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Tell me what games you play, and why. | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Tell me what games you play, and why.

13.03.2005 - 14:57 / filled under default

I admit it, I like those tests. And seeing the result on Mick's page was the final trigger after seeing it on dozens of pages.

I am a d8

Take the quiz at dicepool.com

I should admit, that I am completly not into all those strategy, egoshooter, RPG and so on games. I am more into cards, bubbles and bejeweled. (And I am very thankful I can't get the new bejeweled running on my PDA ...).

If you see me playing games from the first group mentioned, I do play them a bit ... differently. Yes, I do not only try to crash websites, or mark missing feeds, and other errors. If you take a closer look what I do with all the games, you will notice a special pattern in my personality, showing since my childhood. I remember having fun:

  • MS FLight Simulator: everybody can fly those planes. I preferred landing on the streets and driving up the Golden Gate bridge, only to learn that this crashes the programm. And the only reason I learned to start the plane? So I could enjoy the crash afterwards

  • using every available desaster in Sim City (the newer versions sucked)

  • taking a car simulation through snowy woods to see, if one can drive into the woods (you can't because the makers did not think of that, just a wall of white there), and try to use a hill - not to drive over it, but to use it as jumping point to drive into a crowd (should have worked, angle was right, badly programmed, the car just bounced off back to the street)

  • I play a bit of chess, but I am absolutly not a strategic person. But my father had a chess computer and I enjoyed playing chess against the computer until I am nearly beaten, so then I switched colors.

  • jump'n'run games bored me, because you have to make the same steps over and over again and retry. This is like being forced to solve the Rubick'c Cube by turning the sides. Which I do not do either, as you can see from the next point

  • show me a Rubicks Cube and I can't resist it - not solving it, but mixing the colors and giving it back to you. My best friend put his away, because I could stop mixing it up and he could not resist bringing it back in order. Which is not easy on the 4x4 but start speaking of the 5x5.

    Once having seen the inside of the 5x5, I am sure there will be no produced working 6x6. Did I ever solve even the 3x3? Of course. I sometimes got three sides right, then I take it apart and put it back together. Don't scream 'no valid solution'.

If you are a strategic person, you would also play my favorite games different than I do:

  • Cards games? Please nothing where you have to memorize the given cards. Solitaire is fine.

  • Bubbles and bejeweled? I don't look strategically to the board, I just play 'hit and run'

Now imagine I tell you that I like usability and I will be the first person to tell you what your application is missing. Sounds like I had a carreer in usability and testing ahead of me? Yeah right. Look at the jump'm'run example - I have no fun in doing things over and over again.

Board games, card games, RPG like? Nice things, and I envy people for their fun they have playing them. I have been asked to join such rounds, but I do have more fun observing people playing it, than trying it out myself. Been there, tried it, sucked each time. And my friends tried, they really tried *sigh*

Oh, games where you have to spin ideas and associations should be good for me - except, the usual reaction is my ideas would be too weird and off topic. (Wasn't that what associations are about?)

So, tell me what you play and I tell you if we get along. No, honestly. If you look at what games you like and what games you play how frequently, can you see a pattern too? I really would like to hear those. :o)

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  1. Seems like everyone who blogs this link is D8. Interesting...
    Lloyd 17.03.2005 - 01:26
  2. Hm. Tell me, when you find another one! :)
    Nicole Simon 17.03.2005 - 01:32
  3. Found a d10! :)
    Nicole Simon 17.03.2005 - 02:45
  4. I am not the only one who stays up late, huh?

    Okay, I found 3 D20 blogs, 2 D6 blogs, and one D12 and D8 blogs. With us (you, me, and Mick) that makes 4 D8s.

    My fave is Diablo II. Running around collecting things then going shopping. Cool!
    Lloyd 17.03.2005 - 06:56
  5. Perhaps it was the icecream question?
    Nicole Simon 17.03.2005 - 09:42

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