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People of Terra - Long tail and Science Fiction | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

People of Terra - Long tail and Science Fiction

11.04.2005 - 00:22 / filled under default

My last entry on 'the economics of already having it' reminded me, that I could write an entry about Mark Jeffrey's novel "The Pocket and the Pendant" which I am enjoying to listen to
(it is distributed through the great Dragonpage SF radio talk show)

I was teasing Tee Morris about the fact, that I liked Mark's story and presentation also (Tee is doing his novel Morevi as an audio book style podcast, and he was the first one to do so on Dragonpage), and he reminded - na let's better say: urged me to write Mark about it and tell him, that I was from Germany. Because getting feedback from listeners / readers, especially from overseas should be great for every author.

I think I will write him a mail with the link to this. ;o) (Oh, and Mark also has a blog. :o) )

But why this topic? Because the just written article and SF reminded me of a great story a very good friend told me once.

Listening to podcasts from overseas (remember, I do sit in Europe) is great. This is of course Long Tail meeting one world - just spread throughout some time zones. And what once was Science Fiction (or just Fantasy), is getting closer to reality each day.

I sure hope to see the day, when we all overcome our differences and be just one world and work together yada, yada. But, I do also believe, that this will be a hard thing to get there and I am not sure, if my lifespan will be enough for it. But perhaps something unexpected happens, which unites the whole world. Impossible? Perhaps. But one german science fiction genre is based completly on this idea.

Let me quote wikipedia, because they do a far better job than I am on telling you, what Perry Rhodan is about:

Perry Rhodan is unabashed space opera, picking up (or reinventing) virtually every theme that has ever appeared in science fiction. While critics outside the genre and many within have habitually savaged the series, its multi-decade commercial success has become a literary phenomenon in itself.

If nothing else, Perry Rhodan provides a mirror of the contemporary zeitgeist, reflecting concerns such as the 1960s Cold War, 1970s New Age, and 1980s peace movement in its story line. The series and its spin-offs have captured a substantial fraction of the original German science fiction output and exert an undeniable influence on German writers in the field.
Created in 1961, this pulp booklet format has been running every since, published each week.

It has been an influence in my teen years (I do like Gucky best) and I am still tempted to start reading them in order from number one. But that is topic perhaps of a podcast one time.

Point is: This series has a great fanbase, and it had it especially in 1983, when a Worldcon was held (I think, their first one). And the chief editor had the crowd, addressing them with just one word: Terraner!

Which is German for just "People of Terra".

I often remember this anectdote when I dial up somebody outside from Germany, usually the US, but sometimes Australia also.

Except when I am talking to Tee (he has a tendency to use so many eloquent words I don't understand - I think he does it on purpose), I am fluent enough most of the time in the language, at least when speaking English, so it is not that language barrier any more.

I am waiting for Amazon to finally allow me to have one affiliate programm running with them - and they can sort our where the order came from or went to. Paypal allows me to pay worldwide and does not really care where I am coming from - I pay per transaction and not per transaction plus a bonus if it goes over a border.

Companies are already playing 'one world' and there are so many more examples of us getting closer to this ideal of one world. And you, as my reader at this moment, are another example of this. You are more likely to come from outside Germany, even Europe.

I do feel so much more "Terran" and less "just German" these days.

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