But over the last weeks, I do get more and more of the feeling - we are not the target group. The target group are millions of IM using teenagers (or older) who don't care about what we think of it, but just use it as they see fit - and they love it.

    And don't care if there is something better. I see tons of people using message boards where they can post cute pictures - I usually find them when going through my logfiles for thievery.

    Suddenly, it is 'them' versus me again, 'them' being insiders, ane me being outsider - even though they don't really know what they do there. Hm, hm, hm.

    And then, how are we supposed to be evolving if, as it seems to be for many people, the current tools are 'good enough'?
    Nicole 18.05.2005 - 03:54

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