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About female bloggers, again ... | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

About female bloggers, again ...

20.03.2005 - 18:05 / filled under default

TDavid calls out for suggestions for to be read female bloggers and I noticed, he has marked the list at the left side:

F=female, M=male, G=group, $=business, S=self, *new
Sorry, but I do care more about content than gender (even if you are male and have a gorgious voice, it will not be enough ...)

Could we get another meme now? How about 'the world needs more bloggers linking to people drinking caffe latte'? The lovers of dark chocolate union?

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  1. Snarkniess aside, you've been one of the podcaster/bloggers in my non-public list for awhile. You were on my Skype list at one time too, but I think that connection was lost so, if interested, drop me another skype auth again to get reauthorized.

    I've even commented here before on one of your shows. So thank you for reminding me that you are here and for sharing an English blog with your non-German speaking readers.

    And, just to clarify, I decided to separate the public blogroll for my own demographic analysis and strictly out of my own personal curiosity, not to make some political or social or blogosphere-wide statement.

    Whether a blogger is male, female, group, new, business, etc hasn't ever mattered to me as long as the content was worthwhile as far as to what I subscribe to, but I will admit recent blog entries from others that have specifically highlighted men linking mostly to men have gotten me to do a little more introspection on the subject. Call it my Libra need for balance more than anything ;)

    But my post was not designed nor meant to be any sort of blogosphere study or meme or advocacy campaign for other bloggers.

    Have a nice day and keep podcasting ;)
    TDavid 20.03.2005 - 21:54
  2. Oh, you are still on mine - did not know how one could loose a skype connection? Will "reconnect".

    Setting snarky aside, yes of course it is about the content, and not the things around it. It feels like being an endangered species - but on the other side I am not that much for 'oh look! a female blogger! feed her with caution, they are rare!" either.

    In my case, I have some seperated links in my bloglist which are marked privat, but these are most my watchlists for my own blogs to ensure everything is okay with them.

    If anyone minds looking at my list:

    Nicole, of for podcasting ...
    Nicole 21.03.2005 - 00:04
  3. Yes, you can lose Skype contacts ;) Just change computers and don't back them up first.

    The computer you were authorized on needed an OS reinstall -- I didn't backup the skype contacts on that machine. I have another computer that has a much more complete list and unfortunately yours was not on that list.
    TDavid 21.03.2005 - 01:30

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