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Everything is fine with podcasting - but not for everyone. | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Everything is fine with podcasting - but not for everyone.

20.10.2004 - 23:21 / filled under default

Heiko asks "What's wrong with Podcasting?"

You can't link to ideas presented inside a podcasted audio file. You can link to the file and say: 10 minutes into the recording, there is an interesting statement made by XYZ. Podcasting is about as convenient as content hidden inside PDF or Flash files. It's non-web.
plus later
OK, so podcasting is new. Heck, I even own an iPod, I just don't seem to get hooked. [...] Maybe it's just me.
Yes it is just you - but that's exactly the point. Podcasting as in "dude I have my ipod, do podcasting and am cool" ist not the point. That's just hype and stupid.

But podcasting as in

"we do have audiofiles published on the web, for example bloglike short entries or complete radioshowlike longer audio files or files for reports from conferences" combined with "we do have an easy way to inform you about new ones at your convenience"

is very very nice - for people who like to hear such things.

This is why some people get hooked on podcasting. This is why some people do like webpages (updated frequently) to have a layout and usability we now do call 'blogging'. It is the same with people reading blogs online and people using feedreaders.

Different people have different perceptions and different preferences - and in the same way I do like the things around podcasting I do fully understand Heikos point: It's not his convenience or he has not found a reason why this should be on his radar in any way. (btw I have the same with Wlan and laptops - nice toys but I don't need any of this.)

In my case, I do like the idea behind it. I have downloaded the last days shows like "Adam Curry's daily sourcecode" and will continue to do so - because it is fun. Engadget also. The rest, I will have to hear first and then decide if I like to continue. (As a consumer first, but I've also taken some basic steps in producing.)

And I just listened to audio from Gnomedex - where I never would have travelled to but now at least I can enjoy the presentation of the different speakers. If you would like to listen: ITConversations has the files. For example I am deeply impressed with Wil Wheaton's presentation - hillarious, fun, entertaining. That's how this can be used - if you like it.

And it seems to as if many people do like it. And now I will turn off my music and tune into my personal radio programm for today ... btw the biggest impact podcasting has on me? I finally know where / how to write english blogpostings. :o)

ps: But, even if Heiko does not get hooked on it - I think he will get podcasted - I do make a little radioshow on a local (little!) radio station and was intending to make an interview with about blogging in Germany. And naturally he (as Mr. Typepad.de) and Nico Lumma as Mr. Blogg.de are my targets - but it would be so much easier to make a voip-interview than to travell aaaall the way to Hamburg. ;o)

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  1. > I think he will get podcasted

    Which in a way leads into a next issue of podcasting: how does someone know he or she got podcasted? You can't google audio content. Well, not yet at least.

    But hey, audio books have a huge market, so I bet podcasts will gain in popularity, no doubt about it.
    Heiko 21.10.2004 - 09:13
  2. Of course: I have to take care of it.

    If I want to get listened to, people need to know how they can do so, what they can expect etc - normal dealing with customers, department marketing and communication. :o)
    Nicole 21.10.2004 - 12:11

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