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I'm interested in people, not topics. | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

I'm interested in people, not topics.

25.02.2005 - 02:51 / filled under default

Of course I do read blogs on special topics, but the charme of the blogospere to me is building relationships with people through reading their blogs, commenting, mailing, and even more. From very close connections to very loose ones.

Heather, one of the Microsoft recruiting bloggers, is a loose connection to me. I read her blog and sometimes comment on it - but still, for me this is a kind of relationship, as I get to know her through her blog.

Now she will change her job a bit and asks in Are two blogs better than one?

Anyway, so here's my question...given the fact that I'm still going to be blogging, what do you think about this being a marketing and finance blog? Taking into account blogger fatigue if I were to have 2 blogs, of course....plus that fact that a lot of what I blog isn't specific to one discipline or the other. Would I lose readers if I blog about both? I was thinking about tweaking the design a bit anyway...what do you think?
It got me thinking. I might have been initially attracted by the topics described or by links from other blogs with a text like "this blog is about - go read it". If this would be a professional blog on marketing and recruiting, I might be disappointed, and look out for a new blog on this topic.

But Heather's blog is not a blog on that topic - it is her blogging about these topics, clearly stated through her headline: " Marketing, Careers, Recruiting, Microsoft and other bright shiny objects that caught my attention". A small but important difference.

If I stay with a personal blog, it is because the blogger makes it fun and worthwile to read. I read the entries and they are connected with this person. And I get to like the person behind it - for the part he or she is showing to me. As usual, there is much, much more behind a person than is shown on a blog.

And because it is the blog of a person, of course it changes and evolves over time. I would be more disappointed if not. Either way, some people will leave when changes happen (or not). And new readers will come.

I just unsubscribed from several blogs, because they are not interesting to me anymore. And subscribed to new ones. In Heather's case, I am looking forward for the changes to come. :o)

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  1. Very well stated Nicole. I am following your advice...one blog it is!
    Heather 28.02.2005 - 18:47

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