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You can have any kind of freedom you want ... | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

You can have any kind of freedom you want ...

21.04.2005 - 02:08 / filled under default

While reading the Yahoo news article Texas bans gay foster parents I again feel like "What is happening over there?"

The Texas House of Representatives passed a bill banning homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals from being foster parents.

If the bill gains approval from the Texas Senate, the state will be allowed to investigate the backgrounds of current foster parents and remove children living in non-heterosexual households.

All future foster parents will be required to disclose their sexual preference on an application form, a legislative aide said.
C'ommon people, you are kidding, right?! What will be next? Not religious enough? People who don't sing every morning the national anthem? People who like soccer instead of football?

"You can have any kind of freedom you want, as long as it is my kind of freedom"?

This kind of stuff is happening far to often in the last years.
Wake up. You are heading right back into mideval times.

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  1. Welcome to the world of "The Red States". I hate to say it, but yes, the trend is going to continue. Call it the "Neo-Medievel Ages". The technology moves forward, enabling the mind to slip backwards.

    -- Jack Krupansky
    Jack Krupansky 21.04.2005 - 03:52
  2. In the US, we have the red states, blue states ( http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2004/pages/r.. ). Of course, the red states, helped re-elected Dubya. And Texas is pretty red ( http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2004/pages/r.. )
    Minh 21.04.2005 - 03:55
  3. Besides Bush, Texas also has a great music scene in Austin and Molly Ivins and Jim Hightower both columnists and authors...and I am not even from Texas...Ran across your podcast(s) and site while populating my rss feeds recently to use in conjunction with my mp3 player. Thank-you for doing what you do.
    Jay Frankie 21.04.2005 - 09:30
  4. well, i would say that anyone living in the States that has visited Texas knows that nothing is quite right with anything down there. I'm from a red state and vote red but Texas is redder than red. (enough about red)
    Steven J 21.04.2005 - 14:03
  5. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark ... (also red, and to much working at the reboot > http://reboot.dk wiki).

    I remember Robert comments "has worked for hundreds of years for our country, will do so in the future" which was in the comments about Jeremy Wrights incident at the border ...

    I am interested in what the participants coming from the US like Mr. Rob S. (to avoid his pubsuch search *g*), Doc Searls and the others will have to say about that ...
    Nicole 21.04.2005 - 14:16
  6. Nicole,

    You are so right these people are nuts and heading in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, they aren't out of touch Texans, red staters and even a few blue staters don't like gays. They foolishly think gays can be legislated out of existence.
    Scott 21.04.2005 - 18:35

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