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Useful Sounds No. 27: A little overdue podcast | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Useful Sounds No. 27: A little overdue podcast

14.03.2005 - 04:03 / filled under podcast

For a new start into your week - feel spoken to. :o)

26:40 min, 15,6 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • how to feel disconnected with everything without a computer.

  • my new project sushiradio.de, the english feed and site will be available soon. :o)

  • when Germany reads their news.

  • International women's day and the role of women in modern society, how they connected to the internet etc.

  • the desaster of using MSN Messangers (thanks to Seth again!), new interesting AIM terms of service, see my "All your content belongs to us".

  • me, my new DVB-T receiver, and the Eurovision song contest (you could say the European Superbowl in some way), I probably screwed up some of the names. ;o)

  • A bit about stupid German television.

  • Skyping around the intneret, for example with Tee Morris and interesting conversations.

  • Does someone know if there is a sip based voip connection?

  • Missing the Voicemail.

  • If I look at the survey results I found at Darren Rowse:
    92.1% of blog readers never listen to podcasts
    3.1% listen to 1 per week and 1.7% listen to 2 per week.
    2.4% of readers never use RSS feeds.
    Okay, what's so great about being normal?

  • What I think podshows.com is going for

  • Even with big newspapers online, there are still blogs. This is what will happen to podcasting also from my point of view.

  • A good quote from the creativityshow.com:
    Let your mind believe: What would you attempt to do, if you knew, you could not fail?

  • A big big, warm shout out to the first podcsting baby, the youngest podcaster around: Maggie Smith ;o)

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  1. Nicole, thanks for the gmail invite offer, got hooked up with one from the Motime Admin. Now I can start my podcasting empire ;-} Actually I've got to get dsl before I get that far. Dial-up is killing me--I'm on a 3 day lag for new shows--I hope to hear your latest Wednesday this week. Thanks for stopping in to my blog!
    ChefNeal 14.03.2005 - 04:59
  2. Nicole, As one in the %1.7 group, I would say we are differently normal, and very entertaining! Really enjoy your Podcast.

    Craig 14.03.2005 - 16:21
  3. Chef, you know where to get them now ;o)

    Craig: I feel a bit better now being not alone in the 1.7% group. ;)

    Thanks for listening ;)
    Nicole Simon 14.03.2005 - 22:48
  4. Nicole... great show.. it was my first listen... really got me thinking of what would happen or will happen if podcasting suddenly goes BIGTIME and the masses invade and.. oh boy.. got me nervous. CC has the association of music podcasters... maybe we should start the association of non-normal podcasters? Im subscribed to you from now oooooon.
    bicyclemark 15.03.2005 - 12:26

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