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Will the whining please stop? | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Will the whining please stop?

02.05.2005 - 22:09 / filled under default

The podcaster mailinglist on yahoo just went balistic over the announcements of Adam Curry and his strategy cast.

To quote some
"Podcasting succeeds when, and only when, it departs from traditional radio models"

"I thought the whole idea was that we didn't need radio. "

I'll take this one as a reference. We still don't need radio - but what is in the way of using it?

Why does this always sound like a rabbit in front of a snake?!

I am doing a little radio show in community radio here in Lübeck and have recently held a seminar about podcasting, to get them into it.

I will receive some radiostuff from them which we will air via podcast. I am also looking on some of my favorite podcasts if they would be suitable for being played on the local radio station, because there is a lack of english programm.

But do I _need_ radio for this? No. It is additional.

And who the hell set the rumor into the world that you either can be with Adam Curry or not podcasting at all? It can be either his way or nothing?!

Look at thepodcastnetwork.com - they have a download of a show about every minute. Each day. And they don't rely on AC grace.

Can we please set up a poll where people from this list can vote:
"I was never played on AC and still have more than 3 listeners?"

Whatever a person does, has no effect on what I can do, especially not in this time and age - with all of the possibilities lying ahead of us..

And can please the whining stop about 'buhu I do have no listeners!!!'

There are enough websites out there, where you can insert your podcast.
Prepare your text about your podcast and identify likely places which will be intersted in your topic.

There are enough podcast already out there - it is quite unlikly that there is no podcast which has the same topic as you have. Sent them a nice made promo - nice, not "me myself and I!!!!" stuff.

Make the promo available at your website. Give people an impression on what they can expect from your podcast.

Announce your podcast in places which could be your listeners. Provide help in how to listen to your stuff.

This is not magic only Adam Curry can do - this is basic marketing 101.

Oh and if you want to stay in the corner saying 'I don't want marketing crap' - stop complaining that you still want the love.

If you want a cake, you will need to make it, buy it or get someone else to give it to you.

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  1. Guilty as charged! I was blathering on about this on my blog this morning: http://podchef.motime.com/post/449161
    Mainly about the crassness of it all, but also because we DSC listners are lulled into a sense that if only the ADAM will play our promo we will be flooded with listeners. You are right of course! Basic marketing rules apply. I've made my own way and been mentioned on a few other podcasts and I have reasonable download stats all on my own--36 per Gastrocast average, but the last one (#5) recieved over 100 downloads. Reading the Feedburner stat-counter doesn't give one an accurate picture, nor does feedback: I never get any (boo hoo ;-p ) The thing to ask is why do we do this thing called the podcast? For me it is to try and do what I do but in a different forum--hoping it will help me hone how I do things otherwise. It is also a smidge for recognition. I think the latest uproar over the AC "Strategy Cast" is all about the blatant commercialist direction Adam is taking. If he is the Pied Piper leading the masses--with his money, power and influence--than how can we poor, powerless, underlings hope to compete and make our way in a medium which by rights should be our very own? It's no longer Radio Free Europe--It's "radio" free world. And everyone should have a chance to play, and not just the AC/DSC way. Socialism, not feudalism.
    podchef 02.05.2005 - 23:58
  2. Please tell me who stops you from doing what you are doing?

    Does Adam himself cut off your bandwith? Does he chase away listeners from you?

    Have you only been doing things for him until now?

    Are you enslaved to follow everything those people do or tell you about?

    I don't think so. :)
    Nicole 03.05.2005 - 00:06
  3. Well you certainly have said some things that needed to be said :) I think Radio will absorb podcasting and extend it. In the end, Radio needs podcasting more than podcasting needs Radio. They will go hand in hand, augmenting each other.
    Seth Russell 03.05.2005 - 00:40
  4. Radio is just one way of distributing content.

    I have not listened to any radio for a long time - perhaps occassionally in the last decade. I have been listening to podcasts in the last six months, sometimes several hours a day.

    Which is probably more radio like content I have heard in my whole life.

    And nothing of this will stop or change just because a guy with hair does go on satelite ...
    Nicole 03.05.2005 - 00:56
  5. Well i listen to radio in my car, i listen to podcasts in my car. I'd listen to more podcasts if they appeared in my car more atuomatically. I'm just saying that in the long run, these two disparate media will tend to merge. Perhaps podcast enthuiasts don't want to think of it that way ... but if u think of it that way, you might see that i'm right. Sure we don't need no stinkin transmitters, but audio content is audio content is audio content and listening habits are listening habits are listening habits .. just like a rose is a rose is a rose ...
    Seth Russell 03.05.2005 - 01:08
  6. But if podcasts would be distributed on demand through a radio receiver - would this be radio or podcast? :)
    Nicole 03.05.2005 - 01:16
  7. Radio-podcasting, podcasting-radio, who cares is right.

    Just make the best content you can.
    TDavid 06.05.2005 - 05:54

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