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Yes, I am a woman, but not one of those. | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Yes, I am a woman, but not one of those.

18.04.2005 - 02:57 / filled under default

The article and comments over at Scoble's blog really got me angry. Why is it that every time I read or hear a woman demanding to be included just because she is a woman, I want to hold up a sign saying "I don't belong to them"?!

I am a woman, yes. If I don't like your products / services, I will tell you. And if I want something, I will tell you also. And indeed, I do have different needs, likes, dislikes, interest etc than a man. And yes, boys playing with their toys isn't quite as fascinating for most women as it is for other boys.

So what? I don't enjoy knitting, cooking, or many other 'female' funstuff things either.

I want to work with strong minded, intelligent, passionate people; interested in a topics I like, with a mindset I can enjoy, and views I would like to learn from.

Which is probably a clue, why I don't like such women very much. Because it is not very open minded to demand inclusion just because of your gender.

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  1. Nicole, I think the answer is probably that you feel quite secure as a person, first and foremost, and therefore don't need to use your sex as some kind of excuse or reason to be involved in things. Good on you!
    Rob Irwin 18.04.2005 - 04:33
  2. See, that is a goal I can share: Make women more confident in themselves so that they don't need to use this excuse anymore.

    But then again, feeling quite secure as a person is a goal not only woman should have ... :)
    Nicole 18.04.2005 - 04:41
  3. Nicole: I'd like to see you at a geek dinner sometime!
    Robert Scoble 20.04.2005 - 07:47
  4. Visit Europe more often and we'd make it. ;)
    Nicole 20.04.2005 - 08:04
  5. How disingeneous you are to make this statement about events in the States when you're in Germany -- a country that has state subsidized day care making it much easier for women to be in the work force.

    A country that has programs aimed specifically at increasing women's literacy on the Internet, as well as actively encouraging women to join engineering and computer science programs.

    Your country and mine share many of the same inequities, with women making 65 to 78% of what men make doing the same work, and with men dominating the sciences, engineering, corporate management, and government.

    Still, we have the vote, right to control our own destiny, the freedom to control our own bodies, and you are not forced to focus your life on Kinder, Kirche, and Küche.

    Something to think on next time you reject 'those women'--the same kind of women who have, throughout your history and mine, fought for what you have now.
    Shelley 21.04.2005 - 03:50
  6. Shelley (and please correct me, if I read that wrong but from what I have learnt, the 'a country' refers to the last mentioned), if you are talking about Germany having subsidzed day care making it easier for women - that is still not easy enough. Far not easy enough.

    And I don't believe in the concept of telling somebody 'You have to include the kid you did not wanted to play with in the first place' - this did not worked when you where a kid and this does not work now.

    And it also does not work, if the ugly kid, in this case the insecure woman not interested in any of the topics, is forced to play with the kids.

    The only way to change that from my point of view is to encourage woman to be stronger. Not by forcing them to do things, but strengthen them. Which is not done by letting the grown ups do the work. This has to come from within.

    If you find it disengeious from me that I challenge women to learn to be strong, that I expect from them the same as I would do from men, that is fine.

    When I teach women (for example why they need internet for their business) I get quite regulary asked if I even like men. Just because I tell them, that only because a man says something it does not need to be true - in most cases he does not have any clue but will never admit that.

    I live by example that you can be able to think, know how to work with your computer and speak for yourself. Both sexes consider me weird. How about that?

    And no, 'those women' today are not the same women as they have been throughout the history. Today you _do_ have the right to vote - having an attitude as if this would not be the case today and this is enough reason for referencing to it is not enough for me.

    Demanding to be included _mainly because_ one is a woman is not enough for me. It may be enough for you, but to me that is fighting for the figures after the point, making x.123 to x.234 - instead of making 30.12 to 70.12.

    You might win this battle, but you will not as easily win the war.

    In this case, in this event: You could have spended everybodys time much better not in debating one (!) geek dinner but using this opportunity to make something more out of it.
    Nicole 21.04.2005 - 10:55

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