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Useful Sound No. 26 - Of clinically insane women with interest in gadgets | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Useful Sound No. 26 - Of clinically insane women with interest in gadgets

01.03.2005 - 04:14 / filled under podcast

I should include such list more often, gets nice feedback ;o) Enjoy.

28 min, 16 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • Crazy women?

  • forgot to mention the German podcasts I am listening to ... shame on me

  • Sammelstelle is meeting point in english

  • humorous feedback mail from Caleb of Floriduh of the Area51 podcast!
    Hello Nicole,

    The boys and girls from Area 51 Show are delighted beyond measure that they have been included in your blogroll! They know that your seal of approval is pretty much a guarantee of quality, and if they had been thinking of slacking, they aren't now.

    Marc wanted me to point out that he is a /Neanderthaler, /even after I told him that his valley is hundreds of kilometers from Lubeck. He is not very smart, but he is sensitive and good with stone tools.

    Douglas wanted me to tell you that he enjoys the huskiness in your voice even if it is an indication of tuberculosis. I told him that it is not tuberculosis, merely a cold, and he seemed... disappointed. He keeps calling you "Camille" and weeps uncontrollably. Time for Dougy's medication!

    Area 51 Show will soon have a nice new Radio blog... This is my job. I am just the abused Cinderella in this story, oppressed by my more glamorous step-sisters, and always left at home when it's party-time! But I will get revenge...

    Thanks so much for your kindness,
    Caleb from Floriduh

  • What I (dis)like about artist, photos, postcards, cats (like from David McEnery)

  • My Flickr-Feeds are really nice, like fromt TheGates, light house, and of course kitten

  • Mr. CC calls all women crazy, tsts. Imagine a world ...

  • Evo from the Dragonpage is a broadcaster which went to podcasting - and perhaps to XM? He promised ;o) to announce in advance his guests on the Dragonpage Blog, so we, the listeners worldwide, have a chance to 'call in' via mail / skype / whatever also.

  • Gift exchange, the Nicole way

  • Rob Greenlee said today, that Webtalkradio will stop producing - got a shock first, but they only will stop broadcasting and concentrate on online distribution :o)

  • Scifi.com expands new possibilities on the web, read my blog entry on "Watching TV Shows on the net - Scifi.com to offer the first episode of Galactica for free online"

  • No, you don't want to explore the horror of German dubbed television.

  • A new show on the TPN: a podcast on Tablet PC from James "jkOnTheRun" Kendrick
    (Cam, are you satisfied now?)

  • New on my wishlist - a tablet pc?, kind of an audio version why I probably should consider such a gadget.

  • DAN - no more australian accent! (that's an order!) ;)

  • Getting rid of some blogs on my blogroll

  • Is there an easy way to remember Tuesday / Thursday
Happy week. :)

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  1. Re: "Router" pronunciation in this show - you made me laugh. While I do say "Route 66" with the pronunciation "root 66", I only do so because its a famous phrase. Out in the rural country surrounding the area where I live, there are routes which I have always pronounced "r-out". Just like everything else, it depends on where you live. Does that mean that the person that named the router was a redneck from the backwoods of North Carolina, USA?
    Lance 01.03.2005 - 18:57
  2. Tuesday: Two's-day. 2nd weekday in the week.
    Lance 01.03.2005 - 19:55
  3. Ha! That's a clever one! Thank you. :)
    Nicole Simon 02.03.2005 - 00:28
  4. Driving along on my commute when I hear "Oh and Mr. CC".....I knew I was in trouble!!! Loved your comments on the whole thing.
    C.C. 03.03.2005 - 13:52

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