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The shiny toy interview about podcasting ;o) | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

The shiny toy interview about podcasting ;o)

09.02.2005 - 23:32 / filled under default

One of the reasons why I did not made my usual sunday show was because I was working on this text, an Interview of me at Google Blogoscoped.

The fact I am happy most about ist not (as you would probably asume) to see this published, but because answering these questions helped me to get a clearer picture of some of the things I am working on, which I like, etc. The published interview does not contain all of the text, so there was more for me to work on. And it feels really great to have more focus now on some things.

And when I want to send this link out to friends (I tried to restrain myself and only sent some mails *g*), it is not so much about "look at me, look at me" but "Look! I figured out some things about myself, which I knew where in there but I could not describe them before! And now I am proud to see the result of it.". Plus of course I enjoy it to see this interview over at Philipp's page, I am not that humble. :))

And just to make a statement here: "shiny toys" is just a lousy translated word for "Obstkiste" = fruit boxes, because most of the time people don't get the joke. ;o)

ipodblog.co.uk goes for this bait and writes:

Popular German podcaster Nicole Simon has said in an interview over at Google Blogoscoped that she feels that the Apple iPod is nothing more than a "shiny toy" and people only buy them because they’re attractive.
No, I did not say that. I said that people buy it for this reason first - I said nothing about if the hardware is good or not. :)

A really big thank goes out to Phillip, not only for interviewing me, but also for translating the text; and especially to one of my best friends for helping me on this piece. If you find yourself wondering, why there is such a break in style between the interview and my text - you guess where this comes from. As the corrections on this blogs sometimes. If you are ever in need of a very talented writer both in German and in English with a brilliant mind - contact me, I'll hook you up.

[pssst - Even though I don't use an apple, it does not mean, my podcast does not likes to be played on one. :o)]

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  1. Hey Nicole! Congratulations on the article. Not only did you learn a bit about yourself but so did I as someone who knows you already.

    Like the new layout too.
    kristopher smith 10.02.2005 - 19:25
  2. Nicole

    Could you drop me an email - I seem to be falling foul of your spam-bot again.


    Julian 11.02.2005 - 12:20

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