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Dave Slusher seems to have a weak heart ... | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Dave Slusher seems to have a weak heart ...

23.04.2005 - 12:02 / filled under default

Or feels really tempted .... Why else would he ask this? ;o)

It makes me feel dirty to even see yet this sight is unavoidable. Ladies, pull up those pants please and help an aging middle-aged man.
I am not sure, they would like to be addressed as "Lady's" - this might get them to wear even less ;)

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  1. Nicole,

    You don't have to know me too well to know that I am fascinated with, enamored of and entirely consumed with thoughts of women. For 30 years, they are the majority of what I think about and what I care about.

    I'm entirely in favor of seeing the skin of women in a fun and healthy and open way. I just don't want to feel like a scumbag voyeur for seeing these flashes of ass everywhere I look (which nowadays is EVERYWHERE around here.) It's tacky, and worst of all, not enjoyable.

    Temptation is not an issue. I have no interest in these party girls with their butts hanging out. There is only a few hairs difference between seeing them and watching the plumber fix my sink.

    Dave 23.04.2005 - 17:33
  2. Sorry to hear you are living in such a place. ;(

    Which leaves me with the question - who gives those girls the idea, this would be fun? I am a bit surprised if you say everywhere.
    Nicole 23.04.2005 - 18:53
  3. I hate to say this, but Dave is not exaggerating. There is a certain age group of young women in America who seem to be patterning their mode of dress after pop stars such as Britney Spears, etc. The problem is that they seem to lack judgement as to when such outfits might be inappropriate. Last October, I attended a wedding reception where a young girl was dressed just like this-- now dressing like that in a club is one thing, but dressing to get attention like that at a special event that is supposed to be focused on the married couple just comes across as tacky. And don't even get me started on the signals (intended or not) that these young women are sending out about themselves to society.
    jonahC 24.04.2005 - 12:49
  4. Okay, if we talk of such, there is another place where this is absolutly not appropriate - business. I am not working in a bank or sth like it, but seeing a few girls in the cafeteria wearing shirts which flesh a bit of belly is also uneasy on the eyes.

    If you say at your place this is 'common', I see your point.
    Nicole 24.04.2005 - 13:20

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