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Useful Sounds No. 22: From David Allen to Paul Watzlawick, from Microsoft to user guidelines | Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds

Useful Sounds No. 22: From David Allen to Paul Watzlawick, from Microsoft to user guidelines

30.01.2005 - 13:18 / filled under podcast

Update: Thanks to my personal editor for correcting - again - some of my usual errors and making suggestions for improvements. As usual, if you find my writing very stylish, clearly understandable - that's usually his work. :o)

Having to work the whole weekend instead of having free time sucks, and I refrained from recording a podcast yesterday - just to find myself grumpy about it the entire day and in the evening too demotivated to do one. So as not to repeat that error (as I have to go to work again today) I made my podcast first. :o)

Plus, the weekly schedule seems to work out best for me as a minimum of podcasting. Enjoy!

31 min, 21,7 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • managed to screw up the German recording the same way as the last English one - I'm learning, I'm learning ...

  • Paul allows me to use the Futureshock song again! Yippie!

  • inspiration for a topic was the ipodder-dev list: one of the next podcasts will be about user interfaces and keyboard support - one of my favorite topics. ;o) There are so many developers out there who don't even get the basics of Windows UI design right! If I like your application or your website: you have probably received mail from me already on such issues ;)

  • Jeff Sandquist was the inspiration for this podcast with his posting about David Allen's appearance at the Microsoft campus. Jeff also started a wiki on GTD (or visit the GTD website).

  • always been a fan of management books, especially time management - but they were (still are) so limited! Who has got a secretary these days? The quoted German author is Lothar Seiwert, and it is Ann McGee-Cooper (not Gopher).

  • the Outlook plug-in for GTD has many features I would like to see in the current Outlook

  • finally figured out what all those IT Conversations reminded me of: a meeting with Paul Watzlawick 10 years ago. Three apprentices stuck between one hundred managers.

  • a quick overview of the German educational system (school and job), Wikipedia has an entry on
    Education in Germany, Abitur [I will try to prepare an excerpt on that later]

  • such presentations like David Allen's - why can't they be distributed at least throughout the company it is held in?

  • Marc Cuban on IT Conversation

  • was there really a Blog Business Summit? As if I would cross the Atlantic plus the entire continent just for a two-day conference ... The thing I will remember: Scoble did a keynote (learned this through his blog) and some good coverage with Chris Pirillo's from there

  • Anyone knows where to get an old copy of "MS Guideline of User Interface" for cheap? I miss the copy I accidently left behind. :o(

  • It's cold here - send warmth!
Feedback as always appreciated, weblog comments preferred. ;)

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    comments (2) :

  1. Hi Nicole,

    A while a go you spoke / wrote, about "sexy voice"

    Today I listned to "Useful-sounds" as I do for a while now and I must say you would sertainly qualify for a "very sexy voice" :-)

    Keep up the good work,


    a fan from The Netherlands
    Joost 30.01.2005 - 17:52
  2. Nicole, You mentioned one of David Allen's books, another book that I like better is his other book:"Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Work and Life." That can be found at audible.com.
    I would also agree with Joost, you do have a sexy voice.

    "Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Work and Life
    Author: David Allen
    Narrator: David Allen
    Abridged Nonfiction
    Audio Length: 3 hours and 8 min."
    Robert 31.01.2005 - 07:56

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