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Useful Sounds No. 29: How to manage email communication (the easter podcast) | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Useful Sounds No. 29: How to manage email communication (the easter podcast)

25.03.2005 - 15:23 / filled under podcast

As an easter greating, a new podcast - and yes, I will adjust back to my normal positions of recording, so I don't have so many pop / hissing sounds. :(

26 min, 15.3 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • German Holidays

  • As I am off for some familiy business, just a short rundown through some of the content

  • G'dayworld featuring The famous Toby from Divamarketing, hear how Mick and Cam discovered the truth ...

  • The problem of not knowing when to stop email conversation - we have enough signals in real life but not in online conversation

  • Which emails is really in need of an answer? When it is okay to end a conversation?

  • I write longer mails and see the people feeling forced to write back as long as I did - when in fact, I sometimes just wanted to be sure you understood.

  • I'm guilty too, of not using proper disclaimer but if I say 'just yes / no needed', I mean it.

  • How people feel uncomfortable about receiving mails demanding for answers.

  • Use CC in mails and tell people in CC why they are included.

  • Is there a good sign for indicating 'this conversation is closed from my point of view'.

  • Why 'How do you do' leads to answers - it is a real question not a greeting.

  • Connecting to strangers the new way and why I do write emails instead of comments

  • Something for Scott from Today's Podcast and what I feel reluctantly about

  • The problem of being nice.

  • What the new digital natives miss out in learning about communicating.

  • A short description of a book I'm searching and how this relates to meeting people in real life - how complicated it is to re-adapt, and re-connect once you really meet.

  • Yes, I want you to read my blog. ;)

  • Tell you more about me: I like advertisement. Yes, dear makers of American Copywriter crawling through my logfiles, I like your podcast ;o)

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  1. Nicole,
    Any hints on how to get a feedburner feed to register with audio.weblogs.com?? I've tried pinging them several times but I keep getting an error. Have you noticed any problems?
    ChefNeal 25.03.2005 - 20:13
  2. Nicole,

    Coincidently, Adam had this link http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item.jhtml?id=4438&..
    talking about how to handle email overload. The gist is say what you want in the subject line.
    Craig 26.03.2005 - 13:39
  3. Some very interesting points in this podcast... it certainly is hard to know when to stop e-mailing with someone; I think people just like to be polite and 'err on the side of caution' when they wonder whether they should be writing another message back or not.
    Rob Irwin 27.03.2005 - 10:22
  4. Chef: Yes. Make sure feedburner updates your feed before you ping audio.weblogs.com.

    Craig: This is only part of the solution - as a result, people write long tales in the subject line - which forces me to open the email. If they just would make it in the first few lines, the preview window could catch it. It's like this thing with a email free friday, where everybody is happy because it is so great - it is so great because they never learn to deal with mail properly in the first place.

    Rob: Exactly :o)
    Nicole 30.03.2005 - 08:47

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